Grandma looks like she’s having the time of her life, tho. Good for her!


Confusing perspective


Oh fuck just reading the word Neckermann takes me back.


Old people like sex too, every few weeks.


Lovecraft’s cat at the top of the picture there.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Grandpa was the 1978 regional Fingerblast champion in Fort Wayne Indiana

Akasazh, avatar

Nah opa be Dutch


1978 provincial fingerblast champion in Utrecht then?

Akasazh, avatar

That works!


Or maybe this fucker’s a tukker and he’s actually the 1978 regional fingerblast champion in Twente 😛

Akasazh, avatar

No from Twente he would be more of a handjob kind of guy: de Tukkerse rukker ;)


Arthritis put an end to his professional career, but he’s been dominating semi-pro, and your Nana, ever since.


What about your nana?


To shreds, you say.


My grandpa never went pro in Fingerblasting, but the guy can untangle christmas lights using only his tongue, so I’m sure she’s fine.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

Candidly, grandpa tells his story:

Back in my day, I could really tear it up. See these bad boys right here?

He blows on two fingers like the barrel of a smoking pistol

Yup, these babies made magic happen. I was the ramminest, jamminest son of a bitch this side of the mighty Mississipp’

A tear wells in his eye, as he recounts the memories. A Finger Blast from the past


“Believe it or not, Your ol’ Pop pop over here could finger fuck a Harley to start on a cold day…”


As someone who lives in Fort Wayne, where is this Fingerblast Championship that you speak of?


Ask your mom, she’s the competition subject.

pancakes, avatar

You can see it written on his face

ininewcrow, avatar

That isn’t grandma in the picture

unreachable, avatar

visually misleading ads placement

“they knew”

Obi, avatar

Yep. Maybe they didn’t plan it this way but they definitely selected that one on purpose. It’s just good marketing, people will go wtf is going on there and read on to find out, also it’s Dutch and they’re not afraid to get dirty with advertising here.

JoMiran, avatar

Grandpa doesn’t need a blue pill to take care of his lady.

wesker, avatar



No doubt, gramps is about that freak shit. He and grams have been swinging and it’s brought new life to their relationship. This is them, on the beach at Hedonism II. If this photo doesn’t spark memories of that eventful week, they’ll always have the VD.


Its all fun and games, until you realize what all those different colored loofahs are for.

MissJinx, avatar

you know as people get older they get freakier.

ivanafterall avatar

It's why nursing homes are absolute dens of iniquity.


It took me way too long to figure out what was actually going on in this picture.


Yeah I thought that was his leg for a while until I realized this was old people porn


It’s the other way around. That is him holding his leg, but it really looks like porn at first glance.



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