Basic thread/comment replying, collapse button, recommended instances


  • Implement basic thread/comment replying
  • Add a collapse/expand button for comments with children
  • Add a recommended instances section for instances that support logging in


  • Fix cookie issue trying to log in to multiple accounts on the same instance through webview

download here

Also, if you're interested in designing an icon for Interstellar, make sure to check out this post.

sab avatar

Great work! Just took it for a spin for the first time, am loving it. Very snappy and great user experience on my phone. :)

jwr1 avatar

Yeah, I'm actually surprised myself how snappy it is. I have a really slow tablet from 2018 that I use, and opening a browser (and loading the website) takes up to a whole minute, but opening the app only takes up to 5 seconds, the difference is crazy.

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