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"Zoë Hitzig | What is quadratic funding?" - A democratic mechanism that a postcapitalist society could use to allocate resources to public goods, so they're available to each according to need


Quadratic funding is an allocation mechanism that allocates more resources to projects that are more popular than projects that are supported by well-resourced concentrated few. It has the potential to solve problems in campaign finance, journalism and FOSS



We Don't Agree on Capitalism: Demarcating the Red and Black



jlou, (edited )

"Inalienable Rights: Part I The Basic Argument" Against the Employer-Employee System and for Workers' Self-Management


This article discusses how the contemporary system of labor relations treats employees as things rather than persons thus denying their humanity, and violating rights they have because of their personhood. Instead, work should be democratically controlled by the people doing it



The Power of Land: Georgism 101


Discusses importance of common ownership of land and natural resources



Are you referring to your question about my ideals or values, respecting distribution of benefit from land usage?

I’m referring to this one:

ideal that land is natural and should benefit everyone equally.

Do you disagree with this?

I have framed the conversation around my skepticism that Georgism meaningfully contributes to leftism or functions as a leftist tendency

The goal of leftism is to create a better, more progressive society. With that means that the “end goal” of the state must be determined, which means the income, whether monetary/resource based/etc must be determined as well.

You can’t have a state that doesn’t have a defined input/output. So if you want to meaningfully contribute to an ideal leftist society/government, one such meaningful contribution is solving the government’s input/output problem.

Taxing land is one such solution to this problem.

including lands, being utilized socially and also toward benefit that is private.

Under georgism, all land gets taxed regardless of who owns the land, how they own the land, whether it is private or personal, and regardless of whether or not private property still exists.

@unfreeradical@lemmy.world avatar

It is meaningless to assert as an objective simply creating a society that is “better”.

Further, not all leftists defend land commodification.

Not all leftists defend markets.

Not all leftists defend money.

Not all leftists defend the state.

Final objectives are less valuable than criticism of structure and strategies for transformation.

As I have suggested, by my own characterization at least, the entry point for leftism is criticism of the class structure of society, embodied in the social construct of private property, that is, particular resources or assets being utilized socially but controlled privately.


Fighting Billionaires’ Control of the Media, Individual News Vouchers




What do you mean by winner take propaganda institution?


if you allow people to “contribute negatively” then the largest unified block can and will out “negatively spend” other blocks, driving said “oppositional media” out of business.

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