Another Interstellar update: new icon, microblogging support, editing/deleting capabilities, youtube embedding, and more

To start, Interstellar finally has an app icon; thanks to @BenjMathis1 for designing it and @dannii_montanii for helping implement it into the app! (

Additionally, microblogging support has now caught up to thread support, thanks to @olorin99. Now, viewing, voting, boosting, etc. is supported on posts. Also, @olorin99 has added support for editing and deleting your own threads, posts, and comments.

A few other features added since the last thread here include support for replying to a thread, post, or another comment, a built-in YouTube video player, an interactive view for images (which supports scaling and panning), a collapse/expand button for comments with children, and a recommended instances section for kbin instances that support logging in via the API.

Here's the link to the latest working build (a new Windows build is now included): (Android, Linux, Windows).

If you've previously subscribed to the old Interstellar magazine, make sure to migrate over to the new one hosted on (for

So as to not clog up the kbinMeta magazine, I probably won't post as many future Interstellar updates here.

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Has the kbin API been released? I didn’t know there was 3rd party apps for kbin yet.

jwr1, avatar

The kbin api has been out for a while, but there are some instances that still don't support it yet, including If you go to the login screen on the app, there's a list of recommended kbin instances that support both the API and external logins.


Ah gotcha guess I was thinking of kbin social then

8BitFriendly avatar

@ernest When can we expect to support the API and external logins?

I really want to support Kbin and stay on your instance, but not having a mobile app is a serious deal-breaker. Supporting apps should get priority over introducing new kbin features IMHO. is the biggest instance, so I'd expect it to support all needed APIs?

I hoped Artemis would deliver, but it didn't. Now Interstellar is my next resort. Today I even considered ... <whisper> returning to Reddit </whisper> for a brief moment.


Does it support mbin instances too?

jwr1, avatar

Yes, it does, but they still need to have the API set up correctly. The two mbin instances I know work are and

Montagge, avatar

On Android I had to uninstall the old version to install this version. Just an FYI for anyone that runs into the same thing.

jwr1, avatar

I noticed the same thing. I'm not quite sure what happened there.

Montagge, avatar

All good! I figured it was worth mentioning since the last couple of updates just needed to be updated.

jwr1, avatar

I just wanted to let you know, since you mentioned it, I figured out what was wrong, and the latest version should fix the updating problem. You'll still have to reinstall one last time though, unfortunately.

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