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JoMiran, in Nearly 30% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, national survey finds avatar

I’m fifty. I have known that I am bi since childhood. I lost my virginity with a man a year before I ever had sex with a woman. I can count the friends and family that know I am bi in one hand and I would still not drop the chopstick.

Gen-Z isn’t more queer. Gen-Z just has had the privileged of fearing the closet door less.

The fight against bigotry and homophobia has been slow, long, and arduous, but the progress is undeniable. That’s why you see so much push back now. Some snowflakes quickly melt without the safetynet of their bigoted gender norms.


Agreed. I would add that that this applies to self-reflection, too. As social pressure reduces people are more likely to be more open minded and become aware of, or admit to themselves, their own same-sex attractions.

So there is coming out to your friends &family, but also there is coming out to yourself.


Absolutely. Older conservatives will tell you that young people are being manipulated into believing they are queer when they are just less afraid to admit that they are. I expect this percentage to keep rising as more bigots die out and eventually plateau in another generation or two.

While I don’t expect bi sexualities to become more common than straight, I do think it will become common enough that the stigma will eventually nearly disappear. There’s a reason my parents don’t know I’m bi but I’ve never felt afraid to tell a gen z person that I am.

Zworf, (edited )

Especially for women I found that most women I hang out with are kinda bi-oriented and have had sex with a woman at least once and liked it. It’s really the majority. For men it’s a bit more of a taboo still. Personally I don’t find men attractive as such but penises as such don’t put me off. It’s not about the genitals, it’s more their faces and behaviour that just doesn’t attract me. If the guy is a bit feminine/queer and I like them I’m sure I would end up doing something 😆 (though I haven’t as of yet). So I’d put myself down as heteroflexible.

Now, I have to say that the people I hang out with are mostly in the kinky and swinger community so they are definitely not “normal” 🤭 and neither am I obviously. But as far as I can tell the amount of bi oriented people is indeed way way higher than the 10% we’ve always been told. I think it’s a spectrum even and not many people are on the absolute edge of it.

But most of the people I hang out with are not in the Gen Z age range but a lot older. It’s not just Gen Z’s that are becoming more open about sex. But one thing I really like is that the taboos are dropping. I can openly talk about these things with all of my friends. I always hated that taboo about talking about sex with people you’re not intimate with.

BadEngineering, in Jessica Watkins (mtf) sentenced to 8 years in a men's prison for Jan 6 involvement

As little sympathy as I normally hold for any Jan 6 rioters, it is downright cruel to house her in a male prison. From what I've been able to suss out, she has been transitioned since at least 2004 when she did her legal name change. This is a person who has fully transitioned and been living as a woman for nearly 2 decades. Even though she is a traitorous piece of crap she deserves fair punishment under the law. To me, being a woman put into a male prison population should be considered cruel and unusual.

scrubbles, (edited ) avatar

I’m conflicted. I completely agree with you and all of your points, and I don’t want to set a precedent like this.

But she did vote and advocate for the party that wants to keep misgendering her too…

Edit: I know folks, I agree with you all, we shouldn’t encourage this. The schadenfreude is sweet, but Ultimately it’s a bad thing. We should treat even the people who are against us with the respect we ask for

livus avatar

Personally the way I see it is people like that don't get to dictate our standards.

I'm against rape and murder. I'm not going to murder murderers, or rape rapists, or deny human rights to human rights deniers. I don't go round mutilating people who self harm either.

Her misguided beliefs are not relevant to our treatment of her human rights.


And agreeing with her would be a mistake.

UngodlyAudrey, avatar

Honestly, how I feel about it is this: I am a woman. No matter what, I am a woman. My gender identity isn’t something that can just be taken away, even if I do something awful. She’s absolutely a massive piece of shit. But she is still a woman, and should be treated like one.


What she voted for is completely independent of what society should be doing. The whole point is that her worldview is fucked and we do not want that worldview informing policy. So celebrating her getting her comeuppance is really just the same revenge fantasy that regressives push in lieu of actual policy.

She's very likely going to be sexually assaulted and scarred for life, and I personally feel like this is unacceptable, even if it's a leopard-eating-face moment.


