Ok but will he catboy though?

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As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain


Al song 1

Al song 2


God bless that dork who got him to sign MLP merch with “I stole your waifu!”


Lmao. He literally married Ponk.


And they had a baby named Cheese Cake. I can’t even be mad, that’s adorable.


For me it is Jacob Collier - youtu.be/cCl7_tXs80Y

He can play almost any instrument and is versed in many styles.


Came here to say the same. He is brilliant. The MIT songwriting vid really highlights how brilliant he is.



For your consideration - Hans Zimmer.


What? Sketching out a melody then managing your minions so that they orchestrate it before a deadline. Not comparable.

I’d vote for Bret Mckenzie

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The next genius was Frank Zappa obviously


That he was and I think that Captain Beefheart was also a strong contender.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

If only he hadn't thrown a bottle of beer over Zappa's daughter and they hadn't fought about it, we would have had so many amazing collaborationa


Where can I read about that?

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

I've read all the biographies of Zappa I have found. It's in one of those, but can't remember which. It was an unofficial (not authorized) one


I reckon that Don being who he was and Frank being who he was there’d have been an incident at some point anyway. Jimmy Carl Black on the subject: youtu.be/rdZAx5YnwGE?si=E7YHJH-5psNxKyGe&t=1371


Or thrown that guy down a staircase.

Or been that sort of asshole, basically all the time, as a core personality trait.


Hey I love this meme everytime I see it, but I want to point out that that point about growing up in "similar circumstances that nurture their skill’ is contingent upon working musicians being able to afford to raise children. Children that will also need to work.

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think there is a comparable proportion of the population that are working musicians, that earn enough money to support children, but not so much that the children don’t have to learn a trade, as there were in “Enlightenment” Europe where if a person wanted to hear music they had to make it themselves, or pay someone to make it, and every rich asshole had a chamber orchestra following him around.

Also parents don’t teach children their trades the way they used to, and they aren’t expected to support their parent’s businesses the way they used to. (I’m not lamenting this). There used to be a lot of pressure on children to contribute economically. Mozart, and his siblings probably faced what we’d consider child abuse if he didn’t practice. He was certainly exploited.

Michael Jackson is a Mozart of the 20th century. He was put to work at a young age to support his parents and siblings, that were also working musicians.

As much as I love Weird Al (and I do) I don’t think he was groomed and exploited the same way MJ/WM were. Kudos to his parents for that I guess.


Now I’m thinking about Weird Al’s parents and I’m sad.

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Yeah, F1 driver Max Verstappen is in a similar situation. Clearly insanely talented, but probably got there by having a childhood which was pretty fucked up (left at gas station by father in Italy if he lost a karting race, etc.).

Maybe we miss out on a couple of savants without this kind of treatement, but it is a pretty good tradeoff, especially if you think about all the kids that did not make it to the top, and just had a abusive childhood without anything to show for it.


think about all the kids that did not make it to the top, and just had a abusive childhood without anything to show for it.

(…Except trauma to teach to their kids)



Can I be a savant if I was abused (sexually) but never trained? Also, who am I saving?


all the kids that did not make it to the top, and just had a abusive childhood without anything to show for it.

… fuck.


Besides, I think we lose far more amazingly talented people to the grind of poverty more than overt child exploitation. They are one and the same problem, and everyone here speaks as if this stuff only happened in the past or in extreme examples…


The music teacher at my high school always said that Eminem is a musical genius.


I mean he is whatever you say he is (if he isn’t than why would he say he is?)


Also: Timbaland


Certainly a lyrical genius.


Simultaneously, that XKCD calling him “dad music” is damningly accurate, because half his hits were up-to-the-second pop-culture references. Even moreso than Weird Al. You still hear a lot of the hits that Al parodied - he swung high at musical royalty and they laughed with him. But nowadays “The Real Slim Shady” has more dated name-drops and callbacks than Mystery Science Theater. The annotations on Genius must be six Wikipedia articles.


I continue to contend that Weird Al would put on the greatest Superbowl halftime show of all time.


There’s gotta be a way to make this happen

@chemical_cutthroat@lemmy.world avatar

I’d be OK with a National Anthem with an accordion solo.

@Sterile_Technique@lemmy.world avatar

But instead of hours of football, a break for music and commercials, then more hours of football, it should be hours of Weird Al concert, a break to let some jocks throw a ball around for a few mins while he takes a break to grab a drink, pee, etc, and then return for a couple more hours of Weird Al concert.


Eh, you can have both.

Have the Weird Al Concert be in the middle while the football match is happening, have balls and players swarm around the podium while Weird al is singing some parody of a sports song.

I’m sure he can pull that off.


I contend that you’re correct, except that he would put it on for the Puppy Bowl instead (and incorporating the usual kittens into the act, of course).


I hate hockey but I’d tune in for that.


I think if you’re from Asia and particular liking mando/canto pop, you might think someone like Eason Chan is up there.

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