We have to stop identifying ownership with these billionaires and “their work” because it’s not. It’s a team of people who got together to accomplish a mission whether they succeeded or failed. How often is their success just a leader getting out of their way, and how often is failure because leadership was overbearing and “used their authority” to make poor decisions over the group.

“We” society only ever focus on these individuals and it’s horribly incorrect to do so.

We need to forget the celebrities and identity the groups.


Anytime management gets involved with our work, it’s because there was a monumental fuck-up or because somebody is doing too much micro-management. In either case, it’s thrice as stressful as a normal project that goes slow as shit because everything has to be run by the big person.


Hey, if these guys do everything they can to make sure their companies’ “achievements” are considered all their own doing; let’s be fair and attribute all the fault of their failures as well.

But you’re right, billionaires ride on the shoulders of the people that do the actual hard work.


I’m all for congratulating them and blaming him.

Certainly beats the other way around.


Absolutely. As someone who manages a small team, my duties are advocating for the people who work for me, listening to the people closest to the problem, mediating disputes between people with different solutions, and ensuring we are all working towards the same overall goals. Most of the success of the team is directly attributed to their work. My biggest contribution is making sure they have what they need to do their job.

uphillbothways avatar

So, since you're support staff and economically a cost center and not a producer, they make more than you, right? You advocate for their wages first, right?


I mean, despite the down votes I thought this was pretty based, even if it came across as a personal attack.

uphillbothways avatar

Wasn't meant as a personal attack. Shoulda put it on the Amidala meme, I guess. 🤷‍♂️


I know, you’re all good 🫂


Could’ve removed the entire appositive of your first sentence,and removed “right?” to sound like less of an ass with your wording :) valid question though. my employer does operate this way


Not everyone in my position is a sniveling little shit, as much as you may think. I do get paid more than my team, but not by some ridiculous margin. The lowest paid person gets 70% what I do and the highest paid person is at 95%. When I took over it was no shit closer to 40% for the lowest paid member. I fought for that to be fixed and burned up a lot if political capital doing it too.

When COVID came along and pay cuts and layoffs were a real threat, I told my boss to cut my salary before anyone else’s. We never had to, thankfully, but I literally told him I would quit if they cut one of my subordinates pay or laid them off without first taking out of my pocket.

I had a direct report who, for three years wanted to be in a leadership role. I fought for a new position for him and put my own ass on the line recommending him for promotion every chance I got. He’s been promoted past me and I hope (since I can’t see his salary anymore) he is getting paid more than me because he’s earned it.

I’m not some superstar manager, but I do feel like I keep my team out of the political battles and turf wars so they can focus on doing what they do best without dealing with all that crap. That’s my job. When something goes wrong, I’m accountable. So when the people doing the work get it wrong and take a critical system offline by fat fingering a command, I’m the one answering the phones and taking all the shit for it and smoothing things over with stake holders. And unless it was a result of gross negligence, I’m not going to give them hell for it either because I’ve fucking been there before.

I didn’t even want this damn job. I was perfectly happy being the technical lead and not having job recruiting and performance reviews to do, but I took it because I knew at the very least I would do my best to advocate for the people I care about, and that’s not something I could say about everyone who applied.

So you can make snap judgements and assume because I manage a team that I’m just collecting a paycheck while everyone else does all the hard work, but I don’t and I won’t because it’s unethical and shitty and despite your own insecurities, I actually give a fuck about other people.

uphillbothways, (edited )
uphillbothways avatar

It was a meme reference. You took that way too personally. I'm sorry if you were offended.


Considering how important it is to me that I’m not some piece of shit manager, yeah, it was a little personal. I take that kind of thing seriously. It kinda doesn’t work as a meme reference without the meme.

uphillbothways, (edited )
uphillbothways avatar

This is a shit posting community. Meme references should be assumed.
And I'm not your employee. Neither time nor place for your insecurities. Some conflict resolution skills ya got there.