Im not going to lose my sleep for something happening to someone that is electing people that want to take LGBTQ rights away. I agree that she should be in a women’s prision. I am in no way celebrating what’s happening to her, but she elected her own destiny.


I look at it this way: we reveal ourselves by how we treat our helpless opponents.

Perfectly normal to have the emotional response of ‘serves her right.’ The better person has to stop, set the emotion aside, and ask whether the treatment fits their moral framework. If you can’t articulate why a transgendered friend, convicted of some crime, should be cross-housed, then this woman probably shouldn’t be, either.

Feeling conflicted is good - it’s your rational brain fighting with your emotional brain and winning.


We (LGBTQ) cant keep tolerating intolerance, or else we are going to end up without rights.

“We have to be the better person”, “We reveal ourselves by how we treat our helpless opponents”, etc… until we end up shot dead like that woman that put up the rainbow flag.

Fuck that.

DessertStorms avatar

Tolerating intolerance would be accepting that transgender people get put in the wrong prison.

It's literally tolerating intolerance.

Doing it because the person in question happens to be a piece of shit, doesn't make it any less tolerating of intolerance or somehow cancels it out.


Having her serve her sentence in the appropriate prison isn't tolerating intolerance. She will still be convicted and be in prison for the duration of her sentence.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

Imprisoning people in the correct facility is not "tolerating intolerance", so I'm genuinely very confused how you think that's relevant.


When her killer walks free, you can riot. I’m not asking for tolerance of intolerance; I’m asking you to treat humans like humans or to justify housing Chelsea Manning or Reality Winner in a men’s prison.


we can have some sympathy. but at the same time im not gonna lose any sleep over this. what did this person think would happen to lgbtq+ people if trumps coup succeeded? republicans have shown for a long time who they are towards the lgbtq+ community. they've been specifically targeting transgender people since, at the latest, 2016 with all the bathroom crap.

should she be in a womens prison, yes. but when you side with those that would put other transgender people in the wrong prison its hard to have much sympathy or empathy. its better to go high when they go low, sometimes you just need to kick them in the mouth when they go low. and this person is currently getting kicked in the mouth.


It doesn’t require any sympathy or empathy, nor does it require any level of siding with her.

Either one believes that trans people should be treated equally before the law, or one does not. Ditto every other category of person. It is possible to have prisons which contain prisoners without exposing them to actual harm, and this should be true in every prison for every prisoner, no matter how heinous their actions.

So though women’s prisons in the US are hardly free from both sexual and transphobic violence, nor men’s prisons safe environments for male prisoners, sending a woman to a men’s prison automatically makes her sentence far more onerous than that of her fellow insurrectionists found guilty of a similar level of behaviour but who are sent to prisons which match their gender. Remember; all of them are at least as supportive as she is of a party which endangers trans people.


should she be in a women's prison, yes.

dreadgoat avatar

Nobody's asking you to forgive her for what she's done, we're just saying that when your enemies are being raped and tortured, perhaps it would be good for you to say "hmm, can we achieve justice without all the rape and torture maybe?"

dingus, (edited ) avatar

Truth. As much as I’d like to see these people have some epiphany moment of realizing how wrong they were to back people who would turn on them, they won’t. They deserve the better world we want for them, even if they are too much of a cantankerous bastard to ever be thankful for it.

We need a better society that snuffs out such hateful movements before they capture vulnerable people. Because that is what these type of groups (read: cults) operate on, finding vulnerable, lonely people who need to feel like they are part of a group and need to feel like they have a purpose. They offer those things to the lost and broken, even when they know they will turn their own knives back on those they recruit, when the time comes. As we saw with COVID, even facing death won’t make them learn they backed the wrong horse, with many of them saying COVID was a hoax until their own rasping, COVID-infected dying breath.

As cathartic letting those who get sucked into these cults suffer the punishment of their own hubris feels, they will learn nothing from it. Better to create a better world around their crappy selves.


