You mean the meth burnout lifestyle needs to stop?

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Normalize anthropomorphic animals (is this what is it?)

dangblingus, (edited )

The Danes refer to it as “hygge” and the Norwegians refer to it as “köselig”. Get cozy. Tell your boss that you died. Binge some TNG. Preferably with your rabbit and tiger friends.


Seems similar to the Dutch “gezellig”.


That table will last a lifetime. That mug, hard to break. Their furniture is sparse, but carefully chosen. That value will keep a lifestyle from being expensive, and it will make rough times just as lavish as always.




where shitpost


No! You are a lazy fuck if you don’t want to work until your nose bleed!

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Kinda looks like poverty


And there is nothing wrong with that… as long as people are happy.


Oh yeah tons are people are poverty stricken and overflowing with happiness :/


Wasn’t talking about living on the streets…


As long as we don’t normalize that it’s either grind or poverty and minimum wage should be a living wage


Agreed 👍.



Commenters, as always, went into false dichotomy.

We can absolutely live the life with same income, but without the grind. For that, we have to unionize and fight off hustle culture.

They want to make us work more for less, that’s all. And what’s gonna help it more than saying “you just a lazy shit who doesn’t work long enough, unlike N.”

Fuck them. We can afford to work less for more. It’s just that their wallets are gonna get hit this time, for real.

SCB, (edited )

We can absolutely live the life with same income, but without the grind. For that, we have to unionize and fight off hustle culture.

This has nothing to do with min wage tho. There are zero unionized workplaces that pay minimum wage.

I’m all for tying min wage to localized cost of living, and I’m extremely pro-union, but if the latter succeeds we just won’t really need the former.


We always need unions to have a watch om ways we can be exploited, preventing that behavior.

Having good policies respecting workers is, essentially, an endgame for every struggle for worker’s rights.

And yes, it is best to have laws cementing those achievements.

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Half the world with a poverty issue would probably tell you they aren’t happy.


I get your sentiment (that you don’t need to we wealthy to be happy), but most definitions of “poverty” aren’t just “not rich”, they’re more “unable to afford basic means”, which there is a lot wrong with!


Can agree with that. And that is a system (social) problem, it’s not a human conditioning problem.

My point was, being rich is not good either. Ask how many rich people are happy, I mean truly happy. I bet the bunch in the image is having a better time than any rich person will ever have.


There is no way rich people are less happy than the average poor person bar mental health conditions, they may have stressors like a demanding job, but that is nothing compared to whether or not you’ll lose everything if you get too sick, or whether you can pay the bills because you didn’t get enough hours at one of your jobs, or if you have enough food to feed your family. Wealth gives so much more opportunity to fulfill desires and become happy.

Have you ever been actually poor? Have you even been homeless or lived in a shelter? I can’t help but feel like your words may be that of privilege.

“Being rich is not good” is a very naive take. Being rich means less stress and more opportunities.


You’re all taking what I said to extremes… and I can understand why, there is no middle ground for a lot of things in this world, including the lower and upper middle class… you either have to be rich or be homeless.

That is essentially what’s wrong with today’s world. There is no middle anything.


Strong disagree. Massively worse health outcomes, food insecurity, lack of opportunity for children due to worse educational opportunities, and less opportunity to be what you want to be instead of simply survive all contribute to make poverty decidedly not “fine.”


Living in a world where you have to grind in order to make a comfortable living is wrong. The picture above just depicts what most of us are lacking in today’s world. And I think everyone feels the consiquences, just can’t pinpoint the problem. The system is the problem. We’re not meant to live like this.


The picture above is 3 beings without jobs living in a cave with handmade furniture.

I am quite certain you can do that without grinding. Problem is, that’s a really shitty way to live in real life. Pooh can’t event afford pants.


You’re taking things way too litelarly in the image. The point is, not everything revolves around money. And there is nothing wrong with hand made furniture, at least they learned a thing or two by making it. It does the job, not everything has to be new and shiny. There is nothing wrong with recycling stuff or putting old things to better/new use.

And cold/hot can’t be depected in an image (it can… to an extent), maybe they just got wet in the rain and are trying to warm themselves up with blankets and a hot tea. That is how people used to warm themselves up, I still do that on a cold day, as I said, there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has to have an AC or a space heater.


Looks like you missed the “as long as people are happy” qualifier…


That bear has an armoire and a fireplace. A cozy blanket for him and all his friends, and enough tea to share. He doesn’t even have fingers! Life is grand.

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You know they are plotting a honey heist, right ?


Assuredly, it will be real sticky situation.


That explains the fur suits


Let’s not lose sight of the important part:

That they’re plotting it together


Conspiring, even.

We need a remake of reservoir dogs, but with Winnie and friends.


The lie is that if you just hustle a little bit more or for a little longer, then you’ll be able to get out of whatever hole you’re in. But really the system is set up like you said to make it a lifestyle.


Exactly, it’s disappointing it’s being normalized.


Amen, and love the username lol


Thanks, it certainly isn’t an fake name.

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