No Longer About Kids: Florida Judge Allows Trans Adult Ban For Large Swaths Of Care

Key takeaway from the article for me was this paragraph:

“The stark reality is now inescapable: legislations targeting the medical care of transgender adults have taken root, despite the claims of anti-trans activists that they are trying to “protect children” with these laws. Florida’s new provisions represent the first significant restrictions on trans adult care to fully materialize.”


The whole premise that trans healthcare isn’t “deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition” would seem to apply to an awful lot of modern healthcare. Florida should also decide that, say, hair transplants, penis pumps, and Viagra are not constitutional. Funny how modern healthcare is fine when it’s something old, rich, white men want to have, but not when it’s something trans people need.


Just thinking that I can listen to the radio and hear an ad for ED pills. And they are also available without an in person doctor office visit. I wonder if they advertise in Florida.

Note: I am pro telehealth. I have no issue with ED pills being prescribed via phone or video call and shipped to you.

GivingEuropeASpook, avatar

Oh yeah they’ve always balked at access to medically necessary items like tampons, birth control pills, and whatnot but oh no gotta keep those hard-ons well into your 80s…

drwho, avatar

They want to breed as much cannon fodder as possible for their holy war.


Yeah, I have no problem with telehealth either, as long as access to healthcare is available to all. It’s just the double standards that are really annoying me here, because the constitution mentions Viagra exactly the same number of times it mentions trans people.

But I suppose it’s pretty futile expecting right wingers not to be inconsistent, illogical hypocrites.

interolivary, avatar

How long until reich-wingers start rounding us up in camps? Everybody knows that’s what they want, they just haven’t gotten there yet

drwho, avatar

At this rate? End of the year.


No longer??? It was NEVER about the kids.

GivingEuropeASpook, avatar

That’s your problem with the article? It’s an accurate statement, they no longer have any cover.

amju_wolf, avatar

I think their point is that that’s precisely why you can never allow anything just because “think of the kids”. It’s always a misdirection.


It was never about protecting kids and the title makes it sound like it was. It is about decimating rights and distracting and dividing us further so they can stay in power. It’s not a surprise they would go after adults next.

Adramis, (edited )

Not sure what I’m going to do when this hits my state. We passed our “child only” bill last year. I don’t live near a border and my job is strict in-person only.

I technically have the resources to move and have at least some job prospects, but there’s huge swaths of my community that don’t. Also, effectively outlawing trans existence in a state guarantees that no one will be left to vote for it, effectively pushing more states red. We can’t even rely on the Supreme Court to strike these down…

I’ve heard Minnesota is good, but that’s extremely far from me, and I have moderate-severe SAD so I worry that living that far north would be the end of me. Maybe I’ll have to go for “might be the end of me” over “will currently be the end of me”.


Can confirm Washington State is great. Can also confirm that a lot of folks with SAD struggle here. It is grey a lot of the time, but we get less rain than people think. Vancouver isn’t the best city in the state, but it is much further south than Seattle.

RiikkaTheIcePrincess avatar

If anycritter swings by Oklahoma on their way... 👍

Kinda feeling like I'm done even talking about this crap. Oh, lookie, they said it was about the children but it turns out it's just cruel, evil shit! Just like everything else those hateful trash do! Nothing new. No options, no hope. Nothing new there either. tries to bite a hole in this shitty, awful reality to escape through


There are several options on the west coast and southwest that won’t worsen your SAD. Yes, cost of living is high… but that’s because they are good places to live. You may not be able to afford a nice big house like you’d find in Minnesota, but you’d have a trade-off in weather and surroundings.

GivingEuropeASpook, avatar

I wish I had advice. There’s some videos from this YouTube channel that I could try to find a out bugging out but I can’t remember the titles, just let me know and I’ll try.


As a Minnesotan, I, at least, welcome you. :)

I’ve had occasional SAD struggles, also. While there are purpose marketed lighting for this, FWIW, I found an off the shelf plant grow light from amazon for a couple hours in the evening while I was otherwise doing computer work helped me.

Good luck!

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