Immediately talking about yourself, claiming authority, offended at the least thing, telling people what to think instead of showing those traits, serious in an unserious setting, and more. Your response to what started with a simple meme reference has me seeing more in common with the worst managers I've worked with in your actual behavior.

downpunxx avatar

elon made a deal with the saudis to kill twitter, which he has, he's then going to sell his electric cars and rocket ships in the entire opec space. that 40 billion, most of which were loans and investment is a pittance

elon musk is a nazi fuck, and there should be some way to assume all his spacex, tesla, and twitter stakes under eminent domain


Here’s a better one:

Title: Cosmic Blues on a Starry Trail

(Verse 1)
Out on the edge of the Milky Way’s glow,
Lived a billionaire with a heart turned to stone.
Forty billion stars in his name,
But in the cosmic dust, they just faded away.

He lost his love, his kids, his dreams,
In the black hole where his heart used to be.
A spaceship crashed, a fortune gone,
Now he’s singing this lonesome interstellar song.

(Verse 2)
He built his dreams on Martian sands,
A titan’s castle in the stars’ expanse.
But what’s a kingdom with no queen or heir?
Just a lonely throne in the cold, silent air.

He lost his love, his kids, his dreams,
In the black hole where his heart used to be.
A spaceship crashed, a fortune gone,
Now he’s singing this lonesome interstellar song.

Under the glow of a distant sun,
He wonders what he’s really won.
Forty billion stars don’t shine,
Like the love he lost in another time.

(Verse 3)
In the taverns of a spaceport town,
He drinks to memories that swirl around.
A family photo, a fading trace,
Of the life that vanished in space.

He lost his love, his kids, his dreams,
In the black hole where his heart used to be.
A spaceship crashed, a fortune gone,
Now he’s singing this lonesome interstellar song.

So here’s to the man with everything,
Whose tears are hidden beneath his wings.
In the silence of space, he’s left to roam,
A billionaire wandering far from home.


Why is it that I have always pictured him looking fitter than this?


Good PR is why.

LemmyKnowsBest, (edited )

wow is that really a recent picture of him? I thought he was on Ozempic that miracle starvation drug that gives people 24/7 diarrhea.


His truck’s a piece of shit too, that’s big important here


I’m sure that the Saudis are compensating him for his losses on Twitter. This was a planned demolition.

ArtVandelay, avatar

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.


Poor Elon trying to tech-bro his way into social dominance by buying a social media platform.

And to think that only ~6 years ago people saw him as a progressive visionary.

There is the lesson people. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.


I think he feels miserable. No happy person behaves this way


I think that lesson definitely applies to us average folks. But the bigger lesson here is to not trust billionaires. You would have to be a special kind of asshole to reach the status of a billionaire


Boo hoo dumb cunt Elmo!


He also looks like a middle-aged woman after her menopause.


Expand on this


Elon already did the expanding


Sounds like a Finnish song.

FangedWyvern42, avatar

The rocket was meant to crash, so I don’t think he’s that upset about it.


I really wish people would stop going on about that. There are plenty of things you can legitimately criticize Musk for. The Starship program is not one of those.


Yea it’s really infuriating. I am a huge space fan in general, and when I see people making negative comments about starship blowing up it just frames them as unintelligent or unaware of how effective spacexs engineering processes are.

Build, fail, repeat. All of those steps are on purpose.


He is a rimworld character.

sedawk, avatar

Ohh but which one would he be?


the guy that sits in my prison for the only reason that i dislike his addictions


I feel like you don’t know how Rimworld works


I don’t know, we all have that one guy we put in uranium jail forever


He definitely looks like the kind of pawn that would get upset and punch the stockpile of explosives.

KingThrillgore, avatar

The annoying weakling that shit himself, that I sold for smokeleaf


I call it “Honkey-Tech Blues”

FlyingSquid, avatar

That’s not actually a country song, but I think maybe someone should blow Elon’s nose and then blow his mind. A massive brain aneurism would only benefit the world.


I was going with Elon Blues

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