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[Official] Myriad Celestia Trailer — "An Exorcism at Fyxestroll Garden" (www.youtube.com)

When spirits of vile make trespass into the world, the Judges of the Ten-Lords Commission come with intent to capture. Let the banners wave and the edicts fall. Let banishment be the fate of ill phantoms and let peace come to all. On that day, the trainee judge received the decree and was ordered to subdue evil spirits…...

[Official] Honkai: Star Rail, Keeping up with Star Rail—Guinaifen: The Gong Does Sound and the Show's Unbound! (www.youtube.com)

From my hometown, I did depart, traveling wide, a vagabond heart. No skills to boast, no talents strong, I earn my keep with tales and song. I twirl batons and dance with grace, wield blades in this marketplace. I strum the strings, recite with grace, encourage applause in this bustling place. Today on Aurum Alley’s embrace,...

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