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Veraxus, in AMC Canceled Screenings of an Anti-Trans Documentary After Backlash
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Who at AMC decided hateful, bigoted propaganda was ever okay to begin with? During Pride Month, no less.

It should not take backlash for a company to not participate in spreading hate and bigotry.


AMC is one of the most profit centered companies around. If they think it will make money they will play it. The backlash was enough that they felt it would hit their bottom line so they decided not to play it.

LucyLastic, in I think I might be a woman

You know the scene in The Matrix where Neo gets a cookie, and there's a sign above the door that says "know thyself" ... well, the knowing thyself is a tricky thing that most people never try to do. Often because it's too hard or scary. But you're working it out, and by the time you've settled on the big questions you'll know kung fu how to do makeup and find clothes.

Two things to remember: There's no "right" answer so these things can take time. There's no "right" way to be a woman or any other gender (I have no fucking clue regarding makeup, for instance).


I'm undoing a lot of childhood trauma and shame and begin seeing a psychiatrist and counselor next week where I will lay out my identity then. I was a sensitive "crybaby" who at a very young age made friends with girls vs boys and as I got older I felt the pressure to be more masculine. I don't want to play basketball I want to play pretend and be on the swings.


The only thing to do is to keep looking inward ... it feels intense at the moment because you're in the middle of making possibly the biggest change in your life, but as you understand yourself better you'll both feel better and the internal pressure will go down. Talking to a properly qualified professional can help you to navigate yourself.

Be patient, keep at it, you can do this.

Thalyssa, in No One Actually Believes That Cis Is A Slur, Here’s Why They Pretend To — Katy Montgomerie
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This further validates my decision to leave Twitter. Musk is a fucking piss baby.

cavemeat, in No One Actually Believes That Cis Is A Slur, Here’s Why They Pretend To — Katy Montgomerie

It infuriates me when cis people say this. It comes from such a place of priviledge.

VoxAdActa avatar

They think it's a slur, but they don't react with the same level of blind, frothing rage that they do when you use words to compare them to other cis white people. Like "White trash" or "Trailer trash". THOSE words get 'em fired up, instead of just making them whine and play silly little "gotcha" games.

Horsey, in I'm so fucking tired of religon

I say this out of love and a shared experience so 🐻 with me:

  1. Start taking school immensely seriously. Literally live to get all your homework and assignments done on time and done well.

  2. Start really focusing on future goals and plans. Short mindedness will turn into long term depression and stagnation.

  3. Start going to your college counselor at school and trying to figure out what you’re good at plus what makes money.

  4. Stop worrying about dating. The idea of finding a highschool sweetheart is basically almost fantasy. Statistically speaking, you will not talk to, remember the names of, or miss the majority of people you spent time with in high school.

  5. College is a great place to make connections and start over. Look to college as something to strive towards. I cannot stress this enough: pick a major that makes money or has a very flexible way to fit into different jobs.

About me: I got my bachelors in veterinary science and worked with animals in research, and once I had experience I could start applying to jobs that made more money using the skills I gained from research. I am bisexual and grew up in a baptist church and am gay married for 4 years. No one in my family knows. They think I live with a roommate who works with me. It’s not worth diving into a depressive attitude over things you can’t control; your goal should be to make your life better in spite of those things you can’t control.


I'm doing most of this. The option subjests I chose are to maximise money. My majors are biology and chemistry. Just been having some relationship problems which have been killing my mental health

akarossa, in My best friend is transphobic

i feel you! i found out my ex-bf (we still were friends, broke up in a good, mutual way) thought andrew tate or fresh & fit gave great advise and denied any misogyny whatsoever. my world was shook to the core, would never have guessed that. ig if you want you could try to talk to them, idk your situation but i couldn't, i was way to upset. just know its fine to put yourself first and protect yourself, even if it means to cut someone of you cared so deeply about. also i want to say its not your fault for not realising it earlier, sometimes people change. i know for a fact my ex did, still gave myself a hard time over this. i hope you have other friends to help you through this time! 🫂❤️‍🩹


Nothing says "loving and respecting others" quite like following Andrew Tate.

cowvin, in Conservatives are now boycotting Kellogg’s over a picture at the Tony’s

I can't remember, are conservatives for or against "cancel culture?"


