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Toot by Marco Arment, @marcoarment. Toot reads:

Can we please pronounce it “ten”

[end image description]

yes. done.


To add to this, Marco is an Apple blogger and the iPhone X was pronounced iPhone ten.


Context: twitter renamed X


I know, this is for accessibility.


As was mine.


Oh, that’s new. The context isn’t in the image, people without visual impairments have to infer it as well, is there a reason why I should include it in an image description?


Good thing you didn’t include it. I did.


Yes, but why? I’m trying to understand, why would people with visual impairments need the context made explicit? How does this improve accessibility?


It improves accessibly for people who didn’t know the context, visually impaired or otherwise.


That seems patronising. I don’t want jokes explained to me either, unless I’ve asked.


It’s for the context impaired.

I had to open the comments and read the first one before I got it. I don’t immediately think of musk or Roman numerals when I read a meme. Though maybe I should be doing that.


But why indeed did your post include an answer to the question posed if it’s supposed to be just a transcription?


That’s why i indicated where the description starts and ends.


We can just let it fade into obscurity like the rest of them.


I’m down lol I hate X, what do you call twitter and tweets? Jeezus so stupid.


I want to watch them try to convince people to call tweets exes


I hope DMX sues him for trademark infringement just for the fuck of it

X gonna take it from ya


X’s (giving and taking) days are over


Xzibit would also like a word


Yo dawg, I heard you like burning money…


X-Men signing in.


DMX died 2 years ago


It’s a sueance


good thing that copyright is life+70y

Dave, avatar

Hey it’s me, “that guy”. You can’t copyright the letter X. You can possibly trademark it, but trademarks are specific to an industry (hence why there are so many articles saying this company owns the X trademark, and that one, and these other 100 companies all do too).

Trademarks are not life+70y but come with their own set of criteria.


Weekend at DMX’s.

Two bungling lawyers have one weekend to sue a well known tech billionaire. There’s just one small problem. their client is dead.

Coming soon to a cinema near you FreeVee.


What if we just, like… don’t talk about it at all?


You are our new thought leader


Dont talk about what?

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Sorry I communicate exclusively by newsletter



Kolanaki, avatar

Breaking News: Long collapsed Roman empire claims ownership of “X” trademark.

cmbabul, (edited )

I love the idea of Elon trying to take on the Roman fucking empire


Legion X has a bone to pick with Musk.


I think I’ll just keep calling it Twitter.

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

So then the new word for "tweets" would be "tents"?



Much better than any combination I could think with X, specially pronunciationwise.


What about X-cretions?

Example: ‘Did you read Trumps X-cretions on the 2nd amendment?’


‘Retent’ actually sounds pretty cool. It ‘retains’ the visibility of the ‘Tent’ by ‘Tenting’ it again…

…Yeah that’s still never getting anywhere nearly as iconic as a tweet.


Elon wants them referred to as Xeets and most people pronounce an x with an sh sound. So I believe they must be pronounced as “Sheets” and therefore we all need to argue if “Tweeted” should be “Sheeted” or if it should be “Shat”, and if a retweet is a “ReShat” or a “ReShit”.

zeppo, avatar

I think of it as a Z sound when it’s at the start of a word, like xenophobe or xylophone.


I don’t give a ‘Sheet’! 😎


Skeets? X is more of and sk sound, exit.

Team skeet just needs to start calling all their money shots skeets on lol


Who pronounces x with an sh sound? Where would that sound even be? I only know it as “ex” and maybe “z” when it is the first letzter.


Spaniards transliterating Nahuatl.


MF-ers pitching tents

Xeelee avatar

I think he prefers to be called "Space Adolf" these days.


You know the site is shit when all you do is constantly mention the previous one you inhabited while secretly longning to go back, but you can’t because of “principles”. It’s gotta suck. Eventually they’ll all be “back” to Twitter. Quotation marks because most of those people are still at least lurking on Twitter.


In medieval Spanish, x means “ah” so “shitter” would be funny

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

Nope, medieval Spanish X is “kh” that’s why Mexico is actually pronounced Mekhico

zeppo, avatar

Check out Oaxaca. It’s pronounced “wahaka”.

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

I’m literally a native Spanish speaker 💀

zeppo, avatar

Okay, then you probably wouldn’t pronounce Oaxaca Wakhaka

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

It’s literally Oakhaka

zeppo, avatar

“Literally” as in… what is that supposed to mean? In Spain? Nobody pronounces it like that.

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

It doesn’t mean anything in Spanish because it’s not a Spanish word in origin, idiot

zeppo, avatar

Huh? Nobody said anything about a meaning. Thanks for the tips.

zeppo, avatar

Here, as a scholar you’ll appreciate this.

Nahuatl word “Huaxyacac” [waːʃ.ˈja.kak] was transliterated as “Oaxaca” using Medieval Spanish orthography, in which the x represented the voiceless postalveolar fricative ([ʃ], the equivalent of English sh in “shop”), making “Oaxaca” pronounced as [waˈʃaka]. However, during the sixteenth century the voiceless fricative sound evolved into a voiceless velar fricative ([x], like the ch in Scottish “loch”), and Oaxaca began to be pronounced [waˈxaka].

In present-day Spanish, Oaxaca is pronounced [waˈxaka] or [waˈhaka], the latter pronunciation used mostly in dialects of southern Mexico, the Caribbean, much of Central America, some places in South America, and the Canary Islands and western Andalusia in Spain where [x] has become a voiceless glottal fricative ([h]).

The last part explains the different pronunciation of X from what you’re saying.


My phone autocorrected “sh” to “ah”

Diprount_Tomato, avatar

Still, it’s Kh not Sh


Best monkey’s paw ever!


Pronounce what ten?


X, ie what twitter is being renamed to

Swedneck, avatar

I feel like people who immediately understand that this is about twitter need to take a break and go on a nice walk around the neighbourhood


Lmao they understood a clear reference to a certain very high profile news item that you have to spend conscious effort to avoid these days. SMH my head at the absolute nerds.

Swedneck, avatar

Hit a bit too close to home, huh?


Yes, the people who follow tech news and heard about Elon Musk rebranding his 44 billion purchase to “x” are the ones who need to take a break. Indeed. Take a break as he flushes twitter down the drain, you fools.


Are you implying that we should do anything to stop the musk fella?

agent_flounder, avatar

Watching the circus clowns is my break.


Are you like an innocent idiot, or are you just pretending to be one?

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