What does the "Favorites" feed do?

I've been using Kbin for a few months now and I didn’t really feel the need to set my to anything besides "Subscribed". I can guess from their names what the "All" and "Moderated" feed are but I have no idea what the feed does. I've seen that the recently added also use the word "favorite" when referring to subscribing/following them. Does that mean I can't see my subscribed magazines and favorited collections together? If not, how do favorited collections affect my feed in general?

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, (edited )
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Upvotes are called favorites on Kbin, so the Favorites feed is stuff you've upvoted.


Got it! Thanks.
Btw, do you know if I see content from my favorited collections in my sub feed?

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Yes, you do.

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Don't think so. Otherwise, my sub feed would be full of tech articles in Lemmy communities.

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