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Her honesty has let me explore portions of my own sexuality away from the heteronormative assumptions which has been great

This is really the most personally beneficial and freeing part of being gay for me. Once you realize that you're simply never going to be just a normal guy, you're free to stop bothering with even trying to be. You're free to let yourself be who you actually are rather than what society tells you you should be. Sure, that guys are hot and fun and cute is a nice bonus, but it's the liberation from oppressive social structures that I value more than anything else.

However, the disconnection from the rest of the queer community since she is an straight appearing relationship is hard.

That's super valid, and there is a lot of awareness in the community that this is an issue. On one hand, there is the simple fact that bi people in monogamous relationships simply don't face the same level of societal opposition that more visibly queer people do. But that's not a bad thing! However, it can create a bit of a disconnect, and more negatively, a little bit of resentment from this idea that bi people haven't "earned" a place in the community, which is of course absurd. But we're dealing with people, and particularly, people that have often been hurt and come to find community and connection in that hurt. It's always gonna be a little messy.

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