I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this. So if it isn't I apologize. For several days the instance was online but not operating optimally, and showing no new posts. This morning trying to access the site gives the dreaded 'bad gateway' error. No information has been provided by the instance admin. So it seems it's been abondoned. And that's a shame because it was one of the larger, more active instances on Kbin.

Teppic, (edited )
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Hariette posted something a while back on Mastodon about illness. I think she said she was improving, but not much news since.
Hope she's OK.

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Yeah me too. It seems like this would be the time to share the load with others, so when one is out, progress doesn't stop.

originalucifer, avatar

bummer. i know they arent all that easy to keep running.. i wish there was a place admins could offer an instance up to other sysadmins instead of abandoning it.

id love to be able to help

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In this case, it's hard not to be surprised, as the project could have seemed abandoned for a long time. Everyone's patience has its limits. Tomorrow, I will try to get in touch and, if possible, offer assistance in updating/maintaining the instance.

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