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driving_crooner, in Lesbians being anti-trans is a lesbophobic trope avatar

They will always try to put minorities against each other.

ShaunaTheDead, in Community Rallies To Demand Freedom for Trans Woman Arrested After Being Attacked in Flagstaff, AZ
ShaunaTheDead avatar

The fact that the cops put her in the men's detainment facility tells you everything you need to know about why they arrested her, the victim of the unprovoked attack. This is a hate crime from the men that attacked her and then from the police that are obviously and intentionally trying to humiliate her.

Luci, in North Carolina Passes 3 Anti-Trans Laws In One Day, Overriding Vetoes avatar

Politics playing doctor. These people are just assholes who want us (trans folks) to die.


Too fuckin bad for them. This has only emboldened me to distribute Titty Skittles for Halloween.

stormtrooper, in North Carolina Passes 3 Anti-Trans Laws In One Day, Overriding Vetoes

What a bunch of shitty fascist assholes. Can’t just let people live huh?


Nope. The cruelty is the point.

scrubbles, avatar

People who vote for “freedom” sure love taking other people’s freedom away, don’t they?


They mean their freedom to control everyone else.


Freedom for me, but not for thee


that’s the freedom they’re talking about. they see other people having rights as an affront to their freedom.

chuso, in International chess federation FIDE: a trans woman "has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women"
chuso avatar

Some people are questioning why there are gender-specific categories in chess.

That's a good question and my understanding is that there is only a female category and then the general one where both men and women can participate. The female one seems to have been created to encourage the participation of women due to the general one being monopolized by men.

You may agree or not with that reasoning and I am not trying to take any stance on it, just trying to answer the questions on why they created a gender-specific category in the first place.

I am not really into chess competitions and my understanding of this point is based on explanations I saw from others elsewhere, so I may be wrong.


Thank you very much. This information certainly helps clarify the situation.


I appreciate you.

ShaunaTheDead avatar

Yeah, these categories are not a reflection of physical (or in this case mental abilities) but to give women a chance to shine in a mostly male dominated field. The problem is that when one side has bias in it's favor, or is simply more prevalent in the competition, they get way over-represented and it discourages people from the other side(s) to join in since it seem futile.

I think maybe a good way to get rid of this problem is for competition to feature more categories. In chess, for example, you could have categories and tournaments like youngest, newest to the game, underdogs, etc. which are more likely to feature a variety of players.

frogman, in How to reveal a transphobe's true intentions when regarding medical transition avatar

just to add, inflammatory people aren’t interested in ‘debate’ and that goes for both sides of an argument. chances are, you have no intention to change your position and neither do they. and that’s fine. but a person should realise that at best, you’re wasting your time. at worst, you’re equipping them with more ways to argue with the next person who may not be as secure as you are. if you’re debating, aim to change the perspectives of onlookers. don’t do it without an audience unless the person you’re talking to is truly discussing in good faith.

it’s still good to learn these things so that you can recognise patterns when people discuss this stuff with you. if someone is discussing trans healthcare and brings up the ‘dangers’ of a medical transition, chances are they’re uneducated and you should move on. or, if there’s an audience you think you can reach, stage the discussion and cater it to them.

approaching these things from a winning/losing perspective can also be damaging to you, let’s try to be healthy in our discussions :p

idk too much, if im being ignorant let me know coooooool

RileyIsBad, avatar


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  • argv_minus_one,

    Life is full of grey areas, not everything has to be a black and white debate. Except how gross pickles are. If you like pickles you are wrong.

    It never ceases to amaze me how different people’s senses of taste are.


    As a certified pickle lover and a transfem on spiro at that, you better watch yourself.

    (I unironically believe in pickle supremacy. They’re the best vegetable, and they belong on everything. Yes, including pizza.)

    enbygamer, avatar

    pickle supremacy!

    frogman, avatar

    change your name right now to devil jamie


    I unironically believe in pickle supremacy. They’re the best vegetable, and they belong on everything. Yes, including pizza.

    I shall die on my feet, rather than live on my knees before your pickled tyranny!


    I misread the word “tyranny” there 😳

    khaleesa, in Trans youth are significantly more likely to attempt suicide when gender dysphoria is met with conversion therapy than with hormone treatment
    khaleesa avatar

    Gee, who would have thought that suppressing who you are and being taught that it’s wrong could have an increased negative outcome. Crazy, am I right?

    Mic_Check_One_Two, in Trans youth are significantly more likely to attempt suicide when gender dysphoria is met with conversion therapy than with hormone treatment

    In other news, researchers have discovered that the sky is blue.

