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Would it be acceptable in kbin etiquette to add a tag in at least one thread in a magazine I created, and when talking about stuff in other places that touch the same topic, I use the same tag there as well to "promote" the existence of the magazine?

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@Damaskox The magazine tags work in a way that automatically adds content to it that someone has tagged, for example, on Mastodon. The magazine's name is automatically a tag. I've seen comments on this matter, and I'll be addressing it soon to improve the mechanism and provide a detailed description of its operation in the admin panel. So, for example, all posts tagged on the microblog will be included in the magazine "books," but you can add a tag like in the panel if you want those tags to be included as well.

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@Damaskox Ernest just added a feature that links cross-posted comment sections to a single post. I'm not fully sure how it works but yeah I think it flies as far as etiquette is concerned.

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@Damaskox I'd imagine it's alright, as long as you aren't doing so excessively. Other magazines/places might have a rule or disclaimer in the sidebar that will give you a rough idea on how they feel about it. In fact, I'd say that's almost encouraged in addition to being one of the features I appreciate the most about /kbin compared to lemmy or reddit.

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