I have no sympathy for people that are electing people that want to take rights away from LGBTQ. I have had enough. Wish you all thought the same. Maybe when you are shot dead for having a rainbow flag in your door you will think the same.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

No one's asking you to have sympathy. You're being asked to ignore that base part of our monkey brains that delights in hurting the people we feel deserve it for its own sake when we're talking about how to design fair and equitable systems of justice.

dingus, avatar

I have no sympathy for them either, but this isn’t a genetics or upbringing thing, new broken people and new manipulative people will always be with us. There is no way to sever them from society other than resorting to the same authoritarian tactics that they use (such as murder), so it is much better to create a better society that makes their complaints about it seem as loony as they actually are. As long as there are broken people to prey on, there will be new manipulators who follow the script. For example, Donald Trump isn’t actually smart enough to understand he’s playing the fascist playbook, he knows it as the mob boss playbook combined with a life in which he has faced no punishment, so it stands to reason he really believes he deserves no punishment for anything he has done. He knows he did them, and just thinks they don’t count as criminal acts because he did them, and he is special. A lot of his choices have more to do with his own narcissism than they have to do with genuine fascism, they just end up appearing the same. His fascist followers and enablers, on the other hand…

We can not have sympathy for them while also advocating for better prison conditions in which to lock them up. They still did wrong, they violated their own community, no less, but us resorting to their tactics means we’ve lost the plot, because removing our enemies from society will not suddenly make society better (or stop new people from doing the same things). We need to minimize the damage they can do, absolutely, but that can and should be done without resorting to outright removal from society. Rehabilitation may be impossible, but it should still be the goal.


There is unfortunately nothing unusual about prisoners being raped. That’s a problem bigger than just Watkins, and the vast majority of America seems to be completely okay with it. Makes me sick.

luciole, in Billie Eilish lost 100k followers after coming out avatar

She has 110 millions insta followers. 100,000 represent a 0.1% loss. I wish only 0.1% of the population were homophobic.

frog, in Dave Chappelle’s Obsession With Mocking Trans People Continues in New Netflix Special ‘The Dreamer’: ‘I Love Punching Down’

It’s always helpful to remember that it’s not how someone treats their equals that tells you who they are. It’s how they treat those who are weaker than them. Bragging about how he loves punching down is like bragging about being a bully: Chappelle might think it makes him look cool, but it simply makes him look pathetic.


Also, whether they put their cart away at the grocery store.


Yep, definitely agree with you there!


One of the pitfalls of creating pithy terms for nuanced concepts is that people will turn them on their head. To wit, whoever coined the ‘punching’ nomenclature did more punching than anyone.

whiskeypickle, in International chess federation FIDE: a trans woman "has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women" avatar

as no logical sense can possibly be made of this, the only rational conclusion is:

cruelty is the point.

bitsplease, in “Cis is a heterosexual slur” Tweets Elon Musk, Who Halved Twitter’s Value — Assigned

I for one am 100% in favor of forever adding “who halved the value of Twitter” after every mention of Elmos name lol


Is it even worth half what it was before? It’s probably better to say something less specific, like “tanked”, so it stays accurate.


That figure is based off of a recent internal valuation that was made public because it kind of had to be, because Twitter now pays employees partly in equity (I’d rather take monopoly money, but I digress lol).

So basically that’s the number Elon himself admits the company is worth today - some people say less, but honestly it’s impossible to pin an exact number on these things unless someone is actually offering to buy it (or if it’s public and you can just look at the market cap)

sludge, in City council removes plus sign from LGBTQ+ Pride proclamation after deciding it promotes BDSM avatar

“Until the age of 18, I believe you belong to your parents,” this is a disgusting view.


People who hold this view: “Why don’t my children talk to me anymore?”

dumples avatar

This is the start of the idea that a man owns this wife and the rest of his family. This is just the start of the domination and control for hierarchial power. Keep this in mind for all the talk about school choice


More like a reactionary return to than the the start of.

jarfil, (edited )

In a world where every man is a rapist, and every woman is incapable of fending for herself… “protection”, control, hierarchical power, are just pieces that fall into place by themselves.

Once inequality gets entrenched as a fact, nothing good can come out of it.

chuso, avatar
UngodlyAudrey, in You can be banned from for calling out transphobia avatar

I’m locking this thread, as I can envision this going south very quickly. Remember to be(e) nice.

