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Rozauhtuno, in City council removes plus sign from LGBTQ+ Pride proclamation after deciding it promotes BDSM avatar

Even if it did stand for BDSM, so what?


Folsom street represeeeeeent!

Taleya, in City council removes plus sign from LGBTQ+ Pride proclamation after deciding it promotes BDSM

Mmmm i hear those G’s promote butt stuff. Better remove that one too. And the Q’s a slur don’tcherknow. And better take out the T, i hear they bust into women’s toilets wildly waving their penises.


I don’t know what world you’re living in, but God I wanna live there too.


And why don’t we add an “S” for straight in order to not exclude anyone? After removing the letters we remain with LBS which doesn’t sound bad, it looks like a household brand…

veloxization, avatar

Oh, the B can also promote butt stuff so let’s remove that one as well. The L takes away from the S men so we should remove it so everyone gets an equal share. Ahhh, there we go. S. The acronym is complete.

What do you mean we’re right where we started?

eldoom, in ‘Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake’ Is a Gift for Current and Former Moody Queer Teens

And everyone who ever enjoyed Adventure Time! This show is way better than I was expecting it to be! Right down to it’s 2 episodes a week release!


I love the two episodes per week schedule. And I never was able to get into adventure time, primarily because it didn’t appeal to me. I like this show a lot and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Serz, avatar

I’ve really been enjoying Adventure Time lately, so I’m glad to hear this! I don’t know why I didn’t watch it when it originally aired but I’ve been missing out; I’ll be checking this show out once I finish up for sure.


Adventure Time is really the best. What season are you on?

Serz, avatar

Just about at the end of the first season, so lots more to see


Oh man you are in for a ride! Like the other person said, the first couple seasons are kinda cute random fun so they can set up the world and introduce all the characters. They slowly start building up into a crazy mind bending storyline around season 3 but more so around season 6 and it’s sooo good!


The early seasons are a bit random at times. The later seasons are SO much better because the randomness from the early seasons did a lot for setting up all the story elements. It is a wonderful show.

That one, regular show, and Steven Universe were good watches.

Gaywallet, in Kansas officials are no longer required to change trans people’s birth certificates, judge says. avatar

As usual, it has nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with being transgender 😔

I could be wrong but I don’t think the ruling states on reverting amended birth certificates. The article highlights a specific trans person wondering if the state government will try to revert their birth certificate, not stating it as a fact or highlighting where it exists in the ruling.


Thank you for that clarification!

CyberEgg, in Australia's first female PM has perfect response to tired anti-trans question

gender-critical activist

Well, that is taking trivializing transphobia to a whole new level. What’s next, calling fascists “democracy-critical activists”?


Yeah. Don’t call them gender critical. They’re not critical of gender, they’re critical of your gender. Imo you can believe that behaviors and personalities shouldn’t be linked to someone’s genitals while still being supportive of trans and non-binary folks. That’s not what these people are doing, however. If anything, they’re reinforcing it.

Melody, avatar

The “Gender Critical” crowd has long been a large crowd of trolls who just love sealioning their way into communities and gaslighting people into doubting themselves.

I speak from experience; I’m a former moderator of /r/Genderqueer.

Best thing to do is to ignore their questions and deplatform them. They’re no better than your average transphobe who hides their phobia behind “just asking questions” and “peaceful debate”


There’s an argument in favor of using the expression they chose. It taints it. They can say TERF is a slur, but, if the discussion about how horrible and wrong they are uses gender critical, they lose one deflection and anyone interested in the subject will see negative results in their research.


I disagree. TERF is not a slur, nor is cis. If someone chooses to be offended by a term that is not offensive in any way, it’s not my fault. ‘Gender-critical activist’ is nothing but trivialization, and if we start to use it, it gets validated.


TERF is literally the term they chose. They don’t get to change it to something else now that people are on to their bullshit.


As a trans-inclusive radical feminist sick of radical feminism being tainted by their bullshit, I strongly disagree. Let them pick a new name showing how far they’ve strayed from the feminist ideal that biology shouldn’t determine destiny.


I hear “TERF,” and my attention goes to the bit on “Trans-exclusive”. Never gave the “Radical feminism” bit much thought.

And before TERFs became a thing, it was just radical feminism. Having to modify it with “trans exclusive” suggests that inclusivity is actually the default position.


