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You could be able to add a setting to change icons if you decide to have more than one

jwr1, (edited )
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Looks fine to me; we'll see what other people think first.

Also, for reference, someone else had another icon idea:

Edit: Honestly, I like the simplicity of your icon better, but I'd prefer if the ufo were changed to something else.


I'm not tied to the icon at all, other than to just have something other than the Flutter one 😁

Can easily drop in any other icon and update it across all platforms in the PR I just created

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Okay, sounds good!

For now, I've switched out the UFO for a rocket ship, and I can easily adjust it around accordingly as more feedback comes in.

Updated design:

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Thanks, this looks better, but would you be able to try something that looks like a galaxy/solar-system? Technically the definition of "interstellar" is "occurring or situated between stars" so I'd prefer the icon to be of a larger scale; if you're fine changing it up more, that would be appreciated. Here are some examples:

Something like this would be my preference since it's the closest to "interstellar":
But also something similar to memmy's icon would work:
Or like this, but more simple (at a max, 2 rings): or or

The larger center body (a sun, planet, etc.) could still have kbin's logo cut out.

I guess at this point I'd be getting closer to that icon I linked in my comment above, but I still prefer the color simplicity of your original icon.

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No problem!

This time in addition to the cutout of the Kbin logo, I also added the color gradient from Kbin's logo to the solar system as I thought it pulled the whole thing together well. But I could switch it to a single solid color instead if that's preferable.

Additionally, I could also put something together with a similar style as memmy's icon if you like that concept better than the solar system.


Looks cool!

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Looks great to me! I also like the gradient and the stars. The only changes I'd say are to increase the "galaxy" part (that has the gradient) slightly and also the radius of the stars ever so slightly, since this is going to be a small icon in some areas. I've attached a version that's scaled down to 60x60.


Just caught the package I used to generate the app icons added Android monochrome support, so it'll be easy to drop them in now too :)

All we really need is the icons at 512*512 to get generated by flutter_launcher_icons, though I did have to play with the padding when it came to the adaptive android icons otherwise things would get cropped out.

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I made a few adjustments, so it should work better now as an adaptive icon without additional work.

I also have a monochrome variant of the icon ready that can be generated once a final version of the icon has been decided on.

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Okay. I adjusted the size of the stars in the background, though I can adjust them a little more if you think that would be better.

And I did adjust the galaxy slightly, however in order to stay in accordance with the Android Adaptive icons guidance I can't make it any larger without part of it potentially getting cut off when it's in use on an Android device.

Mockup of Android homescreen:

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I vote for this one or the UFO one

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