I want to keep this space as one where people can be free to vent. That being said, I’m honestly kind of loath to encourage fedi drama from other instances leaking over here. I’m not saying you can’t vent about other instances, but I don’t intend for this to become Subreddit Drama.

Anyway, OP, after reading through everything, you’re coming off as needlessly hostile. I don’t think that’s how you meant to be, but that’s what you appear to be. If you see someone who mentions that they don’t have it in them to follow politics, you shouldn’t be pushing back on that unless it’s clear they’re doing so in bad faith. As someone who does follow politics, it can get depressing. It can be bleak. And it can get overwhelming. If you are able to power through that, great! It helps. But not everybody can read about how the right is planning to genocide us. I guarantee that there are trans people who have taken their own lives over this. I guarantee it. Your demand that people refrain from saying they don’t follow politics is deeply, deeply misguiding. It isn’t your place to determine what people can and can’t do. And that’s exactly what you sound like. Also, it looks like you got banned for a flippant, ableist comment. Suffice it to say that I won’t tolerate that here. Be(e) nice.

chumbalumber, (edited ) in Happy New Year


oops, all terf 😬


Is that a reference to something? I’m not familiar, should I be aware of this?

chumbalumber, (edited )

tw: mild transphobia, JK Rowling

On a podcast, Rowling defined the word ‘woman’ as the ‘producer of the large gametes’ (large gametes referring to The Egg), which is obvs terfy as it’s attempting to reduce the category of ‘woman’ to the ability to produce eggs.

‘large gamete producer’ has since been taken up by terfs as a transphobic dogwhistle.

I had a mild hope it’d be an ironic username, but checked their Tumblr and the first post is digging up someone’s dead name, so yikes.

princessnorah, avatar

Was their comment in the image above not enough proof it wasn’t ironic? “Queer is a slur” is also a transphobic dogwhistle. TERFs manufactured that ‘controversy’ to sow discord in the wider community, as it’s a term that can be used to encompass a diverse array of identities and sexualities. Community groups and activists spent the 80s & 90s reclaiming that term. Groups like Queer Nation who were founded in 1990 and coined the slogan “We’re here, We’re Queer, Get used to it!”. TERFs have been trying to un-reclaim it on tumblr since like 2010.

Edit: This essay on the history of the term is really good: …


I’m aware of the dogwhistle. At the same time, you do get a number of well-meaning young tumblrites getting swayed by terf talking points if they have only a surface-level understanding of the issues. People are complicated, and may be well read enough (see: have watched enough YouTubers) to know about the whole JK Rowling fiasco, but not enough to have a thorough understanding of all queer issues.

It’s an interesting article though; thank you for sharing!

princessnorah, avatar

That’s fair, I’m sorry if I came off standoffish. I’ve been a long-time defender of the term Queer on the internet and can be a little trigger-happy at times. Thank you for your service in verifying TERF activity 🫡


Valid; it’s often hard to convey tone across the internet, and what would be a quick clarification in person can easily be misconstrued. Thank you for your service in actively promoting a better understanding of queer history o7


I appreciated the person giving an explanation. I don’t closely follow developments in the LGBTQ+ community, but try to evolve with the language to be inclusive. I assumed the person making the statement about queer being a slur was pursuing some agenda, but I didn’t understand the context. When you are trying to learn from what you observe to be inclusive, but are presented with conflict around a word it can be confusing without a thorough explanation.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Which explains why they hate "Queer"; it's inclusive.


Hm. Saw the name, but didn’t make that connection. Thanks for pointing that out.

midnight, in Billie Eilish lost 100k followers after coming out
midnight avatar

How is it news that she lost less than 0.1% of her followers?


I kinda thought something similar, but in a way I think there’s some value in observing homophobia in a community.


Yes, but it’s just not statistically significant. Unless we see longer-term trends of her follow count, this could easily be a random fluctuation, bot crackdown, etc.

BigMcLargeHuge, avatar

@TheAlbatross @midnight

I don't expect a lot of Ellish fans to be homophobic. Entirely not the vibe of her and her music.

I tend to agree with a bot crackdown being the culprit for a lot of them.

