Can lemmy users see when they're mentioned in a microblog post from kbin?

I'm trying to contact a user on lemmy, but can't dm them (it's not clear to me if this is a bug or if dms don't work across instances or software, but either way it's not working). My next workaround would be to ping them in a microblog post, but lemmy doesn't have a microblog section. Would a lemmy user receive a notification about and be able to view a kbin microblog post in which they're mentioned?

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dms don't work across instances or software, but either way it's not working

not implemented yet.

But it seems to me that there shouldn't be any issues with the visibility of microblog posts:

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Good to know that microblog posts show up on lemmy, although it's a bit awkward that (if I'm seeing that correctly) they show up as regular threads there. I might mention them in a thread that's not as closely directed to them instead. Thanks for the reply. :)

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I think they're specifically wondering if using @<username>@<instance> mention syntax will result in a notification popping up for the user on Lemmy.

I've been wondering that too (in the context of threads though) -- and if it does work, are there limitations regarding visibility between instances that people should be aware of. e.g. what happens if I @ someone in a post to a community on a lemmy server that is defederated from their home instance? Or, in a community that no one on their home server has subscribed to? Will they still get a notice?

I guess I don't really have a good mental model for how @ works on the Fediverse.

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I will verify it thoroughly tomorrow, and if there is any issue on the /kbin side, I will have some free time to fix it. I'm almost certain that it used to work correctly in the past.

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Lemmy only supports posts which are inside of a community.

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