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hellfire103, in /r/traa's is shutting down avatar

Oh, fuck. Man, I hope they move over here, or that I would be able to create !traa or something.

Gormadt, in /r/traa's is shutting down avatar

I hope a lot of those communities move over this way, I'd hate to lose such welcoming places.

Just because you have to change venue doesn't mean your community has to disappear.

Community is more than a place, it's a feeling, it's a people.

goat, in do you like being in the lgbt+?

No. I don't like how being queer has granted me special rights, both legally and socially. I find it easier to just say I'm queer, but not a part of the rainbow.

I dislike being grouped in the more rabid aspects of the queer community, the kind that religiously defends Drag, encourages sexual deviancy and praises censorship.

And I especially dislike the forcefulness of pride. A day. A month. Another month. It never stops. It's just so artificial and exists purely to sell rainbow products and prime-time entertainment. 'keep consuming, you gay.'


Like, here's a recent example of how I don't like this new mainstream pride. I went in for a mental health episode at a youth centre, and once I mentioned my sexuality, I was referred to a Pride Space.

How is my mental illness even related to being put into a group of other queer people? I exited out of that right quick if I'm just another diversity quota.


Sometimes it can be helpful to be in a space with people who might share similar experiences. A lot of queer people experience rejection by their birth families and having other people going through the something gives them a new support system. Those organisations often have specialised therapy available and resources that can help.

Of course you shouldn't feel pressured into a space you don't feel comfortable in but your comments all seem very pointed and angry about other people's celebrations. The world can be a dark place and I also hate rainbow Capitalism but that's all the more reason to support small queer businesses and throw your own celebrations with friends.

animist, avatar

I would love to know the "special rights" being queer grants people. I could use some

miles, in Trans-friendly counter-protesters stand up to activist outside Ottawa schools
miles avatar

doesn't surprise me it was a BC man, i see them all over the place here

Wahots, in Mr. President, a second Pride has hit the cis avatar

Ohhh, I get it. This is from an anti LGBT org lamenting Cracker Barrel doing the right thing and including everyone.

At first, I thought CB was walking back pride stuff.

Texas family project appears to be a thinly veiled hate group protecting "the family" from normal people (which includes queer families)

BlueSharkEnjoyer, in Puberty blockers to be given only in clinical research avatar

Cass said the same, so not too surprising. Not seeing that in the interim service specification though.

The rest of the specification is also concerning - Says that if you procure HRT or blockers from GenderGP that they'll basically detransition you and then consider whether you'll be allowed to continue per their rules which include a minimum of being age 16 for HRT. And report any doctor in the UK who prescribed to you.

They're still also talking a bit much about reporting to child services for helping your child access gender affirming care in line with international guidelines.

Ninmi, in Puberty blockers to be given only in clinical research avatar

Concerning the UK.

Leer10, in do you like being in the lgbt+?

It's interesting being a recovering country gay because I've made a lot of lesbian and non binary friends but i still want to do the dating/bf experience :(

itchy_lizard, in do you like being in the lgbt+? avatar

I'm not even queer but I love y'all and the safe spaces you create <3

wifienyabledcat, in /r/traa's is shutting down avatar

dang... rip to the subreddit that helped me find myself


For real. I remember browsing stuff on there and asktg when I started coming out almost a decade ago. Crazy to see a place like that close up shop

miles avatar

i wonder if egg_irl sticks around


we need a version of both here

goat, in /r/traa's is shutting down

why are there so many trans subs?


There's a lot of things wrapped up in "trans"; lots of identities fall under trans as a term, but don't necessarily relate to one another. I'm a trans woman, while my experience relates in some ways to transmascs and to agender or enby folk, in many ways it does not. This kind of subdivision is, I think, less evident for the L or the G in LGBTQ+ because they're more specific things.

Along with that, Reddit is (was) one of those places where it was possible to build a supportive community of anonymous individuals, somewhere it's safe to be yourself without putting your real identity against that presentation. For a lot of us, it was the first place we were truly us, and it really sucks to see how it's being torn apart right now. A bigger concern especially now, while things are as batshit insane for trans kids as they are, is that these communities will now be harder to access even if they do stick around after the 30th - so where do the people who don't have the safety or freedom in their offline lives to express themselves and work through their identity go then?


In the million bajillion other trans spaces? Trans folk are some of the most protected identities online, you'll be fine.


Your reply is disingenuous at best here.

  1. Trans people are a minority. Despite the public media attention currently, there just are not that many trans people.
  2. The minority status, as in literally not many people existing as in other groups, means trans people automatically feel more isolated, even in welcoming communities, because there are not many other trans people.
  3. Losing a large community where it is easy to connect, relate, and catch up with other people like you is awful. Just look at how many of us are here from reddit, and imagine if it were the 80s and all our parents were still anrgy at us for "Being on that %@#$ computer again! It's just a fad anyway!" Now think of that, but it's not just a hobby or a career path, it's who you are.
alyaza, avatar

i don't know whether you're a reactionary, you're trolling for attention, or you're incapable of reading the room, but it doesn't really matter either way. since this is at least the third obviously offensive, insensitive, or just plain rude thing you've said today that's been reported i think it's pretty obvious this is not the instance for you. i wish you luck in finding a space you vibe more with.

balerion, avatar

What? There may be a lot of trans-friendly spaces online, but there are, if anything, even more spaces that are actively hostile to trans people, and it's not always easy to tell which is which. And even safe spaces for trans people tend to get raided regularly.


Traa was the main meme posting place, so it going down is pretty big news. Honestly, it's a tough world for a lot of trans people, so a lot of us hang out online. Personally, I don't have any friends irl who are trans, even though a good portion of my friends are bi or gay, and they often dont have the same experiences. Trans people are only like 1% of the population at large, so it makes sense when compared to the much more substantial populations of lgb folks

Of all of them, I think i'm going to miss tgcj the most.


tgcj? That's not gamingcirclejerk, is it? That place sucked


Nah, transgendercirclejerk, but I'm sure there some overlapping users

Bob, in This made me tear up avatar

The thing the modern movies always get wrong about Superman is that he's not supposed to be interesting as a superhero, he's supposed to be interesting as an outsider trying to fit in.

princessofcute, in So what made yall figure it out?
princessofcute avatar

I'm still questioning personally (well really mostly just haven't fully accepted myself yet) but I know the exact moment that made me start questioning. I joined a discord server that was LGBTQIA+ friendly and they had a bot that lets your select your pronouns and when faced with the question of "What pronouns do you use?" I hesitated instead of immediately making a choice, which started me down the path I'm on now.

Stormyfemme, in So what made yall figure it out?

It really took a 1-2 punch for me to really break through the years of being raised with this being kind of a mix of abhorrent and just not even discussed.

  1. I asked my partner with all her health issues if she'd swap bodies with me and she said no because she didn't want to be a boy. That was the first actual crack in the shell.
  2. I watched SPOP and ::: spoiler spoiler the finale, the kiss, it shattered my egg like sugar glass as all the lesbian yearning I never understood flash boiled and i sobbed and sobbed as it all made sense that that was all i ever wanted the only way I'd feel complete. I had to transition, I had to be gay. It was borderline a compulsion. :::

I've never been happier.

darylsun, in do you like being in the lgbt+? avatar

I like being ace. It does suck that in my home country, most people think asexuality doesn't exist.

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