    I know that studies like this are important for validating things that would otherwise be taken for granted. They’re also useful in debates when people want actual proof. But at a certain point, you have to accept that the person you’re debating probably isn’t arguing in good faith and is only sealioning to wear you out.


    Off topic, but I just want to say that I love how the term “sea lioning” took off.


    Yeah, I love how new terms evolve to fill niches like this. Sea lioning is actually nothing new, but that specific term for it is


    i haven’t heard it before- what’s it mean?


    It’s from a comic. It’s a form of bad faith arguing where the troll wears you down by demanding more and more proof without providing any of their own, then acting offended when you tell them you’re done debating.

    miss_brainfart, avatar

    I thought it was simply about making obnoxious sounds, but then again, that’s pretty much what that is

    uriel238, avatar

    It’s a small sadness of mine that he chose sea lions, since I’m quite fond of the sea lion antics in San Francisco.

    On some days, all the sea lions come up and sun themselves on the marinas, an inconvenience for owners of yachts and sailboats, but to great amusement for the rest of us.

    As the law is, we Californians aren’t supposed to approach within 150 feet of sea lions, no matter how cuddly they might appear to be. (Don’t try to pet them. They don’t trust strange humans and will wreck your week.) But when animal control tries to dislodge sea lions from the gangways, another one swims up for a sunning to take its place.

    There are some wooden floats near Pier 39 made specifically for sea lions so that tourists can watch them, but there are still sunny days when the marinas are overrun, and rich folk can’t get to their boats.


    It’s a cornerstone of the alt-right playbook, and of Conservatives in general - you never go off the offensive, because it is much easier and looks way better to make other people defend their own opinions than to offer your own to be subject to any critique at all.

    ArtZuron, avatar

    Yep. The people that argue for conversion therapy are generally not the kind of people that are convinced by actual proof. Sadly.

    queermunist, avatar

    You misunderstand.

    This is proof that conversion therapy works because their goal is to kill us.

    interolivary, avatar

    Exactly. While many reich-wingers – being the spineless fucks they are – won’t say it out loud, they do want us all dead.

    Somewhat oddly I respect an honest bigot more than a bigot who tries to pretend they’re not one. Not to say I respect them very much, just that I respect them more than their fellow bigots who lie about what they are.


    I have emphasized this a lot between the distinction of how my grandparents are bigoted towards me being queer and how my parents are bigoted towards me being queer.

    My grandparents will outright be like: “We don’t support this shit, and that’s that. No compromising.”

    but, my dad and stepmother have been like: “Wow! We’re such genuine allies for sure!”

    and then when my parents get constructive criticism on something they’re doing wrong and should amend to be a better ally, they get hostile and distance themselves form me. My stepmother went a whole month without talking to me while I was living in the same house as her because I deemed something she said “transphobic”.

    It got to a point where my dad went mask off in a vicious homophobic/transphobic rant where he called me things like the f-slur, the r-slur, a “cancer” to his life, and emphasized that he doesn’t want me to do anything to affirm my gender or act upon my sexual orientation.

    My stepmother then tried to still push that they’re both allies, went as far to say they couldn’t be BETTER allies, and his comments were justified because he said so them out of “anger”, from which she derives the conclusion that “he didn’t mean it”.

    I hate them, and yesterday, I saw them for the first time in a while after being no contact with them for the longest time, and then they said “Why haven’t you been calling us? We worry about you.” while deadnaming me and shit, so I just shrugged my shoulders and left at that point.

    Bottom line is that my grandparents are better. They don’t pretend; they’re honest, and I like that a lot more.


    Damn, I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

    interolivary, (edited ) avatar

    Yikes, that sounds terrible. I’m fairly lucky that despite being nonbinary or possibly some flavor of trans (fucked if I know 😅) and attracted to generally feminine people and not just women, I approximate a cishet dude so I haven’t had to get into any sort of gender- or sexuality-related discussions with my parents who are just a hair under 80.

    My mom would probably be fine with me regardless, but my dad… well, not so much. He’s conservative enough that he probably wouldn’t take things too well if I went and came out of the closet to him, so I’ve just figured that I’ll spare both me and him the heartache and just keep this stuff to myself. We’re not close so I feel like it’s really none of his business anyhow


    My parents briefly discussed sending me to a military-style boarding school because I was not the greatest kid at the time. This one wasn’t the “kidnap you and force other kids to watch you pee,” kind of place but it did bill itself as structured and instilling discipline.