Except how often do you hear about radical feminists who aren’t TERFs anywhere in mainstream discourse? For much of the population, TERFs are the only “radical feminists” they hear about. (I reject the idea that a belief that biology is destiny as compatible with feminism in any case.). It’s not so much people in this community I worry about getting the wrong idea, it’s everywhere else.


We already call them alt-right


Fair enough. I always perceived the term ‘alt right’ more of an umbrella term for ‘gender-critical’, ‘democracy-critical’ and ‘all-that’s-not-hardcore-conservative-chistian-critical’ ‘activists’ though.


I was just dunking on the alt right, lol. You’re right that “gender critical” is as misleadingly propagandized as “pro-life,“ especially since it absolutely sounded like what I was before my egg cracked- I can absolutely imagine someone trying to find answers about themselves, reading terf bigotry, and getting forced way back into the closet to become the trans version of the “everyone gets crushes on their friends” lady.

princessnorah, avatar

I was on tumblr as a teenager and didn’t come out until my twenties for exactly this reason.


the “everyone gets crushes on their friends” lady.

Is that a reference to someone in particular?


Not that I’m aware of, but I’ve known a few


Broad part of immediately recognisable queer humorous archetypes I think, see also the “everyone’s a little bit bisexual” guy or “not like the other boys” “guy”.


I can absolutely imagine someone trying to find answers about themselves, reading terf bigotry, and getting forced way back into the closet to become the trans version of the “everyone gets crushes on their friends” lady.

That’s a sad image. I personally feel quite privileged by having grown up in a relatively (for the time and location) queer-friendly environment and now living in a quite accepting bubble (including my employer, coworkers, family and friends), yet I consider myself an egg that’s not guaranteed to hatch due to personal insecurities and stuff.
I can’t imagine how tough and gut wrenching it must be to not be this privileged and wonder about the things I do.

IvyRaven, in Lesbians being anti-trans is a lesbophobic trope avatar

Personal experiences will always vary too. I’m sadly a non-passing trans woman who identifies as a lesbian. Saying it’s been impossible to find someone who would want to be with me is… putting it nicely. Some of that struggle is not tied into being trans, but my trans-ness is the thing they will interact with first and it has always meant they pass. But again this is just my own experience.

MonsterHighStan avatar

I know it's incredibly disheartening, I just want to let you know that there's someone out there for you 🧡

IvyRaven, avatar

At this point I’ve had to give up on love. Sure it’d be great but I’m a realist. At least I’m not an incel lol No one owes me a relationship.

Kolanaki, avatar

Now, this isn’t a “gotcha” or intended to be snarky, I really am curious: Would you date another non-passing trans lesbian?

IvyRaven, avatar

I’m not really sure. It’d depend on their personality and such since I have no sexual attraction to penis which means sex is a no. Which is the same issue that a cis lesbian is going to have and I am understanding of that. Other elements impact it that have nothing to do with a person trans status or lack of.

I’m not saying all cis lesbians are out there shitting on trans women. It’s honestly likely a minority. But they are going to seek out a partner that matches their personal criteria and I’m understanding of that.

delawen, avatar

@IvyRaven @Kolanaki
I have no idea how far you are on the transition and how far you want to/can go. But if you feel inadequate, know that there are plenty of sapphic women out there that won't mind your passing.

If you truly have a hard time, maybe the bisexual community will be more welcoming for you? Not that they will see you as a man, but that they are used to be attracted to more masculine features, no need to be perfect passing (as if that existed) to get our interest.

IvyRaven, avatar

Appreciate that. I should try to get back out there but it’s a hurdle I can’t get past. My transition has stalled out due to a bunch of physical and mental health issues. And as a jobless shut in it’s basically impossible to address those issues where I live. I’ve got a lot of good qualities but yeah the bad feel like no one could deal with. But that’s just my opinion.


Can’t give particularly relevant insight, as a cis-seeming biromantic who was asexual until recently, but in my experience, people aren’t nearly as rigid in their sexuality, romanticity or gender as society would have us believe. It seems many use specific terms as shorthand descriptors for themselves, but are surprisingly open to broader ways of being.

Verging on elderly now, so lived through the time when very little of this was stuff most of us could name, still less go into detail about, and I don’t mean to suggest that it is anything but hard for anyone who falls outside the bellcurve(s), but there will be people out there for you whom you also find attractive.

