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It's Girl Scout Cookie season, so it's a great time to remind you that the Girl Scouts welcome trans and nonbinary children. Here is a list of trans Girl Scouts to order cookies from. (www.erininthemorning.com)

Also, The Girl Scouts explicitly rejected a large donation from an anti-trans organization: seattlemet.com/…/donor-says-girl-scouts-can-t-use…...

The Union Busting Playbook: how to inoculate coworkers against union busting (unionbustingplaybook.com)

Have you been wanting to unionize at work? Are you concerned about union busting disrupting your organizing efforts? Well then this website will be invaluable to you. CWA is a bottom-up, worker led union. Ever since the PATCO strike made unions afraid of striking, CWA alone has basically kept the idea of striking alive in the...

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