Anti-mod brigading going on within reddit?

I've been seeing a lot of pro-reddit, anti-mod comments, despite tens of thousands of up votes on Reddit blackout posts. Pro-reddit comments also have a ton of gold for some reason.

Is reddit trying to change the narrative towards hating on mods for "ruining everything" before they try and remove them?

FantasticFox, avatar

I don't really care. I don't visit Reddit anymore and don't intend to return.

LegendofDragoon avatar

I'll keep checking the front page of all once or twice a day until Reddit is fun dies, but once that happens, I'm done with Reddit


I enjoy this comment so much. :D

I have also deleted my apps, and unbookmarked the page. I sometimes still mistakenly auto pilot to the website but quickly get off.

FantasticFox, avatar

Yeah, delete your account too.

It's like Cortes burning the ships.

grus avatar

Yeah, delete your account too.

Pro-tip: don't make the same mistake that I did. Before deleting your account use one of those tools to mass-edit all of your comments (forgot what the tool were called tho), replace the text with either a dot or with something like "user has moved on to X social network", the less content reddit has the better. Why? Because fuck em, that's why.

I wish I thought about this before deleting my account


Would fuck u/spez be bad?


It would probably get the comment removed.

GioryJalino avatar

Would these tools still work after the API change?


that's a bold move ! Don't you have any feeling of lost ? I am asking because I am also considering leaving reddit for good.

FantasticFox, avatar

Not really, I started using it in 2008 but it's changed a lot since then. Recently I've just been using it for talking about books and video games.

CMLVI avatar

I'll be keeping mine but using a bot to scrub my comments and changing them to an anti-reddit sentiment.

minorsecond avatar

I changed all my comments to one recommending Lemmy along with instructions on how to choose an instance.


Before deleting your account check your favorite subs to see if there's a poll regarding going on an indefinite blackout. One sub I used to frequent has a poll going this week and I couldn't vote since I deleted my account

kaos95 avatar

I'm mainly keeping an alt account for /r/SQL because for it's sort of a defacto professional repository (also the only place you can ask for and get a sciprt for a bespoke data cleaning on a large relational DB in about 60 minutes).

I do get deleting accounts (and I'm deleting my "main" just commenting account) but some of the accounts have literally irreplaceable info, not just in the tech space, but my god some of the guides for gaming in older games only exist on reddit (like getting a full 50 monuments in the original Guild Wars, or setting up a good build for Bioshock 2). So I'm keeping my "info" accounts for as long as I can, I know it adds value to reddit being assholes, but I feel it adds more value to a stressed out Admin over their head in a bad situation, or some frustrated retro gamer that doesn't want to know the glitch mode that everyone uses right now.


My issue has been that I have too many niche hobbies that either don't have communities on Lemmy/Kbin, or have very small, inactive communities.

garrettw87 avatar

Just be patient, these things take time

CMLVI avatar

You gotta make em. Even if you don't intend to mod them long term, giving the space for discussion is the only first step you can take.

Bakoda avatar

I'm hoping this will improve rather quickly. If they all stay on Reddit, it will be much slower growth though.

daredevil avatar

We have the opportunity to change that, I'm giving it a shot with two magazines atm

Earthbound avatar

I feel the same. Cutting out Twitter a year and a half ago was rough, but Mastodon and Feedly took it's place nicely. I guess that prepared me for Reddit's shenanigans as Kbin has filled the gap without issue.

I may miss out on some things here and there, but I don't feel the need to be "in the know" as much.


I deleted my 3 Reddit accounts last night, one that had over 110k karma. I'm starting to get cosy with Lemmy now, hopefully some refinements and it will be great.

minorsecond avatar

It felt good, right? I nuked mine today after a reddit user was an ass after I agreed with a sub mod on an extended blackout. This place is much cozier and you folks are a lot nicer.


This is the way. Tons of people will stay on Reddit, Reddit will be fine. Just look at Facebook, how long it has lasted and what it has done, etc. Reddit is the new Facebook (platform, not company) and tons of people will be fine sticking with it. That's okay.

The beauty is we have options, and we're working to improve those options.


After June 30th Lemmy is still my new home. I won't browse reddit without Relay Pro.

kaos95 avatar

Just a heads up, looks like Relay pro will still be a thing moving to a sub mode (dev states $2-$3/month)


That's very tempting, but there's no telling if reddit will raise API pricing going forward, or add more restrictions to 3rd party apps. Their community has gone to shit anyway. Better to just pull the plug entirely and start anew.

FantasticFox, avatar

I used Apollo, and after the way they treated the creator, there's no way I would use Reddit again.


Apollo was an outstanding app. Easily my most used when I had an iPhone. The fact that it's been killed by Reddit is absolutely shameful imo.

CMLVI avatar

I have Boost (paid), Relay (paid), BaconReader (paid) and at one point, Apollo (paid).

I loathe the official app and ads, I won't be back either. I have a special amount of contempt for the Reddit app even prior to this event.

atocci avatar

I really liked Reddit Sync and I've never used the official app before. The way I see it, if I'm going to be forced to make a change anyway, I might as well leave Reddit altogether for something new.


