Rikki Tikki Tavi!


for me, that will be the random movie my brother asked me to download to my jellyfin server years ago.


The Adventures of Milo and Otis! I wonder if it is streaming anywhere?

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Mine was Scamper the Penguin.

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Today’s childhoods will be defined by watching some semi-obscure streamer or meme video on YouTube that only your friends understand.


Oh noo, kids have it less shitty today, how horrible for them.


Well i think the point is that today people just watch movies that have “aTleAsT 7 or 8 on imDb” or the top ranked show/album on [insert arbitrary streaming service] that week, and are never exposed to anything outside of the mainstream realm = Everyone you meet is just a clone of the person next to her/him.

On paper you are correct; You’d think people have vastly different tastes and interests but in reality they just watch/listen to/do what everyone else is watching/listening do/doing.


I have two. I grew up near Toronto in the 80s. Both were CityTV movies. They used to do a thing. I can’t remember what it was called…

1 - SPACEBALLS!!! (“F___! Even in the future nothing works!”)

2 - Predator (there’s a line where Arnold says, “That’s one bad motherfucker.” They only censored the word ‘mother’. i was 8. best thing ever)


Or something that came up while channel-surfing on TV and decided to leave it on for a minute, put the control aside, and ended up watching the rest.

Back while in high school, one weeknight I stumbled across Jean Luc Godard’s “A Bout De Soufflé” (“Breathless”) on our town’s local channel, at just the right moment when it seemed like the film was skipping. Intrigued, I left it on, soon enough figured out that this was intentional editing. By the end, my mind was blown and my way of looking at film and art had changed forever.


This wasn’t on tape, but this move is Shaolin Soccer for me. We watched it so many times. I watched a couple of times recently too, and it holds up.


I completely forgot about Shaolin Soccer!


Are you me?


Mine was some weird fairy tale cartoon where a mom goat fills a wolf with rocks and they drown in a well.


All the 90s Disney animated films.

And Robocop.


My childhood predates the average person’s private ownership of movies . As a child no one I knew owned anything other than home movies… The very idea of actually OWNING a copy of a movie would have been the height of opulence … And back then, there was no way to play a 35mm movie without a 35 mm projector even if you could get your hands on a print


Hope Pizza Steve is doing well.

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Is it true that movies were super cheap to watch back then? I’ve heard that that’s partially the reason people would go watch the same movie multiple times, that and AC/socially.


Movies would also stay in theaters longer, sometimes multiple years. You would also see a lot more second runs. I’m not even that old but I used to get $1 tickets to the second run theater when I was a kid in the early 2000s. I don’t think I’ve even seen a second run theater in the last decade.

TacoNissan, (edited )

The one in my hometown just went out of business 2 years ago due to the pandemic. It was $5 for adults, $3 for children under 14 and students of the local highschool if you present your student ID. They were an important part of the town, and practically everyone 2-3 towns over was talking about it when they closed.


Same, we had two in Metro Atlanta that were Covid Casualties


Cocktail with Tom Cruise, and Independence Day. I watched the fuck out of both of those movies in late Elementary/early Middle School.


Mine was Idle Hands, which my grandma taped for me when she noticed me watching an Idle Hands marathon. My love for this movie at such a young age really helps to explain my sense of humor as an adult.

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an Idle Hands marathon

I actually kind of like the movie, but why would a channel play it on repeat?


Sometimes they just did that, I dunno why. Sometimes movies would play in a specific order then restart, and sometimes they’d play the same one back to back, usually if it was a newly released to TV movie.


Goooooooood morning Vietnammmmmm

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