    Naturally, they googled and researched it and places like it. My mom found stories about the stress that such places out on students and research concluding that kids often end up with more behavioral problems rather than less. After that, they never brought it up again.

    This kind of research probably isn’t going to change minds in an argument, but there are parents of transgender kids who are exploring treatment options. They very well might be convinced by research when it comes down to sending their own kid to conversion therapy.

    ArtZuron, avatar

    We can certainly hope that parents unaware do do the research rather than falling for the sales pitch, for sure. I’m glad you dodged that bullet thanks to your parents’ actual attempt at researching it.

    JackGreenEarth, in Rikkie Kolle, the first trans woman to be crowned Miss Netherlands: ‘With this title, I have a greater opportunity to speak up for my community’

    Wow, she looks really natural. I didn’t know transition surgery was that good.

    TabbyCat avatar

    Yeah the advances we've made in the past decade have been great.

    violetraven, avatar

    She began at the age of 10. Testosterone didn’t change her body at that point.

    Foon, in I feel like I missed the boat to be bi avatar

    I feel like if I came out I’d be virtue signalling and taking oxygen from people who are “actually queer”. I’m worried people won’t believe me, because I spent 15 years not believing myself.

    For what it's worth from an internet stranger:

    I believe you. You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to be who you are. You have just as much of a right to identify as whatever you want as anyone else. And if someone doesn't agree with that, that says a whole lot more about them than about you.

    opponent019, in The reason I wear pride gear every day
    opponent019 avatar

    I wear pride because it took me 19 years to realize I liked girls and there was nothing wrong with me. Because the only examples of queers I saw were terribly mocked.

    stephfinitely, in June Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map
    stephfinitely avatar

    I wish I could move from Texas.


    Odd that a organization aimed at moving people at risk of legal or other physical safety risks would organize or work over unnecrypred discord. You'd think a serious organization would use Element/matrix or signal to communicate securly, very alarming.

    reric88, avatar

    I wish I could move from Kentucky, as well...

    kitonthenet, in June Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map

    florida's "Do Not Travel" status is grim. Something has to be done


    You joke but there are trans people in conservative states, and in the south those people are more likely to be people of color and/or people without means to leave.

    I understand you likely didn’t mean it that way, but often we get dismissive of the south as a hellhole (which it is) without taking into account the people who actually live there who are disenfranchised and victimized by their own states.


    A friend of mine once told me that a lot of the south is large communities of marginalized people being oppressed by a minority of right-wing shitwads. It blew my mind, and I think the demographic data supports that description in a lot of places.


    more like "federal occupation"

    LucyLastic, in June Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map

    It feels odd to see it laid out graphically, the culture wars really are cutting the US up into bits.

    I feel so bad for trans people living there now, and also worried that the far right here in Europe is relentlessly trying the same tactics too (though with less success over all, they've made headway).


    I’m really disturbed to see far right parties getting small victories and gaining footholds in parts of Europe. I’m terrified about the increasing possibility that all of the west will be dangerous for queer people again.


    I don't blame culture wars. I blame conservatism. Conservatism is a plague of oppression, sickness and death. It always has been.

    It should be socially acceptable to call out fascism in public. Smiling politely and turning the other cheek is how we ended up with this infestation of conservative hatred.

    ArtZuron, avatar

    Culture wars are a direct result of conservatism, so it makes sense to target the tap root, not the leaves.


    Hmm I feel if you replaced conservatism with liberalism you have the same argument but from the right point of view.

    Culture war just sounds like the war on drugs or the war on terror to me. Probably be how we waste the next 10 years with nothing to show for it except maybe being closer to extinction.


    That may be, but unfortunately things like nuance are never considered when conservative ideology is involved... Unless it affects them personally.


    Two explanations for that.

    The first is G O Projection. Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing, and then you can "both sides" it.

    The second is that the things they point at aren't at are either social and not legislative (cancel culture, wokeness, etc), legislative protections rather than acts of aggression (protected groups), or incidentally involve culture (guns).

    But honestly, it's primarily projection and then attempts to justify it.

    Veraxus, in AMC Canceled Screenings of an Anti-Trans Documentary After Backlash
    Veraxus avatar

    Who at AMC decided hateful, bigoted propaganda was ever okay to begin with? During Pride Month, no less.

    It should not take backlash for a company to not participate in spreading hate and bigotry.


    AMC is one of the most profit centered companies around. If they think it will make money they will play it. The backlash was enough that they felt it would hit their bottom line so they decided not to play it.

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