Bitrot, avatar

It would be neat if there were context, like if other artists had any similar drops. That popular accounts get a ton of bots isn’t that interesting.


I’m encouraged that the percentage was that low.


The percentage was low, but 100k people is still a lot of people.


Probably a lot of them were bots


Why would a bot unfollow because someone is coming out as lesbian?

Mars, avatar

Correlation != causation.

That because is doing some heavy lifting


The post itself implies causation. Also why would a bot unfollow at all?


It sure does. Is that a founded assumption? Or click bait?

Mars, avatar

Bots are routinely rounded up and banned. A lost follower is not necessarily an unfollow.

The article is reaching for a narrative. The lady they talk about has done other things in this period of time. Other stuff has happened. The change in followers is minuscule in relation to the magnitude, so it could be noise.

It could be homophobia obviously. It could be some controversy about unfortunate body image declarations. It could be noise. It could be the war on Middle East and a round of banned bots. It could be too much time since the last record. She could be losing the spotlight. The social network could be purging deleted accounts.

The reason “homophobia” is a guess. The reason “bots” is another. None invalidates the other because in both cases you have to make assumptions about the motives of 100.000 entities.

Also could be 5.100.000 followers lost and 5mil gained. The article talks about the delta, but there is not a reliable analysis about the composition of the following and its change over the last months, except one simple number.

loobkoob avatar

So am I!

However, I can't say I listen to or follow Billie Eilish - I only found out about her coming out from reading this, in fact - but even as someone who's just mildly aware of her, I will say I've never assumed her to be straight. My gaydar's probably better tuned than the average person's but even so, I feel like her being some flavour of queer was fairly obvious and I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's influenced / shaped the kind of audience she has.

Unfortunately, I suspect an artist who's less obviously queer would lose a larger following for coming out. But yes, Billie Eilish only losing 100K followers is really encouraging still!


Yeah the real news in this story is that there existed people on planet Earth who thought Billie Eilish was straight.

scrubbles, in Supreme Court prepares to kill same sex marriage in America avatar

God I’m tired of this backwards ass country. His entire argument is “Christian snowflakes got their feelings hurt when they were called bigots for being against gay marriage”.

Maybe because they were bigots for being against gay marriage?

Sorry their feelings got hurt, so this entire group of people can’t have rights anymore.

agegamon, (edited )

Personally I am increasingly uncomfortable feeling the “need” to apologize to regressive people about feeling hurt or insulted. They are entirely responsible for their actions.

They are also not sorry that they are pushing the majority of people (women, LGBTQ+, basically anything non-cis-white-men) into a second class or even subhuman status.

I realize that most people are only open to changing themselves when their feelings are not threatened and when they’re feeling understood. But what we’re talking about here, I don’t know the right word, but “accidental” or “unintentional” are not part of it. If regressive leaders like trump or desantis or whoever get elected then we’re talking about borderline genocide done on purpose. I don’t see how we can come back to acknowledging the feelings of bigots at that point.

scrubbles, avatar

This country gets more frustrating when you realize that most of the issues we face right now are (at their root) because most americans have no ability to self reflect on themselves.

Why do I hate X people? Why am I afraid of this? Should I be afraid of this? Why do I feel like I should trust this person instead of that person? Why does this person’s views make me uncomfortable. …why do I feel like I need to have the biggest truck?

If Americans could self reflect on any of those we would be a very different country.

agegamon, (edited )


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  • scrubbles, avatar

    Yeah when most religion and deeply held beliefs fall apart real quick when the reason for why they’re held is “because my parents believed it”. Younger generations who are still republican usually start to realize they aren’t when asked “why are you republican” and all they can do is spout stuff their parents say. Which is why the best way to help counter their beliefs isn’t to say “it’s stupid” or “you’re wrong”, but to instead keep asking questions. “Why do you think that?” “Why do you think marriage should only be between a man and a woman?” “Why do you believe the bible claims that?” Keep asking whys and maybe they’ll start thinking


    Yes, the Socratic method


    Yeah, fuck ‘em. Don’t apologize.

