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Agreed with points all around, just wanted to add:

  1. “People need to be educated, and you’re not going to change their minds by becoming hostile.”

It frankly isn’t our job to teach bigots to not be bigots. That’s on them to learn to be better people, and if they can’t, then fuck 'em.

Also, frankly, being over forty years old has taught me that not becoming hostile and trying to educated these fuckin cretins doesn’t work either, because they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. They will only care about a political issue when it affects them directly, and even then, they’ll only want solutions for themselves and still act like it shouldn’t be a big deal for others.

They are not acting in good faith, so why the fuck would we waste our time teaching people who want to erase us?

  1. “[Famous person] literally did the bare minimum to support gay people, so I doubt they’re transphobic.”

The only person who can name someone as an ally is someone from the community that needs allies.

If I am cisgender walk around calling myself an ally, even if I participate in allyship: I’m kind of an asshole.

If, on the other hand, I walk around participating in allyship, but rather, describe myself as “aspiring to be an ally,” then: Maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually do enough good works for someone in the community to think I am an ally. You don’t get fucking bonus points for being Cisgender and bare minimum not being a shitheel. Actually stand up for the trans community, or take a hike, we don’t need performative allyship.

I haven’t seen a single megastar really stand up for the trans community.

  1. “They’re from a different time.”

Maybe they should go live in a fucking cave, then, if they can’t fucking hack it in the modern world. Fucking neanderthals.

I mean Jesus tittyfucking Christ, The Second Sex was written in Nineteen Fucking Forty-Nine. How old does the concept of gender identity need to be for these jerks to fucking accept it? They need to crack open a fucking book once in a while. The idea that they’re from a different time is a fucking joke when the concept itself is seventy-four fucking years old. (and very likely much older, just not articulated in Western literature)

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