View users block lists.

I sorta hate this request as it seems invasive but I was thinking about folks in the future and even myself now and I was thinking I would love to see what folks that I have subscribed to have blocked. I don't subscribe to a person unless Im really impressed by what they post or their discourse so its like a trusted list of users for me. That made me think I would love to see how they have blocked so I could look at it and see if it looks like an obvious person or place I would want to block.

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Blocklists will become the norm. We cannot manually block everything in /all. It was working for the first few weeks but not anymore.

Take for example the left and the right, both will have their respective blocklists and will publish them extensively. Now publishing your own blocklist will mean that you have a horse in the race.


I don’t really have a dog in this fight but with the way fedi works right now, a lot of us are using the blocklist to filter out content on all, to increase positive hits and reduce spammy stuff/content we don’t want to see until our subscribed communities take off.

I’m not sure public blocklists would be as useful as you think, at least until fedi takes off a bit more or gets new algorithms for sorting/suggesting. Particularly because it would, indeed, be highly invasive.

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Yeah I hate the invasive part but I have blocked a few folks who you look at their feed and its like yeah I don't want to be hearing from them and it occured to me folks I like might have encountered some I have not and I could evaluate the feeds and block as necessary.

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