They're for using power and lies to hurt people. Actually that's pretty much what they've always been about. Even if you read stuff from the 1800s it's the same pitches by the same general group of people.


That are forgainst anything and everything depending on what the latest ‘hate week’ favourite is on right wing media.

freebrick avatar

are conservatives for or against "cancel culture?"



It's the sinilar to how men say that "women are so emotional and can't think rationally" just to have a massive rageful tantrum when the dishwasher isn't empy or Greg at work told him that his car isn't the best or something.

It's actually the conservatives who are the snowflakes, who are the ones that get triggered by almost everything, and who then proceed to cancel said thing

HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

Pssht anger isn't a real emotion like those wammens get! It's just how real men get things done!

shotguns beer, crushes it against forehead.

The neural hardware that lets humans go, "Except for me, of course" interests me. Someday, we'll be able to analyze it, and I am absolutely reading those papers.

kjr avatar

@cowvin I think real conservatives disappeared. Now self called conservatives in America are mostly neofascists and alt-rightists with the behavior of football holligans.


scrubbles, in Supreme Court prepares to kill same sex marriage in America avatar

God I’m tired of this backwards ass country. His entire argument is “Christian snowflakes got their feelings hurt when they were called bigots for being against gay marriage”.

Maybe because they were bigots for being against gay marriage?

Sorry their feelings got hurt, so this entire group of people can’t have rights anymore.

agegamon, (edited )

Personally I am increasingly uncomfortable feeling the “need” to apologize to regressive people about feeling hurt or insulted. They are entirely responsible for their actions.

They are also not sorry that they are pushing the majority of people (women, LGBTQ+, basically anything non-cis-white-men) into a second class or even subhuman status.

I realize that most people are only open to changing themselves when their feelings are not threatened and when they’re feeling understood. But what we’re talking about here, I don’t know the right word, but “accidental” or “unintentional” are not part of it. If regressive leaders like trump or desantis or whoever get elected then we’re talking about borderline genocide done on purpose. I don’t see how we can come back to acknowledging the feelings of bigots at that point.

scrubbles, avatar

This country gets more frustrating when you realize that most of the issues we face right now are (at their root) because most americans have no ability to self reflect on themselves.

Why do I hate X people? Why am I afraid of this? Should I be afraid of this? Why do I feel like I should trust this person instead of that person? Why does this person’s views make me uncomfortable. …why do I feel like I need to have the biggest truck?

If Americans could self reflect on any of those we would be a very different country.

agegamon, (edited )


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  • scrubbles, avatar

    Yeah when most religion and deeply held beliefs fall apart real quick when the reason for why they’re held is “because my parents believed it”. Younger generations who are still republican usually start to realize they aren’t when asked “why are you republican” and all they can do is spout stuff their parents say. Which is why the best way to help counter their beliefs isn’t to say “it’s stupid” or “you’re wrong”, but to instead keep asking questions. “Why do you think that?” “Why do you think marriage should only be between a man and a woman?” “Why do you believe the bible claims that?” Keep asking whys and maybe they’ll start thinking


    Yes, the Socratic method


    Personally I am increasingly uncomfortable feeling the “need” to apologize to regressive people about feeling hurt or insulted. They are entirely responsible for their actions.

    The “I’m so sorry your feelings are hurt” non-apology is always an option. It sounds like an apology, but it basically means “I’m sorry you suck” rather than apologising for doing something wrong. In most contexts, it’s an asshole thing to do because it’s a refusal to acknowledge that someone has a good reason to be hurt. When dealing with bigots, “I’m sorry you suck” is perhaps the most appropriate response.


    Yeah, fuck ‘em. Don’t apologize.

    In addition to what you’ve mentioned, don’t forget it’s the same groups of people who want to give guns more rights than women/people of color/LGBTQ+. After reading things like this… you realize you shouldn’t be apologizing because these people don’t give a shit.

    raccoona_nongrata, avatar

    Yes, the only conclusion I keep coming back to is that the Supreme Court as an institution is a fundementally flawed and anti-democratic one that needs total reform to avoid it ultimately destroying our democracy.

