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“I had to get the fuck outta Jersey!”


Anybody care to explain this to a completely clueless outsider?


Fake ID’s.

Some states are easier than others. If they don’t have a solid reason they likely aren’t from new jersey. If they need a fake I’d they likely aren’t mature enough to prep a believable backstory. If if is a fake I’d and they can tell a convincing back story theyve earned it.


OK, thanks. TIL.


A solid reason for what, exactly? Being from New Jersey? Does “I live there” not qualify as a reason?


If you’re in Salem, Oregon and last week 6 kids came in with fake ID’s from New Jersey, just decline kids from new jersey until one kid from new jersey actually has a decent reason to be in Oregon from new jersey.


Stores have the right to refuse service, but interrogating patrons just seems impractical /shrug.


But like…why even care as the shop owner? They provided an ID so you did your job. The risk of arguing with a babyfaced 25 year old from New Jersey on vacation seems overkill to ‘protect’ some 20 year old soldier who is home on leave with a fake ID from having a bud lite.


It’s easier to just say no and not take the business if you think it’s a risk. Don’t wanna lose your liquor license to a babyfaced undercover cop testing fake IDs. I’m not saying our laws on alcohol aren’t ridiculous, but as a business owner it makes sense to protect your ability to sell alcohol when it’s your money maker.


Also to add, this looks like a doctor’s office/pharmacy and not a liquor store. Probably trying to keep people from stealing shit or getting prescriptions under fake names.

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It looks like it could be a hotel (the sign above the note looks like it might be a room number/front desk placard) so maybe they also have issues with fake id holders also using stolen credit cards or just not paying the bill at all.


Because if it can be proven in court that the ID was identifiably fake, they can be held liable for any damages should the minor become intoxicated. “Checking” an ID means there was a reasonable attempt to verify the legitimacy of the document and that it matches the individual using it.

Since what is identifiably fake is a somewhat vague category that can be litigated in court, most bar and booze store owners try to err on the side of too careful–which usually just leads to annoying people–rather than not careful enough, which can lead to fines, damages, or the loss of license to serve alcohol. Any of those can be bad enough to close a business.


Don’t all IDs have scannable barcodes nowadays? Or is that just certain states?


Most do but scanners aren’t cheap or perfect. There are scannable fakes.


Who/what are the exceptions?


the situation for sure


Probably depends on the implication


What’s the implication….? Dennis?

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Your mom

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Hope they get well soon

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Why leave paradise?


They are the kindest assholes I’ve ever met.


Damn right we are


Thank you!


When I moved to NJ seriously everyone asked my why.


Me, too. They would say things like “I was born here, so I like it, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to come here.”


I say that about Texas all the time.

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Be proud to he born here, eventually we will vote out the scumbags and make it a nice place again.

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I live in Indiana. I say it here too.

Let’s face it, most of the U.S. is a shithole.


I refuse to elaborate.


They came at all?

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New Jersey has people?


I almost touched Messi with my eyes through my binoculars today. Today was a good day to be in Jersey.

@Diprount_Tomato@lemmy.world avatar

I didn’t know Messi lived in the Channel Islands


I’m as confused as you. I came here expecting a new wooly jumper


He was staying in a Hoboken hotel for a game he’s playing in the area. It was a 1 mile radius of madness.

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There’s no Hoboken in Jersey, you mean Saint Helier?


I promise you Hoboken, New Jersey is a real place.

@Diprount_Tomato@lemmy.world avatar

Jersey is not New Jersey, and your Amero-centric asses can’t tell me otherwise


And too many, considering it’s the most densely populated state.

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Yes we have! More over, we are Garden State! We have that … whatyoucallit… garden (I think).



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  • TheDoozer,

    I’ve heard that called a Jersey Left. It’s actually pretty reasonable in Wisconsin when they take 5 seconds to start going when the light turns green.

    I’ve also heard the Jersey Exit, when somebody crosses three lanes on the freeway to take their exit with no blinker.

    @Dozzi92@lemmy.world avatar

    Jersey slide for the Jersey exit. Love the regional dialects.


    In Charlotte, we have a lot of people that have moved here for NJ and NY. I have seen both of these activities when driving, and it’s typically people from NJ or NY.


    It’s weird I just saw this for the first time today and wondered what in the fuck was wrong with that person and thought how insanely dangerous it is. I hope it doesn’t become a thing on this coast too.


    That sounds like some Florida driving to me… along with what I call the Florida green…it’s running a fresh red light so it still counts as green…in Florida. Also getting to your exit ramp from the left lane with out looking.


    Surprisingly it has the highest population density of all US states, for its area it has more people than any of the other states.

    @AnUnusualRelic@lemmy.world avatar

    Are you suggesting that they don’t let people leave the place any more?

    @GrammatonCleric@lemmy.world avatar

    Fair 😂

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