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I feel good on kbin


We feel good thar you're here :)

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Same here! Been here since the blackout started, and it's been a fantastic community.

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Same. I've been on Reddit for almost 12 years and for so long now, every time I post or comment I go through a several-minute-long phase of "Ugh no one needs to hear from my stupid arse on this topic" and "Jesus Christ what a stupid ass comment..." Twitter I've been on years also but I barely use because it was going down the shitter long before Space Karen got his hands on it.

Been here in the Fediverse on Mastodon and Kbin for a few weeks now and it's like going from gas station sushi that may be fresh that day to a high end sushi shop with a great omakase. Reddit still has some subs that, in my own realm of interests, haven't picked up yet here in the Fediverse, but even just over the last 3 weeks the changes and increase in content has been very noticeable.

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What I look forward to the most is when different interest groups start federating their own instances, like is doing already. It takes time for these communities to grow, but I'm sure that in time decentralization is going to do wonders for them. :)


I've been commenting on (fediverse twitter equivalent) mastodon posts on kbin, with my kbin account, because mastodon is also federated with kbin.

Sure, the fediverse is fragmented, but it's also far more connected.

TIL there's someone working on federating wordpress with mastodon. That means we'll soon be able to 'boost'(retweet) a wordpress article on The Rules of Acquisition on mastodon with a kbin account and have lemmy users comment on it with a Quark gif they found on pixelfed(instagram equivalent) or a video from peertube (youtube equivalent).

Honestly, it feels a bit like we've been robbed all these years, commenting on screenshots of tweets you can't easily copy paste or snapchat videos that barely load in the janky reddit videoplayer. That and switching between 5 different messenger apps, because these greedy cunts refuse to allow you to send a message from insta to whatsapp, because it might mean you spend 5 seconds less looking at ragebait content surrounded by ads.

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Totally agree, especially with your last paragraph. It feels like we're going back to when the internet was full of possibilities and felt open. I'm excited about that!

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  • aeternum,

    So . Good luck getting this wholesomeness on that other website.

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    Kbin has been great so far, massive props to the developers who are keeping this place running under a crushing influx of new people.

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    It's really exciting to see the community grow and develop. Two weeks ago there were barely any upvotes and comments. Now I see posts with several hundred upvotes and comments. /m/All has new content each and every time I visit. I see more and more Magazines come through. Saw a few posts above 1K upvotes already a few days ago. It's awesome!

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    It's nice here. :)

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    I tried a few different places, but kbin just felt 'right' to me. Happy to be here with you all!


    This my instance, there are many like it but this one is mine

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    My instance is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

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    kbin definitely feels more... idk polished? compared to Lemmy. Lemmy feels like a proof of concept, while kbin feels like effort was actually put into it's UI. I bounce between both, but I certainly prefer kbin.

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    Squabbles feels even more polished.

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    Squabbles was pretty for sure but it felt too peppy, for lack of a better word, to me.

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    @ripcord Squabbles is very slick. I think it does a great job of meeting its mission statement of being a cross between reddit and twitter. I think if it can scale well (it's still primarily a one-person effort I believe) it has a shot at being a serious reddit/twitter competitor. And its user interface feels modern, whereas both lemmy and kbin feel like they're a generation behind in terms of UX. (I know many ex-redditors prefer the look & feel by the way, which is probably why they'd more likely to be drawn to the current crop of threadiverse sites, but the casual user is more likely to be drawn to something like squabbles.)


    Happy to see it!! I'm enjoying my new home, and welcome others to do the same


    Same here, lurked for a couple of days before making an account. Seems like a decent place to hang while doomscroll on the toilet.

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    Seems like a decent place to hang while doomscroll on the toilet.

    I feel this comment.

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    Please also try out of kbin instances. To make it more decentralized.

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    @Sam_uk think about our health as well 🤪

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    kbin is great, I even got used to the PWA. Still looking forward to the releases of Artemis and Kbam, since I exclusively use kbin from mobile.

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    There's a ton going on here. Hopefully the community can continue being this active. If that's the case, it will only grow.

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    I really like kbins layout/structure, it's like a mix of reddit and twitter and with some optimization could really be something special.


    Content has been flowing more noticeably around these parts recently. Lot more memes/posts/comments flying around and the number of votes for posts on FP has been increasing.

    I've never been a part of an e-community from the get go and it feels so cool watching it transform in front of my eyes.


    I visited that other place and it seems to have lost its spark. More reposts of stuff already seen, I think cutting off third party apps has really slowed the influx of fresh content.

    Kbin is where that spark seems to have drifted, so I came right back to stay.

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    KBin feels so fresh and I find myself posting here often now

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