    In the meantime, packing the courts needs to be made the issue for democratic voters. It should be a must for any candidate to support it.

    scrubbles, avatar

    I think it more proves that no matter what founding fathers or any noble people come up with, there will always be people who corrupt those noble goals and twist them. Supreme Court was supposed to be uncorruptible. They get their position for life so they never have to worry about reelections, just do what is right for the country.

    Founding fathers never thought the nominations would be bastardized around elections, or that bribery would sway judges so high up. Power always corrupts

    drwho, avatar

    “Gaining power never makes people become better people.” –Asher Elijah


    Interestingly the supreme Court has always been super political, dating back to the early 1800s when they were just some dudes riding horses around the country to make appeals decisions and then meeting in some random building in New York.

    Check out the way, especially early on, Congress would pack the courts and cut seats when they didn’t politically align with presidents. They did this because the court was making partisan political decisions and they didn’t want the president to be able to dictate who was making those political decisions.

    Or in the early 1810s when the court mysteriously started supporting business interests in pretty blatant ways.

    The way they differ today is that they have more sway (sometimes people would just ignore rulings) and there’s no legislation being done by Congress to actually shape law, so the supreme Court is doing all the legislating for them.

    Look up the Throughline podcast from NPR if you’re a podcast person, they have done a couple very potable episodes on the supreme court. One on how they came to be this way, and the other on the shadow docket (which is integral to how they came to be this way).

    Evkob, in Utah teen athlete faces threats after state official posted photos questioning her gender avatar

    Again and again, transphobes prove that their rhetoric of queer and trans people supposedly causing harm to children is nothing more than projection.

    We need to protect kids from conservatives, not from trans folks and drag queens.

    Silverseren, in Nearly 30% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, national survey finds

    It's always been suspected that bisexual people (of varying levels on the Kinsey scale) make up a good half of the population. Combine that with all the other possible LGBTQ sexualities and including trans individuals and you would find even 30% to seem rather low.


    From a spectrum point of view, I suspect that something like 100% might be Q, as in everyone having their own combination of places on multiple orthogonal axes of attraction and identity… and that “pure” sexualities are just in denial of some part of themselves.

    Paradoxically, it would mean that lacking a full description of someone’s attraction and identity pattern, the closest “sexually” useful description in the sense of matchmaking, would be either that of their genitals, or none at all, with there being better matchmaking predictors that are not sexual.

    The rest of labels, would be more of an approximation of one’s tolerance and openness, rather than actual descriptions.

    I think we can see some of that in the proliferation of orientation and identity “pride flags”, which seem to have exploded in number, and represent more of a partial personal pattern rather than that of an actual group. It’s still a nice thing to see people freely display their assumed identities, but in the long run I’d expect some systematization and have them classified according to the set of positions on which axes each one represents.

    Maybe in some future version of Unicode, there could be a similar encoding to the one used for country flags, which are made of country code letter markers, or the ones for groups of people like 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 or 👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼, but for sexual pride flags.


    I really don’t like the idea that mono sexualities are just in denial. As a lesbian, there might be fictional men that I like but on real life, I just would rather not be with any guy. And it’s not like I ever tried looking at a guy to see if I find something attractive about him. But I just don’t. Kinda funny how only men that don’t exist appear attractive to me xD And compare that to women and enbies, where I just love everything: their hair, their soft face, their chest, makeup, their cuteness (and sometimes their hotness xD), the way they talk, the things they are most passionate about, and all the NSFW stuff too :D

    I understand the experience is not universal, it’s perfectly fine if attraction works for you some other way. But when I analyze my attraction it works two way. First, just the sheer association with women and enbies. I don’t have genital preference, I like women with either equipment, but I would never date (or even be attracted to) a trans man, even if they’re pre-everything. Just the mere fact of knowing they’re a man simply turns me off. And the same applies viceversa: if I learn that someone I know is actually a woman, even if they’re presenting male, no hormones, etc. it’s like my mind opens up the possibility to being attracted to them (even if to a lesser extent). Which brings me to my second point, hormones.

