cosmicrookie, avatar

You’d have though that AI, that has trouble generating hands, would consider generating a hook instead


Didn’t even think of that!


Year, not years: your 5 year old is 5 years old.

Deceptichum, avatar



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captain_aggravated, avatar

Yarr me hearties, he be me old roommate at Tortuga U, tis Capn Determined. Graduated top of our class did he. Shivered lots of coed timber as well.


oi! ma belle, come o’er 'ere! Come sit 'n my oold kneez, ma belle capitaine


Nice job, I can almost smell him from here.


Perfectly yucky, with a subtle hint of the smelly guy behind him!

boogetyboo, avatar

Mangled hands actually work in this. I’m sure dislocations and breaks to fingers were pretty common when handling rigging etc

theodewere avatar

that's a pretty awesome image, but now i want to see one where they look like they live with realistic pirate health care and nutrition


What’s with the reddit-like karma farming title?


It happens more and more


Hmm it’s the simple truth? I generate images with my son before putting him to bed.


I’ll bet he’s building this Lemmy account to have several thousand karma points, and then he’s going to sell it for like …nickels.


This painterly style actually helps assuage any minor detail errors, because the style is less line detailed inherently.


AI image generation is getting better at hands, but still can’t do sailing vessels.

Trollivier, (edited )

I managed to generate a few pirate ships that are pretty cool. But sometimes you gotta be patient.


I love his pistol-sword?

tsonfeir, avatar

You never know when someone is going to jump you while making dinner


You can never go wrong with a gunblade.

Trollivier, (edited )

It was the less weird weapon to be honest :)

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