    In addition to what you’ve mentioned, don’t forget it’s the same groups of people who want to give guns more rights than women/people of color/LGBTQ+. After reading things like this… you realize you shouldn’t be apologizing because these people don’t give a shit.


    Personally I am increasingly uncomfortable feeling the “need” to apologize to regressive people about feeling hurt or insulted. They are entirely responsible for their actions.

    The “I’m so sorry your feelings are hurt” non-apology is always an option. It sounds like an apology, but it basically means “I’m sorry you suck” rather than apologising for doing something wrong. In most contexts, it’s an asshole thing to do because it’s a refusal to acknowledge that someone has a good reason to be hurt. When dealing with bigots, “I’m sorry you suck” is perhaps the most appropriate response.

    raccoona_nongrata, avatar

    Yes, the only conclusion I keep coming back to is that the Supreme Court as an institution is a fundementally flawed and anti-democratic one that needs total reform to avoid it ultimately destroying our democracy.

    In the meantime, packing the courts needs to be made the issue for democratic voters. It should be a must for any candidate to support it.

    scrubbles, avatar

    I think it more proves that no matter what founding fathers or any noble people come up with, there will always be people who corrupt those noble goals and twist them. Supreme Court was supposed to be uncorruptible. They get their position for life so they never have to worry about reelections, just do what is right for the country.

    Founding fathers never thought the nominations would be bastardized around elections, or that bribery would sway judges so high up. Power always corrupts

    drwho, avatar

    “Gaining power never makes people become better people.” –Asher Elijah


    Interestingly the supreme Court has always been super political, dating back to the early 1800s when they were just some dudes riding horses around the country to make appeals decisions and then meeting in some random building in New York.

    Check out the way, especially early on, Congress would pack the courts and cut seats when they didn’t politically align with presidents. They did this because the court was making partisan political decisions and they didn’t want the president to be able to dictate who was making those political decisions.

    Or in the early 1810s when the court mysteriously started supporting business interests in pretty blatant ways.

    The way they differ today is that they have more sway (sometimes people would just ignore rulings) and there’s no legislation being done by Congress to actually shape law, so the supreme Court is doing all the legislating for them.

    Look up the Throughline podcast from NPR if you’re a podcast person, they have done a couple very potable episodes on the supreme court. One on how they came to be this way, and the other on the shadow docket (which is integral to how they came to be this way).

    JoMiran, in Dave Chappelle’s Obsession With Mocking Trans People Continues in New Netflix Special ‘The Dreamer’: ‘I Love Punching Down’ avatar

    The real sad story here is what’s not spelled out. Chappelle keeps ‘punching down’ at trans people, and Netflix keeps throwing buckets of money at him. Why? Because people, lots of people, love to watch Dave Chappelle mock the trans community. Netflix does not do anything that doesn’t comply with their algorithm and statistics. It is a cold blooded, by the numbers company. Which means that they have the receipts to prove that their continued support of the very expensive Dave Chappele is worth it. That’s the sad truth and it bums me out.


    I’m rephrasing a quote from a user I saw last week but basically Netflix corp made a conscious decision, Transphobic money is worth it to them.

    I haven’t set up a media server in a long time but I can’t keep blinding supporting this shit out of convenience.

    Omega_Haxors, (edited )

    It’s been my experience that bigoted companies don’t do it for the money, they do it for ideological reasons. Hate loses you more than it gains. It’s hard to come to grips with if you have even the littlest bit of faith in humanity, but the megarich universally support this kind of thing.

    JizzmasterD, (edited )

    Definitely a cold-blooded number company/decision. As much as there are a gross number of people that want to watch him make fun of his impressions of trans people, I’m sure there are more “accident rubber-neckers” watching to see if the show is as terrible/great as promoted. Unfortunately, they’re all views that lead to the same thing, cha-ching.

