[Tips] Here are some shortcuts for your old reddit habits

Your list of subs, in a grid make sure you set it to private


The list of all subs, in a column, sorted by subscribers number


Your Inbox


Your home, list of posts in your subs


All, all posts from all subs


All, sorted by new (aka "chaos")


you can search by tags: https://kbin.social/tag/tech

You can see who upvoted and downvoted your comments in the activity tab of the "more" button.

You can block a domain like you can block a user. Either through the url::


Or by clicking the domain name and then click the block button.

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Is there a way to save threads or save comments within kbin?

mihnt avatar

For posts you can just upvote them and it will show up on your profile.

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Interesting. Good to know!

If it's not already in the works, I could see a lot of utility from adding a "favorited" or "saved" threads/comment option for users to better organize and access the content they want to as opposed to having to sift through what could end up being thousands upon thousands of upvotes.



@PabloDiscobar @mihnt

Some Lemmy instances have the ability to Save. Would definitely like to have that!


Yeah...I upvote a lot of things, but save really useful stuff ... definitely need a save feature


Is the a way to pin a thread on a magazine? Like making a post an announcement on reddit...

drumdonuttea avatar

Assuming you own or mod the magazine, Click into the post > more > moderate > pin.

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So what is "boost" going to do on a post, if I use that?

Loki avatar

@Magess bootsting also contributes to your reputation,where upvotes do not. Bizarrely, downvotes do affect reputation negatively, so people will tend to have negative fake internet points.


Magess avatar

That's weird.

FrostTom avatar

I believe that’s basically synonymous with a “retweet”

Or at least that’s what I could find

Magess avatar

So it puts it on my personal profile, and if people were following me personally they'd see it.


How do you subscribe to magazines?


If you're on the mobile site, the subscribe button will be at the bottom of the first page of content.


Same way as on Reddit. By clicking the subscribe button in the sidebar.


Followup, how do I see the sidebar on mobile?

chase avatar

Scroll to the bottom of the page.


You can also use the "hamburger" button to the left of the kbin logo when viewing a thread to access all the subscription options.

Yeah the mobile interface needs a little work

Chog avatar

Or at the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile.

DuckCake avatar

Hey, thank you very much for this!

DarkArchitect avatar

@PabloDiscobar I was a $5.99 subscriber to Reddit until this weekend. I find $5/mo a fair price to pay to keep it going. I also enjoyed awarding folks the fake gold - I know it is worthless really but I have fun dropping a love bomb on someone who was really funny or helpful.

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Is there any equivalent of the Reddit Enhancement Suite being developed? I'd love to support their work

@Atemu@lemmy.ml avatar

Such add-ons aren't really necessary when the UI itself is open source and can simply implement all those niceties for everyone ;)


I'd disagree with this. You can never just assume someone else's workflow, so there are things that would suit one group of people, or one person, perfectly, but be horrible for anyone else. Such things really can't be a part of the main build as a default UI or whatever.

For the main core experience, it has to serve as many people as possible well. But that will leave out the specific needs of other groups or individuals by necessity.

There's always space for a 3rd party enhancement suite to add in specific functionality as needed, because 3rd parties tend to be laser focussed on their specific interests and needs, and generally know how to serve those needs better than the main Devs who's task it is is to serve the majority (because they either don't have the necessary experience of whatever niche need is being addressed, or because they're just too busy with more mainstream problems).

There really should be a space for 3rd party additions. The fact that such additions COULD be merged into the main code, doesn't ever mean that they WILL be. Whereas a 3rd party tool can just be developed by those interested with no regards to the main code base and whether or not anyone's going to handle their commits.

What you're saying isn't wrong in principle, but in reality, it can often lead to really useful improvements for relatively small groups of people just not being implemented.

cjerrington avatar

Source is on codebergand issues have been submitted with ideas, to questions. Might be a little slow now since there’s a flood of people, but you could search for an open ticket or help with something too.

exscape avatar

Since kbin is so new (kbin.social is about a month old from my understanding) it seems to me it'd be better to work on the main site, instead! Assuming the features you're looking for could be of interest to many users.


Anyway to collapse comment tree's?

cjerrington avatar

Currently browser extension scripts. There’s also a few feature requests

vizhal007 avatar

You can do it using an extension on the browser. You can find the thread here


What's the policy concerning alternate/throwaway accounts?



