/kbin RTR#19 Summary of current work and plans for the near and somewhat distant future

Today, I am addressing several ongoing issues that prove troublesome in the daily use of the instance. In the coming days, I will be working on several things slated for the next instance update:

  • Implementation of a "Support Us" page, listing individuals supporting the project.
  • Fix photo management during post/thread editing.
  • Improved handling of +18 content, ensuring proper image concealment.
  • Exclusion of blocked people and magazines from the sidebar's related/latest posts/entries.
  • Implementation of a spoiler system compatible with Lemmy.
  • Resolution of several bugs causing the failure to display certain content (error 500).
  • Public release of the API, with everything seemingly operational, remaining tasks involve building assets for documentation, which, with multiple nodes, requires additional configuration. Kudos to @rideranton for a job well done!

In the immediate future, I plan to take a break from coding to focus on global kbin.social moderation and work on the new instance setup from Adam:

Looking further ahead, I intend to refine the /sub feed by segregating it into observed users, magazines, and both simultaneously, as illustrated here:

Additionally, I aim to enhance the tag page with additional filtering options:

The first release is anticipated in ? days.

You can track changes in the official repository

or on Github

@thisismissem@hachyderm.io avatar

@ernest Will the spoiler system also be compatible with Mastodon? This would be very good to have.

(or, alternatively, can we get a FEP for a proper spoiler system other than using the summary field?)

ernest avatar

Definitely, I plan to integrate spoilers with ActivityPub. For now, it's just a Markdown change compatible with Lemmy - there were many requests for it, and it was quite cumbersome. I will start working on federation after finish the refactoring. I want to do this on the new codebase - I'm getting closer, but initially, I'm fully focused on instance moderation, which will enable the operation of a global moderation team. Later, things with lower priority will be gradually implemented.


That sounds good, for /kbin seems to generally have troubles with federating to the outside Fediverse. For example, formatted posts or posts with embedded links go out as raw Markdown code, implying that everything else can and will parse it, rather than standard Rich Text.

Also, I sometimes see posts from /kbin with a summary (the same as a content warning on Mastodon; I don't know what /kbin uses that field for), but the post in the summary is the same as the summary, only without hashtags which only appear in the summary.

lusterko avatar

Resolution of several bugs causing the failure to display certain content (error 500).

It seems that Lemmy instances are unable do display new content that was posted on kbin.social. is this the big you're talking about?

e0qdk avatar

I'm not sure what ernest is referring to with that, but something definitely does seem to be up with federation of content from kbin over to lemmy.

e.g. in /m/anime_irl the last three threads posted have not federated out. I commented here with a list of 5 lemmy servers I checked on a 24 hour old post that hasn't shown up elsewhere (after noticing my own post wasn't showing up).

There's also something going on with comments added by lemmy users on threads that have federated not going out to other lemmy instances. e.g. on this thread from 5 days ago only my first comment has federated widely; the other comment chain (starting with the user from lemmy.world) are only visible on kbin.social and lemmy.world, as far as I can tell. Not sure if that's exactly the same issue or not, but seems plausible for it to be related if something isn't working correctly with federation right now.

Comments that I've made on lemmy threads have gone through today though.

ernest avatar

I will look into this. I will also gradually address federation issues. However, I'm not sure if the problem is on the kbin side. Currently, there are no performance issues; all queues are being cleared in real-time. Communication on my test instances with kbin.social takes a matter of seconds.

lusterko avatar

Idk what's the problem, but if I'm using Lemmy I'm only able to see the posts from almost two days ago, and nothing from what I've posted today. There was a problem a few months back, when my posts would appear on lemmy one to three hours after posting on kbin.

ernest avatar

I'll look into what's going on, and I'll move it up higher on my priority list. Anyway, it's not a federation issue in general.


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lusterko, (edited )
lusterko avatar

Is it possible that it's because of something on Lemmy's end?
Edit: forgot to switch to the "new", but the newest visible posts are also 2days old

sab avatar

Very weird, considering federation with Mastodon is working. But it seems there are systematic problems with the federation communities, not only to lemmy but also to mbin (or, at least, fedia.io).