    I’ve heard this one from gay men too so I think I’m not alone in this one. When someone is taking E (or T in their case), it’s like everything changes regarding their physiology. Smell, skin, hair texture, shape, to name a few. And smell is a big one to me: manly smell might as well be repellent to me xD, but I know of people attracted to men that it is the entire opposite. And that’s ok! Physiological changes is not something that can’t be ignored for attraction either, after all we really don’t control what makes us tick, our brain is wired to determine what attracts us. I don’t make a conscious decision to find womanly smell attractive, my brain just responds to it positively.

    To clarify, I think most people could be bi/pan, I don’t disagree with that. But I disagree that everyone is bi. Or else, how do you explain that throughout history, gay and lesbian people, rather than going the “easy” route and date the opposite gender, dared to date the same gender despite persecution and potentially death? You would probably say something about how they could’ve been bi but they had a very marked preference, but to that I say, isn’t that gay enough?


    I see this from another point of view: I think that trying to define a “pure” sexuality, is falling into a No True Scotsman fallacy.

    You have described some of your attraction pattern on several axes, and called that “lesbian”. Fine, nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. What I don’t see as clearly, is that it describes a “mono sexuality” or “pure lesbian”.

    Sounds to me like you’re defining “lesbian” as “doesn’t get attracted to males, unless they don’t look, smell, or identify as males”… but that still leaves a whole lot of possibilities, while at the same time others might define “lesbian” in some other terms, including whether both people need to meet the same criteria, and that would be their definition of “mono sexuality”.

    The point you raise about history, is where I think the labels, as we have them, make more sense: as a transitory means to fight for the rights of people who were otherwise oppressed. It’s a high call to have a heteropatriarhy suddenly become tolerant of all possible sexualities, so fighting for chunks at a time makes more sense. We still shouldn’t lose sight of the end goal, which should be letting everyone be themselves, in all their complexity.

    Another interesting thing about history, is that throughout different periods of oppression, there always used to be “roommates” and “travel companions”, who used to share the same bed, behind closed doors. Nowadays some of the most oppressive cultures, still have a similar “out of sight, out of mind” approach. So the fight is more for the right to public expression and social acceptance, which of course benefits from labels, flags, and all the bells and whistles.

    Dunno, maybe I’m raising the point too soon, maybe there needs to be another half a century of fighting chunk by chunk, adding more letters and symbols to the LGBTQQIP2SA+ initialism… but I sure wish we could do away with it already, and simply call it “sexuality”.


    Sure, words can have subjective meaning that can change from person to person and even over time. So two people perhaps don’t completely agree what it means to be a lesbian. But the general idea usually is something that can be agreed upon. But what is the point of arguing against monosexuality in the first place? Because to me it sure sounds a lot like the “you haven’t found the right man” argument. Even if I was attracted to men and was in some kind of denial, like you implied in your first post, it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want to date men, simple as that.

    Also I don’t think you argued concretely towards my historic argument? To me it makes it sound like you’re implying women willingly chose to be exclusively lesbians and men, exclusively gay, to fight for wlw and mlm rights. Which i can imagine some did, but certainly not everyone.

    jarfil, (edited )

    Part of my point, is that there are individuals who self-label in ways that can’t be agreed upon by all (see: TERFs). The point of arguing against “monosexuality”, is to get people to define their positions on multiple axes, which more people could agree upon (with the definition, not necessarily with the positioning).

    to me it sure sounds a lot like the “you haven’t found the right man” argument. Even if I was attracted to men and was in some kind of denial, like you implied in your first post

    No, that would imply a single male/female axis, while my argument is there are more axes to take into account. If you were in some kind of denial, it would be about the existence of other axes, that are as, or even more, important than the male/female one. But then you went on to define yourself on several other axes… so what are we even talking about here?

    it sound like you’re implying women willingly chose to be exclusively lesbians and men, exclusively gay, to fight for wlw and mlm rights

    Chose to label themselves only as, independently of what they thought themselves to be. Fewer labels are easier to fight for, than more labels, which is where I see it useful to have a few “umbrella” labels. Like, right now, I think a good umbrella label would be “Queer”, even if I’d rather wish no label was necessary anymore.

