wait till all of you realize these memes were started to punish Taylor Swift for the crime of encouraging the youth to vote.

But you keep perpetuating it just like the hard right trolls want you to do.

FlyingSquid, avatar

I assume her dog’s plane has a smaller plane to follow it around to pick up plane poop.


No this is america, you see the missiles that are mounted to the dogs plane? The poop just gets shot to the moon.

pH3ra, avatar

The poop gets shot to Syria



altima_neo, avatar

US as fuck


I like to imagine the jet that’s refueling is making the potion drinking noise from Minecraft

bruhduh, avatar

Noooooooooo where are they taking the lil guy


That’s not a dog, that’s a viper… which makes this a snake under a plane.


I’m sick and tired of those tbh…


I first watched that movie while on a motherfucking plane.

peetabix, avatar

It wasn’t a Monday to Friday plane?


Nah, there’s actually no monkeys for the snakes to fight on those. Monkeys exclusively travel on weekends.


But… It’s under…so it must be an underdog.


that plane is cooler than taylor swifts plane though

OhStopYellingAtMe, avatar

Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker:

  • supported by massive powerful fans (jets)
  • needs an entire staff to operate effectively
  • mostly liquid by volume
  • flies everywhere
  • I’ve been inside one

Taylor Swift:

  • supported by massive powerful fans (swifties)
  • needs an entire staff to operate effectively
  • mostly liquid by volume
  • flies everywhere
  • I’ve never been inside Taylor Swift. :-(

Yup. The Stratotanker is cooler.


Quality list, for real


For a second I was hoping it was gonna be an elaborate humble brag.


Quality shitpost, bravo!


Always time for another swift meme. And if you are late just hop in the jet to catch up!


I would normally be afraid to enjoy Taylor Swift’s Jet™ memes out of fear of being accused of misogyny, but my Swiftie relatives have already accused me of that simply because I don’t like her music. So bring 'em on!

NegativeLookBehind avatar

He got JP-5 all over her new shoes


That’s Jet-A to you!

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