Here's a tiny overview of delays as of the time of writing:


!Ukraine_UA (last thread 20 minutes ago) :

!tech (last thread 2 hours ago):

!news (last thread 12 hours ago):


!FloatingIsFun (I have no idea what this is, but it's the most active fedia.io magazine with the last thread 9 hours ago):

So, based on this limited sample, it seems like Kbin/kbin.social is currently struggling to federate its communities to both Lemmy and mbin, and that it has been having these problems at least since this weekend. Mbin/fedia.io is not having the same problems, or at least not to the same degree.

GeekFTW avatar

Also having the same thing happen over on /m/SquaredCircle for what it's worth. Just noticed last night after a particularly slow day. Logged into my lemmy.zip alt and noticed nothing for near 48h had come across from kbin. Checked another alt on another lemmy instance and it was more or less the same there too.

ernest avatar

Fixed, thank you for pointing it out. During the night or in the morning, when there is less traffic, I will try to resend all unsuccessful requests.

This week, I will be setting up test environments for other platforms, so I will try to catch such issues more quickly.


@sab @e0qdk

GeekFTW avatar

You remain, as always, the best. <3

lusterko avatar

Works well now, thanks!

e0qdk avatar

Thanks ernest!

A few more data points:

  • posting an image thread from kbin into a Lemmy community works. (example)
  • posting a new thread to a kbin magazine with a link to an image off-site (e.g. on catbox) does not show up on Lemmy. (example)
  • posting a photo thread directly to a kbin magazine does not show up on Lemmy still (example)
  • Comments posted on the latter two threads do not show up in my profile view on various Lemmy instances.
  • New threads to the anime_irl@kbin.social magazine are not showing up on fedia.io (link) either, so it's not just Lemmy.
  • If I check my profile on misskey.io, it shows stuff from a week ago and older (and also, somewhat disturbingly, messages I deleted weeks ago -- not really a big deal on those particular ones but a bit concerning in general). It's kind of hard to make sense of what's going on misskey at the best of times though. :p
  • My recent posts to anime_irl don't seem to be showing up on mastodon.social but my post to animepics@reddthat.com and older posts to animemes@ani.social do show up as well as my earlier comment on this thread in Mastodon's "Posts and replies" section. Note that directly going to https://mastodon.social/@e0qdk@kbin.social redirects to https://kbin.social/u/e0qdk instead of showing the profile via Mastodon, but searching e0qdk@kbin.social and then selecting my corresponding user gives my profile via Mastodon. (Seeing similar behavior for Lemmy users, so that's not just a kbin thing. I don't use Mastodon directly very much, and it confused me a bit so mentioning it here for others.)
  • If I go to other mastodon servers like mstdn.ca my profile shows basically nothing except some replies despite claiming I have 182 posts. Adding up threads, comments, microblog posts, and replies for my account gives 185 before posting this, so not far off in number.

If I go to other mastodon servers like mstdn.ca my profile shows basically nothing except some replies despite claiming I have 182 posts. Adding up threads, comments, microblog posts, and replies for my account gives 185 before posting this, so not far off in number.

this is an activitypub thing in general and not specific to kbin. if nobody is following you from that instance your posts won't get sent to that instance (as there's no real point!)

the posts of yours that do get sent there are likely there because you commented on a group that someone had been following.

ps: hey @ernest, attempting to view a comment on it's remote instance (https://kbin.social/m/kbinDevlog/t/642285/-/comment/3689397 for example) redirects me to the login page, whereas doing so on the first post on the thread itself works fine.

is this a known issue? it's a bit inconvenient when following kbin content outside kbin (want to make sure i'm not missing any replies and writing the same thing someone already did, which happens fairly often on single user instances such as mine)

Pamasich avatar

That's a lot of information, I'm personally most excited for the spoiler support and the /sub refinements. I never really see any posts from users I follow because they get drowned out by the magazines I'm subscribed to. So this made me hold back with following users so far.

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