No need to apologize :)


Thank you for you hard work!

Spectres avatar

Thanks for all your hard work, you have created an amazing community and risen to the many challenges that come from the kind of exponential growth this instance has seen.
Take care of yourself!
Thank you!


As soon as the site came back up I was looking for any of the changes, so I'm glad you posted. Stinks to have an unplanned outage but I'm looking forward to the planned one! I hope it goes well!

lusterko avatar

I'm thankful for all the work you do.

guyrocket avatar

I wonder how difficult it would be to have a "read only" version of kbin that replaces the full version when things go wrong or maintenance is being done. I'm sure there are other technical solutions, just one thought.

Teppic avatar

Interestingly, because of federation, this sort of happens anyway. If you'd hopped onto another kbin instance, or even Lemmy much of the content from magazines here was still accessable.

guyrocket avatar

Same logon / pass?

I do not know how to do that. How do I find other kbin instances?

Teppic avatar

Afraid not, each instance is independent in that sense so you need to go through the whole account creation again (although you can use the same username again, assuming it's free).
That said, as with this instance, you can browse without needing to be logged in.

In terms of other kbin instances take a look here:
Or here:

Teppic avatar

To give an example here is this thread on

guyrocket avatar

Cool. Thank you.

melroy, avatar

Exactly what he says. So you could use another kbin instance to keep viewing threads or posts.

originalucifer, avatar

ha, honestly this was my experience. i run my own instance, so, except a few stale feeds, i didnt notice.

Prouvaire avatar

@ernest might it be an idea to set up a "kbin social status" web page or mastodon account - divorced from the server infrastructure - which people could follow and be informed of any site issues which might not be publishable when the site itself is down?


Thanks for running this site, I really enjoy it :)

Fitik avatar

Thanks a lot for your work!!

theodewere avatar

thank you for that update, mate!

Seraph avatar

You did get my hopes up the update was coming!

But it's all good, keep up the great work Ernest!


Honestly im so worried about kbin at this point, it feels like when you kinle a bit of fire an then try to make it bigger, while worrying to extinguish the little bit you have. Hope it does grow...

Teppic avatar

There is a lot of focus on this one flagship instance, but there are a number of other kbin instances now:

yukichigai avatar

I'm honestly tempted to spin up my own instance as it is. Mostly to tinker with the software, but the fact that I can and relatively easy is pretty neat.

melroy, avatar

The more the merrier ;)

originalucifer, avatar

its fun, i recommend it.

abff08f4813c avatar

Same here. I've been trying to find the time to do this for a while.

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