    Edit: impressions 🥲


    while you seem to believe dave chappelle is solely to blame for his jokes about the trans community, you must understand the complexities surrounding this issue. before we begin discussing whether or not it’s fair for him to “punch down,” let us first acknowledge the fact that as a black comedian, he cannot possibly perpetuate discrimination due to being part of an underrepresented minority himself.

    the reality is that chappelle, like any other stand-up comic, relies on material that resonates with audiences. since he began exploring this topic, it has evidently been a crowd favorite, resulting in netflix supporting his actions. despite feeling disheartened by this, one must respect freedom of speech and artistic expression.

    additionally, it’s crucial to recognize that black individuals, including chappelle, face systemic racism, oppression, and injustice daily. many argue that humor is a tool used by marginalized communities to cope with adversity. while the subject matter may appear insensitive to some, context and history should be considered when judging the appropriateness of these jokes.

    in conclusion, while your intentions to expose the underlying reasons behind netflix’s support may have been noble, the notion that black people can discriminate is steeped in ignorance. rather than labeling someone as a villain in this situation, perhaps the focus should shift towards encouraging open discussions surrounding race, gender identity, and comedy.


    the notion that black people can discriminate is steeped in ignorance


    ryan, in “Cis is a heterosexual slur” Tweets Elon Musk, Who Halved Twitter’s Value — Assigned

    A useful rebuttal in LGBTQ Nation explained why “cis is a slur” is total bullshit: People who say that cis is a slur don’t offer an alternative term to use that is non-offensive. Because they don’t offer alternative inoffensive terminology, as there is with all other slurs, it’s clear it’s not the word cis they’re objecting to, but the existence of any words to describe the fact that some people are transgender, and some people aren’t.

    If you were to ask one of these morons, I bet they'd say that the alternative non-offensive term is "normal". "Normal" is a safe and reassuring blanket that tells them that they don't have to change, that they're in the right, and that all these other people are abnormal deviants.

    The other portion of it is that they themselves didn't choose the name "cis" and so they feel as if they are being labeled, and labeling is what they do to others to subjugate and humiliate them as abnormal, so that's how they feel now that they are the ones being labeled.

    raccoona_nongrata, avatar

    I guess the response to that is “So since most people in the world have brown eyes, we shouldn’t describe them as them brown-eyed because that’s offensive, we should call them normal”

    It highlights how absurd the argument is, which I think is a better route than trying to convince those kinds of people why “normal” for cis people is by default stigmatizing to trans people. They won’t really care about that angle, stigmatization is the whole point.

    PupBiru avatar

    asia has the highest population in the world and i guarantee a lot of these people are also racist


    Ironically (and bafflingly), many people in Asia are racist towards each other.


    Yep that’s exactly what they do.

    “I’m not ‘cis’ I’m normal


    “I’m male, you don’t need any other term.”

    They don’t like the idea of the term cisgender because it implies that there’s another option, and they don’t believe there is. So why define a disparity where none exists?

    There’s no logical argument that can alter their perception

    Sharkwellington, (edited ) in City council removes plus sign from LGBTQ+ Pride proclamation after deciding it promotes BDSM

    Can we please move past this puritanical fear of the existence of sexual acts between consenting adults?

    Edited to add:

    Stewart added, “I personally don’t feel comfortable with the plus category only because I don’t understand it and I have never gotten a clear answer.”

    I doubt this person has ever had an honest conversation on the subject. Aside from that, “I don’t understand this” is not an excuse to vote against something, either bring in someone to explain it to you or abstain from voting because you aren’t qualified.


    I don’t understand how gears work and never got a clear answer either.

    Thelsim, (edited )

    I’m really resisting the urge to post a question on !asklemmy on your behalf :)
    I’m sorry for writing this, reading back I feel it’s in bad taste. Sorry, again.


    Nobody understands how magnets work either, we should ban those too.



    I think the second one involved physical pumping your rubber body to make your blood circulate faster? Each one is fairly unique tho?


    Better ban 'em.

    None of this newfangled machinery to enter our lives. Toil & the Lord shall provide!


    “Never got a clear answer” is just code for them admitting they never cared enough to understand


    Yep, in my experience “I don’t understand this” means “I don’t want to understand this.”


    At least when "I don't understand this" is used as an excuse to for things like this.