    PS: Hm… is “denial” a trigger word here? Not sure what other word I could use to express my point, but I’ll stop if that’s the case.


    Are the axis you are referring to romantic, platonic, sexual, etc. attraction? Because I have no problem with those, but in that case I identify as a romantic and sexual lesbian.

    And yes I would say denial is a very strong word. It implies you know better about how a person feels than themselves.


    I hear you, my apologies. I didn’t want to imply that I know better.

    The idea I’m trying to express is “it’s a complex situation with many nuances that a simplistic label doesn’t convey”. I would like to include that those using a label may not be aware of all those nuances, but wouldn’t want to impose any particular interpretation or assumptions. Not sure which word or expression would best convey that… oh well.

    The axes I’m referring to, would be… [identity1]×[attraction12]×[identity2]×[attraction23]×[identity3], and the sum of them all would give one’s identity… but maybe that doesn’t make much sense.

    For example, something like: “A part of me sometimes identifies as a female with platonic attraction towards anyone who usually gets physically attracted towards anyone but males”, and at the same time “A part of me sometimes doesn’t identify as any gender and is sensually attracted towards anyone looking cute, but more if they identify as female and/or smell like food”, and at the same time “A part of me identifies slightly as either male or female and is slightly sexually attracted to anyone presenting female”, and… so on.

    All of that is a mouthful, the number of possible combinations are mind blowing, while there are labels for only the most clear cut ones, plus a few labels for some parts of the rest, then nothing.

    I wish more people realized that these things are there, that they are normal, gave them a structured set of names, and accepted that they themselves might fit on some of them even if it isn’t in the definition of some more traditional label.

    And going back to the beginning, I’d expect most people to fall somewhere other than 0 on more than one of these axes. Just by the sheer amount of possibilities, it seems unlikely that someone would be “strictly this, and nothing else”.


    30% is low but keep in mind there are still places in the U.S. that a gay couple could be disappeared and local law would do nothing.

    There are still people in the closet due to fear and cultural ignorance, and while we have made good progress, we still have a long way to go.

    Though the desperation that they are putting into their anti-trans campaigns is heartening (I know that sounds bad, hear me out) that they knew they had to shift their targets because of public acceptance of homosexuality. Thankfully most social circles have been immune to the -T sentiment and in a real way their bigotry campaign has actually had a Streisand effect.

    There are more drag queen story hours now than ever, but still not enough just yet I feel.

    JoMiran, in Nearly 30% of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, national survey finds avatar

    I’m fifty. I have known that I am bi since childhood. I lost my virginity with a man a year before I ever had sex with a woman. I can count the friends and family that know I am bi in one hand and I would still not drop the chopstick.

    Gen-Z isn’t more queer. Gen-Z just has had the privileged of fearing the closet door less.

    The fight against bigotry and homophobia has been slow, long, and arduous, but the progress is undeniable. That’s why you see so much push back now. Some snowflakes quickly melt without the safetynet of their bigoted gender norms.


    Agreed. I would add that that this applies to self-reflection, too. As social pressure reduces people are more likely to be more open minded and become aware of, or admit to themselves, their own same-sex attractions.

    So there is coming out to your friends &family, but also there is coming out to yourself.


    Absolutely. Older conservatives will tell you that young people are being manipulated into believing they are queer when they are just less afraid to admit that they are. I expect this percentage to keep rising as more bigots die out and eventually plateau in another generation or two.

    While I don’t expect bi sexualities to become more common than straight, I do think it will become common enough that the stigma will eventually nearly disappear. There’s a reason my parents don’t know I’m bi but I’ve never felt afraid to tell a gen z person that I am.

