Prosecutor: “do you swear to the truth?”


NutWrench, avatar

The best time to hit someone in a fight is right when they’re taking their shirt off. They can’t see and their arms are stuck in their sleeves. If they’re going to make it easy for you, take advantage of it.


The poop sweats.


Let’s not share the version with the credit cropped, folks. Come on.


ininewcrow, avatar

Don’t blame OP … they were taking their shirt off when they were posting this

WashedOver, avatar

I’ve not seen this version. I was able to edit it to this with the credit. Thanks.


Hey, thanks for replying. And thanks for updating with the uncropped version! Sorry if I came off as harsh. Comics with the credit cropped makes me salty.

blanketswithsmallpox, (edited )

I used to be a never poop without having my shirt off person. I always felt like my shirts were long enough to get shit on. So I think it was mostly paranoia.

I never shat in public spaces including school. I don’t know when I stopped both but I can proudly say I’m a shirt pooper now.

RunawayFixer, (edited )

Until you really really need to go hard, then it’s clothes off again.

A few years back I had something clogging up my intestines (no clue what) on the night that I was going to take a 3 hour flight to a wedding, so no lying down and way too much sitting in a cramped position for a too long time. I never felt more constipated as after I arrived and could finally stretch again.

So about 2 hours later when I could feel that it was nearly time, I evacuated to the furthest possible bathroom (I didn’t want to be a party pooper), lost all clothing except my socks and spend 30 minutes in agony, explosively shitting away, while covered in sweat and bracing myself against the walls.

All of which to say, is that you might think that you have left your shirtless days behind, but when shit really hits the fan, then you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back to your old habits.

blanketswithsmallpox, (edited )

I mean I’ve already shit my pants once this year… It’s gotten better after curbing the drinking but once you hit near 40s farts are almost universally untrustworthy.

E: Not to say every fart is a shart. But every time I’ve shit my pants the fart felt safe lol.


I remember a post on the Other Side in the Unpopular Opinion sub (before it turned into science denial and stuff) of a guy who said that they only poop naked because (1) you sweat while pooping and (2) cloths hinder you from moving freely.

This is real but for me it’s wtf why would I take of my shirt?


I’ve had to take my shirt off in only dire shitting situations for the reasons guy mentioned above. Especially if sick, cloths could be constricting.

To have that everytime… that dudes diet must be trash


Constricting? How much movement do you make whilst sitting on the shitter? You’re just sitting in one spot aren’t you?


Jumping into a lake is more intense with your shirt on.


Also known as: Second Phase.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Typically I prefer to combine these 3 activities


oh dang

JoeBigelow, avatar

Ugly sweater party is tomorrow Costanza


I started hating Seinfeld when they started doing this type of episodes (doing bizarre situation). I loved episodes like the Chinese restaurant.

Qkall, (edited )

I worked with a guy that only shat if he was naked. He said it was the cleanest and most comfortable way to poo.a Side note is that he went to jail once and he cleaned up his act after he had to “poop in front of another man”


Shitting naked is a prime tier strategy.

kamenlady, avatar

Taking a shower right after is full stealth mode


That’s the optimal way to shit. You feel fresh both inside and outside once it’s all done. Those who know know.


English isn’t my first language, and I struggle to understand the last sentence.

Could anyone explain it?


As a native english speaker - I also do not understand.


Sorry… I wasn’t fully awake … I have updated the post for clarity.


The co-worker at one point went to jail and adjusted his naked pooping routine after the experience of having to poop in full view of another man, ie in a shared cell


Yes, what’s funny to me … It wasn’t that his homies were being shot or other overall dangers of dealing drugs in the ghetto. It was the pooping that ended it. It’s kinda wholesome…kinda


Maybe replace “that” with “and”? IDK.

Side note, I’m not in jail but I’m pooping naked right now.


Yeah you are correct… I was duking at like 4am when is sent that so… Wasn’t fully awake. I’m pooping again now, not full awake.

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