    There are times where I feel like I don't understand things, maybe partly because I'm probably autistic and probably deal with dpdr. I'm still not confident in my understanding of sexual attraction. Gender is still a mystery to me and I consider myself under the trans umbrella and spend a lot of time in trans communities, so it's not from a lack of trying. Emotions(?) like pain and hunger also confuse me (at least one person has told me they're not emotions, but for me there seems to often be a disconnect between the stimuli and my brain's reaction to them so I'm often not sure how to answer when someone asks if im hungry or if something hurts because im not sure how my experience map to their words). But I don't use my lack of understanding to tell others they should not take pain pills, for example.


    “Never got a straight answer” would have been perfect.

    sculd, in Popular gay YouTuber deletes online presence after video accuses him of rampant plagiarism

    When Hbomberguy goes after you, you know you are in big trouble.

    I still can’t believe I watched a “3 hour” video essay on plagiarism and its worth every minute.


    I'm so out of the loop I have no idea who any of these people are or why I should care. Or if I should. What is even going on?


    Essentially, Hbomberguy dug up every skeleton on this guy's closet and went to town on them, identifying and tracking down most, if not all of the original authors of the works this fucker plagiarized. And the internet blew the video sky high, which made a lot of eyes turn to this guy's actions, in the wrong way (for him).


    You should care if you follow any YouTube creators. It is the biggest topic right now on YouTube. Everyone is affected because lazy creators and content farms stealing other people’s work is such a big problem on YouTube.


    “any YouTube creator” is a stretch. The video called out a few people, and I can imagine that quite a few more vlog style YouTubers are guilty of it. But the vast majority of channels I follow either properly cite their sources or don’t need to, because they present original work.

    JowlesMcGee avatar

    Hbomberguy is a popular YouTuber who recently released a video on plagiarism on YouTube. You can watch it here. I haven't watched it myself yet, but I'm assuming the person in the article is someone he calls out in his video


    Like half of the video is about this douche, he's the post-reveal topic if your familiar with hbomb's style


    I also didn’t know the guy. This is the first video, nay movie I watched of him. Found it randomly in Nebula. And somehow was lured in to watch the whole 3 hours.


    Definitely watch his OOF.mp3 video if you liked the style, it was last year’s release


    Harris Bomberguy makes very very long videos about games and politics. His newest video is 3 hours 50 minutes and he talked about plagiarism. He also THOROUGHLY ruined the reputations of a bunch of plagiarists, particularly James Somerton, a gay man who steals his video scripts from other gay people. Somerton is now gone from the internet, but none of his videos are, because they were all stolen


    So basically, James Somerton stole literally all of his content from other queer creators while positioning himself as the de-facto queer creator to support. And by “all his content”, it really means all his content. Every. Single. Thought. Was plagiarized from someone else’s writing. And the extremely few that didn’t revealed that James Somerton is a crazy misogynist Nazi-loving lesbophobic transphobe.

    Basically, he’s a massive piece of shit who’s comically evil to a mind-numbing degree.


    I’m usually not into social media drama but I did watch the video. It’s set up in a way so you don’t have to know any of the people mentioned and don’t really have to care about the people mentioned afterwards either. It does take a really close look into modern plagiarism, specifically through YouTube and video essays. I thought the way all the information was really well presented.

    Hbomberguy starts off with an example of a plagiarist who responded poorly to his accusations. This was a set up for the following examples and call outs of plagiarists which further explored the various reactions and attempts at damage control to preserve a creators reputation. That was the main focus for the first half of the video. The second half then focuses on James Somerset which others have already explained in this thread. What I found interesting was how James Somerset was very much a culmination of all the prior examples. Yet he was able to navigate his way around the accusations while continuing to profit off other peoples honest work. The fact that James Somerset is removing himself from the internet shows how thorough Hbomberguy was in documenting the plagiarism.

    The video also touches on a things like Content Mills and AI Generative Art which still falls under the topic of plagiarism.

    I’m not an artist or creator in any capacity, I just found the video interesting. Especially how the examples or accused reacted to the discoveries of plagiarism. However, I think artists and creators could probably benefit from watching this video to understand the possibilities of what happens to your work once you release it to the internet. Plagiarism seems to cause a lot more grief and frustration once you start to look further past the act of a person simply taking someone else’s work.

    executivechimp, avatar

    Closer to 4 hours

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