    Zworf, (edited )

    Especially for women I found that most women I hang out with are kinda bi-oriented and have had sex with a woman at least once and liked it. It’s really the majority. For men it’s a bit more of a taboo still. Personally I don’t find men attractive as such but penises as such don’t put me off. It’s not about the genitals, it’s more their faces and behaviour that just doesn’t attract me. If the guy is a bit feminine/queer and I like them I’m sure I would end up doing something 😆 (though I haven’t as of yet). So I’d put myself down as heteroflexible.

    Now, I have to say that the people I hang out with are mostly in the kinky and swinger community so they are definitely not “normal” 🤭 and neither am I obviously. But as far as I can tell the amount of bi oriented people is indeed way way higher than the 10% we’ve always been told. I think it’s a spectrum even and not many people are on the absolute edge of it.

    But most of the people I hang out with are not in the Gen Z age range but a lot older. It’s not just Gen Z’s that are becoming more open about sex. But one thing I really like is that the taboos are dropping. I can openly talk about these things with all of my friends. I always hated that taboo about talking about sex with people you’re not intimate with.

    hypnotoad__, in Dave Chappelle’s Obsession With Mocking Trans People Continues in New Netflix Special ‘The Dreamer’: ‘I Love Punching Down’ avatar

    Poor boy doesn’t know how to be relevant! Just go away already, what a waste.

    LadyAutumn, in 'These LGBT Freaks – Do We Have Them Castrated?': Inside Europe’s Invite-Only Conversion Therapy Conference avatar

    This isn’t even the worst of it. We haven’t forgotten Nazi Germany, nor what the rest of the world did to us once World War 2 ended. They call for us to be forcefully castrated in private, but their true goal is the same as the rest of the organizations throughout history who have come together to “answer the question of the queers.”. They want us to be rounded up and shot.

    Genocidal organizations such as those that promote conversion therapy should be banned, and individuals within them who promote such things should be prosecuted for hate crimes. But it’s become acceptable in the current political climate to ponder if committing acts of violence against us is right or not.

    CyberEgg, (edited )

    nor what the rest of the world did to us once World War 2 ended.

    There’s a reason jews and dissidents are the only holocaust victims publicly talked about. I am german, went to school in Germany (history lessons about the Third Reich, Holocaust and WW2 are super extensive here and take up basically 3-4 school years), yet we only ever talked about jews and dissidents of the nazis. No Sinti and Roma, no queers, no nobody else was ever talked about during these lessons.

    germanatlas, in Popular gay YouTuber deletes online presence after video accuses him of rampant plagiarism avatar

    The existential horror of being in the second half of an hbomberguy video


    The second half


    Can’t be comfortable to be one of the focii of the first half either. Finding out Internet Historian is a plagiarist is how I found out Internet Historian is also a straight-up Nazi.

    bermuda, in Popular gay YouTuber deletes online presence after video accuses him of rampant plagiarism

    Not just plagiarism, he was also a Nazi fetishist.


    I must have missed this part of hbomb’s video…


    Todd in the Shadows went a little deeper on that. Mostly saying they were so fit and sexy that they inspired American fitness culture. Which is just not true.


    He made an erroneous claim in one of his videos that the main reason for people enlisting to WW2 from the US were because the Nazis had “hot and sexy bodies”




    It’s mostly covered in ToddfromtheShadow’s, who happened to choose actual violence and dispute as many claims as possible. Some of the things that came up is that:

    • He thinks that all the gays who died in the Aids pandemic were the cool ones and that the boring ones didn’t do anything but focus on the boring rights, like the very cornerstones of the Civil Rights movements. The specific statement is also a directly plagiarized statement that came from someone who was mostly aiming it at artists because she liked to start shit.
    • He seems to really like nazis to the point of making shit up about how the Nazis are the reason why Amercians enlisted in WW2 (for those who don’t know, America did not have a large enough enlistment and most GIs were conscripted soldiers) and proposing fringe theories about why we designed our body building programs in first place.
    • He despises women and transpeople. When he isn’t plagiarizing (and therefore going off script) he goes on entire tangents about why women are the reason why Dalmar and Bundy get away with their crimes, and he stills massive amount of his work from transpeople. He also likes to deal in my personal favorite, Bi Erasure.

    God damn, I need to finish watching that video

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