OC KES 2.0.0: improved cross-platform compatibility, more stable, many new features

Original 1.0.0 release post here

Thanks to your detailed bug reports and the tireless efforts of our contributors, KES has undergone significant stability changes and has been upgraded with a more robust API framework to support the different flavors of GreaseMonkey, TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey, etc.

If you had tried the previous version but could not get it working on GreaseMonkey/iOS, now is the time to try again.

In addition, this version brings a host of usability improvements, as well as a few new mods. Notably, this includes the Notifications Panel by @blobcat, which was highly asked for.

With this stability brush-up, this release paves the way for a stable foundation we can start adding many more mods to. If there is one you would like to see included, feel to drop a request here.

Notable feature additions:

  • Notifier on wrench icon if updates to KES are available
  • Transparent Mode: click the icon to see behind the KES menu and check changes on the page; click again to return
  • Reset button: clear all saved KES settings and reset
  • Clipboard button: copy system information to clipboard (used when submitting bug reports)
  • Notifications Panel (@blobcat): adds a navbar bell icon that opens notifications in an iframe
  • Bug-report-from-post: post contents of a message directly to the KES bug tracker
  • Display total number of add-ons enabled in header

Existing users:
The latest release is available through the install update button on KES, or through your extension manager.

New users:
The latest release is available here.
If you are a new user, see the docs for additional information and usage guides.

Mod authors:
This release ships with safeGM(), a shim which handles cross compatibility between the different GM APIs.
You can call this shim by passing it standard GM_ or GM. (4.0) commands without the prefix and pass the usual arguments.
A detailed explanation of this and other new utility functions is available here

There is also better support for fields like reset buttons, ranges (sliders), and number inputs. Now you can prompt users for a numerical input or tweak the value of a setting, or revert them to their initial values.

A total rewrite of the documentation now includes integration examples, sample code, and discussion of how KES handles
mutation observer events for you. This should make it even easier than before to port your scripts.

If you would like to contribute more actively to the development of KES, be it through testing, graphics, administrative issues, or code contributions, please feel free to reach out.

density avatar

Tiny: I think the "REPORT BUG" menu Item should be called something a bit more specific like "Report KES bug". I thought it was a kbin thing but was confused as to why on github rather than codeberg. Maybe you can assume your users are sophisticated enough to figure it out tho.


I agree, this crossed my mind. Originally it was an internal debug menu for maintainers to report bugs we found, but I reasoned it might be of use for other users to report issues they themselves find in comments. I'll update the wording, thank you.

density avatar

cool. :)

Balssh avatar

Probably already requested, but can the floating subscribed magazines panel be added? It's quite handy to be able to quickly see all the magazines you're subscribed too, instead of having to enter a separate page.


We haven't been approached by the author of the tool for integration, but we could probably port it ourselves after making some infrastructural adjustments. I believe that script has a lot of its own internal functionality (with respect to how settings are stored/saved/etc.), so may have to be rejiggered a bit.


This is fantastic. Is there any way kbin.cafe could be included in the list of includes? It's a top-8 server and it'd be super nice if it "just worked".


Consider it done, boss. Will be added in next update/hotfix.


This is added in 2.0.3.

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Is it possible to have greasemonkey on ff actually auto-update scripts? I have it on but always have to manually check for updates before it installs it.


The short answer is that the auto-update functionality is kind of half-baked in all of the script managers, usually they default to 24 hours, it doesn't always work, and apparently GM discourages it. I'd suggest using the update button provided inside KES (shown in the event that your version mismatches), which opens a link to the script and your extension manager will then prompt you to install it or override the current version you have.

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Awesome, this is great!

I tried the notification panel and part off it is off screen. I don't know if that's because I'm on mobile.


Yes, I believe this affects mobile due to the constrained size and the author is aware of this issue and it is being worked on by a few people. I think @Twelph has reported it. We will also be overhauling the notification panel in the near term to load smoothly in the background (prototype is finished).

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Awesome, thank you to you and the whole team for all the work you've done on this!

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