Wishing you all the best with your health, and with your return to your transition. Hold on to that sense that you have a lot of good qualities.

Lojcs, in Community Rallies To Demand Freedom for Trans Woman Arrested After Being Attacked in Flagstaff, AZ

500.000 bond??? Wtf


That’s two and a half treasons according to Florida.



flyingjake, in Jessica Watkins (mtf) sentenced to 8 years in a men's prison for Jan 6 involvement

Definitely good points made here and I agree, as much as this is a lamf moment, it is right on so many levels to advocate for her humane treatment.

BadEngineering, in Jessica Watkins (mtf) sentenced to 8 years in a men's prison for Jan 6 involvement

As little sympathy as I normally hold for any Jan 6 rioters, it is downright cruel to house her in a male prison. From what I've been able to suss out, she has been transitioned since at least 2004 when she did her legal name change. This is a person who has fully transitioned and been living as a woman for nearly 2 decades. Even though she is a traitorous piece of crap she deserves fair punishment under the law. To me, being a woman put into a male prison population should be considered cruel and unusual.

scrubbles, (edited ) avatar

I’m conflicted. I completely agree with you and all of your points, and I don’t want to set a precedent like this.

But she did vote and advocate for the party that wants to keep misgendering her too…

Edit: I know folks, I agree with you all, we shouldn’t encourage this. The schadenfreude is sweet, but Ultimately it’s a bad thing. We should treat even the people who are against us with the respect we ask for

livus avatar

Personally the way I see it is people like that don't get to dictate our standards.

I'm against rape and murder. I'm not going to murder murderers, or rape rapists, or deny human rights to human rights deniers. I don't go round mutilating people who self harm either.

Her misguided beliefs are not relevant to our treatment of her human rights.


And agreeing with her would be a mistake.

UngodlyAudrey, avatar

Honestly, how I feel about it is this: I am a woman. No matter what, I am a woman. My gender identity isn’t something that can just be taken away, even if I do something awful. She’s absolutely a massive piece of shit. But she is still a woman, and should be treated like one.


What she voted for is completely independent of what society should be doing. The whole point is that her worldview is fucked and we do not want that worldview informing policy. So celebrating her getting her comeuppance is really just the same revenge fantasy that regressives push in lieu of actual policy.

She's very likely going to be sexually assaulted and scarred for life, and I personally feel like this is unacceptable, even if it's a leopard-eating-face moment.


Im not going to lose my sleep for something happening to someone that is electing people that want to take LGBTQ rights away. I agree that she should be in a women’s prision. I am in no way celebrating what’s happening to her, but she elected her own destiny.


I look at it this way: we reveal ourselves by how we treat our helpless opponents.

Perfectly normal to have the emotional response of ‘serves her right.’ The better person has to stop, set the emotion aside, and ask whether the treatment fits their moral framework. If you can’t articulate why a transgendered friend, convicted of some crime, should be cross-housed, then this woman probably shouldn’t be, either.

Feeling conflicted is good - it’s your rational brain fighting with your emotional brain and winning.


We (LGBTQ) cant keep tolerating intolerance, or else we are going to end up without rights.

“We have to be the better person”, “We reveal ourselves by how we treat our helpless opponents”, etc… until we end up shot dead like that woman that put up the rainbow flag.

Fuck that.

DessertStorms avatar

Tolerating intolerance would be accepting that transgender people get put in the wrong prison.

It's literally tolerating intolerance.

Doing it because the person in question happens to be a piece of shit, doesn't make it any less tolerating of intolerance or somehow cancels it out.


Having her serve her sentence in the appropriate prison isn't tolerating intolerance. She will still be convicted and be in prison for the duration of her sentence.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

Imprisoning people in the correct facility is not "tolerating intolerance", so I'm genuinely very confused how you think that's relevant.


When her killer walks free, you can riot. I’m not asking for tolerance of intolerance; I’m asking you to treat humans like humans or to justify housing Chelsea Manning or Reality Winner in a men’s prison.


we can have some sympathy. but at the same time im not gonna lose any sleep over this. what did this person think would happen to lgbtq+ people if trumps coup succeeded? republicans have shown for a long time who they are towards the lgbtq+ community. they've been specifically targeting transgender people since, at the latest, 2016 with all the bathroom crap.

should she be in a womens prison, yes. but when you side with those that would put other transgender people in the wrong prison its hard to have much sympathy or empathy. its better to go high when they go low, sometimes you just need to kick them in the mouth when they go low. and this person is currently getting kicked in the mouth.


