Filter for different languages?


Is there a way to filter for different languages?

This morning, I started seeing German posts, but I don't speak German. I tried blocking the magazine but there's actually a lot of different German Magazines lol, and I'd rather just filter out the language (until I decide to learn it!)

On the other hand, is there a way to add other languages? I don't care about specific magazines in English when I'm browsing /all here, and I'd be happy with the same for Spanish or French.

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I use a browser extension (running Librewolf if it matters) which works for entire pages or selected text:

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That's neat! But not really what I meant lol.

I suppose that would reduce the need to filter out content, because it'd become accessible to me.

But it won't add Spanish content here. It's okay, apparently language filters are on the way!

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@kjr Oh nice! Thanks for that link. I figured languages would be on the to-do list, but I'm glad to see there's already active progress happening!

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This has been brought up a few times and I don't think it's an option yet but I agree that it needs to be. For now I'm just blocking the magazines as they come up. I will continue to browse all/active until I've built a solid collection of magazines and then I'll switch to subscribed view.

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@iNeedScissors67 out of topic... how do you block a magazin?


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If you visit the actual magazine page, it's next to the subscribe button, just on the right of it. It looks like a Ø symbol lol.

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@shepherd thanks a lot!!!
today I have opened kbin in the bus, and the main thread was full of cats and asses... I will prevent that it happens a next time.


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