Remember that in an interview, they mentioned that they used fake accounts early on to control the discourse on Reddit.

Not saying I have any proof they are doing that now, but it does show what they are willing to do to control the platform.

BeHereNow avatar

They are fighting for their life (whether they admit it, or just think they're minimizing the amount of damage to their ipo) and they have expansive resources. Surely they're doing all they can to limit the leak, likely many things we have no idea about.

We won't have any idea of how huge the impact is on reddit.

But we already know what it's doing for the Fediverse.


There are always people who think of themselves as relating to the service that they use, and not the people that make the service run.

It's the same mentality as yelling at the minimum wage cashier because the price of milk went up.

Kichae, (edited )

Accounts with a ton of gold complaining about mod actions that impact the service they're paying for isn't all that surprising. I think you may just be seeing selection bias in action.


The issue with something the sheer size of reddit or facebook is that whatever your stance, you can be absolutely deluged with thousands of people who feel the same. Everything is just way too big for anyone to be exposed to all of it and get a fair assessment of the stance - ultimately we now rely on algorithms and karma systems and other things to do that filtering for us, and these systems all have their inherent flaws.

Accept that in any system large enough, you will never get a fair assessment of what the majority of people think. And even if you could, what would it matter? Each half of a divisive issue that splits reddit is big enough to go and make its own system, which would still be so big you'd not be able to tell the difference from the original.


I suspect there's also sampling bias. The types who are still using reddit are not the same who were heavily in support of the blackouts.


Those that stay probably weren't aware of what they were missing out on.

Hoping that those that leave find themselves a cozy place here on Lemmy.

CMLVI avatar

Or kbin! Or Fedia! Or any of the platforms. That's the beauty, they're all correct choices and (to an extent) all open to any user.

Crackhappy, avatar

I wonder how much will change with so many long time active users leaving Reddit. I've been very active for 15 years on Reddit, deleted thousands of posts and even more comments and won't be returning. I know there are a lot of people like me who are finally done with the site. Is it just going to go more downhill than it already has?


I think it'll be a slow decay. I'm in the same category of long time user that deleted their history and isn't going back. Reddit has lost a lot of accounts like ours.

In the short run Reddit has already lost a lot of its 'cultural history and identity' (sounds dumb I know but I think the terms apply). There were a ton of 'inside jokes' and reddit history references that made it feel like a broad community and there's probably not going to be a critical mass of users that perpetuate that feeling much longer.

In the longer term the loss of personal mod and active user investment in their subs will start to show. Subs will be poorly curated and become dominated by whoever is loudest and angriest. Reddit was fun because it had a huge amount of engagement on any topic, but that was tempered by the ability to find subs with active moderation on topics you cared about. Now they're going to have to deal with all that desire for engagement but with nothing to keep it on the rails, which will mean the engagement will only remain desirable for those that don't want rails. But once they get their way they'll get bored too because they'll only have their own anger to engage with.


The loss of users is already beginning to show, depending on the community. I had some LifeProTips and other useful threads saved and was trying to archive them for myself yesterday, and several had either the original post or the highest-upvoted parent comment outright deleted.


There did seem to be a distinct air of smugness/"I told you so" in quite a few of the blackout or future-related comment sections I was in. Whether they're shills or just being cynical/butthurt for losing out on two days worth of Internet points and argument time, I have no idea.

wr4th4 avatar

who cares about that toxic place? be free of it brother.


I wouldn't be surprised if Reddit was astroturfing it's on shit on its own shit. Probably ends up as a slide in their next investor meeting as a way to 'steer the narrative'.

This comment is in jest.

Bloonface avatar

There's a lot of people who just resent the idea of mods in general because they feel affronted that they can't just spray their shitposts wherever they feel like and/or object to the idea of the Internet having any kind of quality bar. They're mainly just reacting to it with a "if the mods are for it, I'm against it" mentality.

But yeah, also, the people who didn't leave for the blackout are more likely than not to side with Reddit, or actually like the Reddit app and not care about the fuss.

Also also, there's a vast majority of people who consider this whole brouhaha to be nerd shit and don't care.

JelloBrains avatar

I'm not surprised, a lot of people that are unhappy have left, at least temporarily, and that means those that don't think it's a big deal are able to come out in the open.

I've also noticed that several of the "Should we remain restricted/private or reopen" polls are going towards open.


The people left on reddit are inherently anti-collective-bargaining. This protest inconveniences them, with no idea or care why it's happening in the first place. So they stamp their feet and scream about it.

dominoko avatar

There has always been a disconnect between who upvotes and who comments. It is not unusual to see a highly upvoted post filled with negative commenters. The "vocal minority" if you will.
I think it is also likely that the blackout supports are still in blackout. I sure am.

Calcharger avatar

I have to say that the content on Reddit seems low effort and uninteresting as of late.

Let them feast on it if they want. I feel like there is more potential over here

Harlan_Cloverseed avatar

Of course they are. It's money.

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