It doesn’t require any sympathy or empathy, nor does it require any level of siding with her.

Either one believes that trans people should be treated equally before the law, or one does not. Ditto every other category of person. It is possible to have prisons which contain prisoners without exposing them to actual harm, and this should be true in every prison for every prisoner, no matter how heinous their actions.

So though women’s prisons in the US are hardly free from both sexual and transphobic violence, nor men’s prisons safe environments for male prisoners, sending a woman to a men’s prison automatically makes her sentence far more onerous than that of her fellow insurrectionists found guilty of a similar level of behaviour but who are sent to prisons which match their gender. Remember; all of them are at least as supportive as she is of a party which endangers trans people.


should she be in a women's prison, yes.

dreadgoat avatar

Nobody's asking you to forgive her for what she's done, we're just saying that when your enemies are being raped and tortured, perhaps it would be good for you to say "hmm, can we achieve justice without all the rape and torture maybe?"

dingus, (edited ) avatar

Truth. As much as I’d like to see these people have some epiphany moment of realizing how wrong they were to back people who would turn on them, they won’t. They deserve the better world we want for them, even if they are too much of a cantankerous bastard to ever be thankful for it.

We need a better society that snuffs out such hateful movements before they capture vulnerable people. Because that is what these type of groups (read: cults) operate on, finding vulnerable, lonely people who need to feel like they are part of a group and need to feel like they have a purpose. They offer those things to the lost and broken, even when they know they will turn their own knives back on those they recruit, when the time comes. As we saw with COVID, even facing death won’t make them learn they backed the wrong horse, with many of them saying COVID was a hoax until their own rasping, COVID-infected dying breath.

As cathartic letting those who get sucked into these cults suffer the punishment of their own hubris feels, they will learn nothing from it. Better to create a better world around their crappy selves.


I have no sympathy for people that are electing people that want to take rights away from LGBTQ. I have had enough. Wish you all thought the same. Maybe when you are shot dead for having a rainbow flag in your door you will think the same.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

No one's asking you to have sympathy. You're being asked to ignore that base part of our monkey brains that delights in hurting the people we feel deserve it for its own sake when we're talking about how to design fair and equitable systems of justice.

dingus, avatar

I have no sympathy for them either, but this isn’t a genetics or upbringing thing, new broken people and new manipulative people will always be with us. There is no way to sever them from society other than resorting to the same authoritarian tactics that they use (such as murder), so it is much better to create a better society that makes their complaints about it seem as loony as they actually are. As long as there are broken people to prey on, there will be new manipulators who follow the script. For example, Donald Trump isn’t actually smart enough to understand he’s playing the fascist playbook, he knows it as the mob boss playbook combined with a life in which he has faced no punishment, so it stands to reason he really believes he deserves no punishment for anything he has done. He knows he did them, and just thinks they don’t count as criminal acts because he did them, and he is special. A lot of his choices have more to do with his own narcissism than they have to do with genuine fascism, they just end up appearing the same. His fascist followers and enablers, on the other hand…

We can not have sympathy for them while also advocating for better prison conditions in which to lock them up. They still did wrong, they violated their own community, no less, but us resorting to their tactics means we’ve lost the plot, because removing our enemies from society will not suddenly make society better (or stop new people from doing the same things). We need to minimize the damage they can do, absolutely, but that can and should be done without resorting to outright removal from society. Rehabilitation may be impossible, but it should still be the goal.


There is unfortunately nothing unusual about prisoners being raped. That’s a problem bigger than just Watkins, and the vast majority of America seems to be completely okay with it. Makes me sick.

davehtaylor, in Is queer an equivalent substitute for lgbtq(...)+?

This one is a sort of personal preference. There are people who have a problem with the word queer, and it’s understandable. I personally cannot stand the f-slur, have far too many negative memories related to it, and have no interest in reclaiming it. But queer feels fine to me. My gender and sexuality are a nebulous mess so queer feels like a good descriptor. It feels like a good way to say "not cis, not het, but no single label works so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ "

It’s also easier to say when referring to the whole group instead of LGBTQIA+. But I would only use it that way if I know the people I’m talking to are also ok with the term.