Welcome back to the internet of the turn of the millennium.

Policy? There almost certainly isn't one. This is the internet that isn't controlled by a corporation so I'd assume that it's the same as the old internet from before that happened.

Nobody is likely to be giving a shit here, just like none of us gave a shit before

Basic rules would likely be, don't be a POS and you'll be fine, just like it always was. Nobody's going to care about your alts if they're not being total cunts to everyone.

And yes, this means that I clearly don't know the answer to your question in absolute terms, and yet I'm answering anyway (I know right, fuck me), but having looked around here, I'm seeing a place that's run by normal people, just like the internet was always run before everything got silo'd into vast corporate web platforms. I'm pretty confident that it works the same way.

If so, the policy would be, "do whatever you want, but don't be a shit".


Thanks for the tips!


my first kbin upvote goes to you o7

Otome-chan avatar

thanks. this is super helpful :)


Wth is this microblog I'm seeing under threads?


It's basically the fediverse version of twitter.

Imagine a twitter feed... That's the microblogs.

When the twitter userbase split after Musk brought down the banhammer and fascism, people went to mastodon, a fediverse version of twitter, just like this is a fediverse version of Reddit/forums.

Microblogs are where you'd see mastodon content, for example.

But you can also use them directly without using mastodon too, as they're also a native thing here.

0xtero avatar

It's essentially (in simplified terms) a Mastodon client.
There's really no reddit equivalent, but if you pretend reddit and twitter had the same web interface, you'd get close to that "Threads" and "Microblog" are.

IBNobody avatar

I understand the concept, but not the purpose. Why would I post something to a microblog when I can post a thread? Or I guess if I was more twitter-savvy, why would I create a thread when I can post something to a microblog?


Why would you post something to twitter when you can just post it to Reddit?

Same answer.

0xtero avatar

Maybe you wouldn't. But this being the fediverse I can follow all the communities/magazines from other services, like Mastodon, Pixelfeed or Peertube (fediverse equivalents for Twitter, Instagram and Youtube). I can post to these communities/magazines from those apps as well. Those posts will end up as Microblogs.

CadeJohnson avatar

I am finding that is kind of broken. I mean, if I follow a Lemmy community "News" I can see all the posts in my Mastodon home feed, but I also see all the inane comments and boosts (out of context), so it is actually a terrible thing to add to my home feed. I can see all the magazines to which I am subscribed in kbin, but I cannot see a feed of the latest content in just those magazines - so that is also not a very attractive (to me) way to see the kbin content. I am not going back to reddit, so I feel much like a man without a country at this point.

IBNobody avatar

I get that, yeah, but what confuses me is this...


If the magazine I'm in is /m/kbinMeta, how does the Mastodon etc. stuff get be collected in kbinMeta?

Magazine mods can associate hashtags with their magazine and then anything from the fediverse tagged with that ends up showing in that magazines microblog section. This is a great way to bring in a lot of content you can interact with even if it's not in the longform KBin/Lemmy format.

And that now makes sense.


Closest would actually not be Twitter but the /comments after a subreddit. There used to be a tab for it, but they've hidden it. It's just basically all comments posted in a sub.

Granted microblog is just all comments in that microblog area but it's the closest thing to it.

0xtero avatar

Yeah Twitter was probably bad analogy. Fediverse just has so many ways to post, it's hard to make direct comparison to something monolithic like Reddit.

VerifiablyMrWonka avatar

I mean, you weren't wrong. I can post (Tweet) on my Mastodon and if the tags are being followed by a magazine then that post will show up under it's Microblogs section.

drumdonuttea avatar

Interesting. I have tried this but it doesn't work for me, though it must work somehow since there is one microblog post showing up [from someone else]. I used tags in my mastodon post that are set on my magazine and I don't see it.

VerifiablyMrWonka avatar

It's still limited by the rules of federation. Kbin.social needs to be aware of your post somehow. Easiest way to to that is to have your KBin account follow your Mastodon one.

Flabbergash avatar

Is there any way to change your instance? I understant this might be a dumb question... but I registered on this instance, so can only login on this instance, is that right?

Braggston08 avatar

As of now i think there is no other way to change your instance then register on the other instance (and delete your account on the old instance).
But you can interact with other instances without "switching"

CynAq avatar

This is correct. Instances are separate sites with separate user authentication systems. They can push content to each other, but otherwise are separate entities.

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