I don’t think any other picture could describe how I am feeling rn better than this one.

Thanks OP

MaxVoltage, avatar

its definitely art it needs a frame


dadaism at the fullest


I hate Mondays

Bishma, (edited ) avatar

The best christmas decoration I’ve ever seen was a house that had a single strand of lights sagging from the corner of their house to a wooden cutout of the Grinch dressed as Santa - like its the last decoration he was stealing. Festive and almost no effort; it doesn’t get better than that.


I feel like my lights look almost like this. I wanted to put something up to look nice but then I realized I can’t be arsed lol.

SpezCanLigmaBalls, avatar

How I handle my daily life in one picture

0x4E4F, avatar

Yep, pretty much me if it wasn’t for my 4 year old 😂.


They don’t care either after the first three days lol.

0x4E4F, avatar

Mhm, noticed that as well 😂.

The decorating part, they love that, makes them feel important, like they contribute to making it homie for Santa 😂.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Literally me if my partner didn’t care so much


Looks like Holiday decorations for the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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