So basically: nothing formal. It’s just a personal preference. Only you can know if it feels right for you. But know your audience when using it around others.

CyberEgg, in Is queer an equivalent substitute for lgbtq(...)+?

Yes, “queer” originated as a slur and mostly got adapted as a self describing term for the community. I use it to describe myself and the community, partly because it rolls off the tongue more easily and partly because it’s a nice and easy term to describe everyone not cis heteronormative.

The term “punk” has a similar story, btw. It came into being as a slur for people that didn’t quite behave as expected by society and punks then took it as a name for themselves, saying “Yeah, I’m a punk, there’s nothing wrong with it and you can’t do shit against it,” which is also why I like to use the term “queer”. Because there’s nothing wrong with being queer and people can’t do shit against that.

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

Being queer is pretty punk



Yes it is. Fun side fact: transgender is a common theme especially in cyberpunk, definitely worth looking into if you didn’t yet ;)

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

I did not know that!

I definitely love the anesthetic, maybe that gave me an excuse to allow myself to like some pink & purple? I do love scifi and the retrofuturistic music!

Got any recommendations?

CyberEgg, (edited )

It depends on the media you prefer. The classics would be The Matrix, 1995’s animated Ghost in the Shell (though the transgender theme is more accidentally AFAIK) or William Gibson’s 1988 book Monalisa Overdrive.

Monalisa Overdrive also inspired Janaína Overdrive, a brazilian short movie by Mozart Freire (which is still on my watchlist though).

There is then Martine Rothblatt’s From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Form (again, still on my list), and the general theme of transhumanism, which is often a stand-in or expansion of transgender.

However, something you should be aware of, cyberpunk is generally dystopian and can be pretty depressing. The shiny neon aesthetic is just the sugar-coated topping. There is another world beneath it. The real world.

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

I am very aware of the dystopia. Maybe that’s part of the appeal for me, the contrast.i have not heard of the matrix having any trans relationship, other than the directors.

I will check those out, I have wanted to watch Ghost in the Shell for a while but never got there or it wasn’t available. The anime+trans reminded me of this video I found super interesting! It starts about “why are there so many more trans people in Japanese games?” and then goes deep into the culture differences between east and west and how they look at conformity in different ways so that homosexuality was easier to accept here and more difficult there but the reverse for trans


I am very aware of the dystopia. Maybe that’s part of the appeal for me, the contrast.

Great, I just wanted to have that set. At the latest since Cyberpunk 2077 became big, the subculture and the artistic genres are all to often reduced to the aesthetic, basically ignoring all the punk elements.

i have not heard of the matrix having any trans relationship, other than the directors.

There’s more all over the movies, but central in the first movie is Neo’s transition of Thomas Anderson, someone who builds an online persona, searching for something he cannot quite get a grasp of, taking the red pill (sad but ironic how that term is used nowadays) which symbolizes the first steps on learning the truth, waking up from the Matrix and climaxing in the death of his old persona, then being reborn his true self, Neo.
Of course, this can be interpreted in many ways, but then you see the context of who made this.

That video sounds interesting, I’ll try to watch it tomorrow.

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

Oooooo yeah, I’ll have to give that a re-watch considering the after context! And yeah, fucking red-pillers…

Overzeetop, in North Carolina Passes 3 Anti-Trans Laws In One Day, Overriding Vetoes

What’s impressive is how they have gerrymandered the state to have this kind of majority in a state with 20% more registered democrats than republicans (36% vs 30%, with 33% unaffiliated)

UnhealthyPersona, in North Carolina Passes 3 Anti-Trans Laws In One Day, Overriding Vetoes

My tired brain accidentally read this as “anti-trust” laws and was surprised but excited, but then was confused reading the comments. Then I reread the title and was like oh fuck, this is messed up as hell. My excitement died in .01 seconds.

Seriously fuck these people. They are more obsessed/concerned with trans people’s genitals than actual trans people…

YaaAsantewaa, in International chess federation FIDE: a trans woman "has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women"

Take a wild guess at who the President of FIDE is, if you’re wondering why and it’ll make sense

Just kidding, no need to guess, here you go:


Fucking Dorkovich


Still doesn’t make sense to me, honestly. Why is he like this?

TQuid, in International chess federation FIDE: a trans woman "has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women"

FIDE have been little more than mobsters for years. I wish I could say I’m surprised.

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