the lengths men will go through rather than exploring their sexuality


I can assure you, it’s not sexual. It’s about annoying your mates. There’s really nothing sexy about a portion of scrotal skin.


My brother and his friends used to have a group chat where they would send pictures of their turds to each other


What a dream


A few years ago there was this hilarious trend called Nutscaping where people made beautiful landscape photos with a tiny amount of ballsack hanging into the picture from the top.


There’s also the old 4chan Greentext of someone creating desktop wallpapers out of repeating square cropped pictures of different nutsack skins. Looked kinda like sand dunes of different shades.


I seem to remember there was an eBay trend a while back when people were taking item photos while naked, and the challenge was to get some sort of reflection of yourself in the photo somewhere.

The internet is weird. And mildly entertaining.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

I continue to be impressed, yet unsurprised, by the trends that happen to take off online.


Ever see the movie “Waiting”? It caused a mania in my immediatemale friend group.




I m a guy and I don’t do that but I completely understand the mood of this. I m a little bit sorry for people who dont understand and don’t have this type of relation even with their close friends. Just stupid and fun


Peak dude behavior.

And very healthy, I might add.


“You should get that spot checked bro”

DagonPie avatar

Yeah this was extremely common for my friend group. We used to draw pictures or faces on them too. Sometimes they got very artistic like looking at a sunset or next to a glass of wine. You wouldnt understand.


I was at a wedding a few years back, on a table with a group of dudes and partners - the dudes and the groom were all housemates with me at some point for a few years. We had a riot, and it was just the typical work-drink-xbox-sleep cycle while we were young, stupid, and had few commitments.

On the tables were disposable cameras for candid selfies and daft photos - and a few were taken. As the night went on, one of the guys was eyeing it up for longer and longer - until he says “excuse me lads”, picks up the camera, and fucks off to the toilet. He comes back grinning, and puts it back on the table. That started a chain of one of us picking it up, going to the bogs, and coming back two minutes later giggling.

Apparently they got developed, and the groom, the bride, and both sets of parents were going through the photos thinking they were super cute and reminiscing, until there was just a string of about fifteen photos of poorly-lit hairy ballsacks, before a return to happy and joyful photos from each table.

The bride and parents were not impressed.


So you’re saying the groom was a big fan? Hmmm…


He was the first

cyberic, avatar

That last line had me rolling


Nut-thing to see here…


Deez nuts. Perfectly normal.

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