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He is literally just saying "straight is a slur"

Elon doesn't have enough understanding to even be shitty coherently. Fuck him. Ignore him. He made Twitter irrelevant, and so is he.


A useful rebuttal in LGBTQ Nation explained why “cis is a slur” is total bullshit: People who say that cis is a slur don’t offer an alternative term to use that is non-offensive. Because they don’t offer alternative inoffensive terminology, as there is with all other slurs, it’s clear it’s not the word cis they’re objecting to, but the existence of any words to describe the fact that some people are transgender, and some people aren’t.

If you were to ask one of these morons, I bet they'd say that the alternative non-offensive term is "normal". "Normal" is a safe and reassuring blanket that tells them that they don't have to change, that they're in the right, and that all these other people are abnormal deviants.

The other portion of it is that they themselves didn't choose the name "cis" and so they feel as if they are being labeled, and labeling is what they do to others to subjugate and humiliate them as abnormal, so that's how they feel now that they are the ones being labeled.

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I guess the response to that is “So since most people in the world have brown eyes, we shouldn’t describe them as them brown-eyed because that’s offensive, we should call them normal”

It highlights how absurd the argument is, which I think is a better route than trying to convince those kinds of people why “normal” for cis people is by default stigmatizing to trans people. They won’t really care about that angle, stigmatization is the whole point.

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asia has the highest population in the world and i guarantee a lot of these people are also racist


Ironically (and bafflingly), many people in Asia are racist towards each other.


Yep that’s exactly what they do.

“I’m not ‘cis’ I’m normal


“I’m male, you don’t need any other term.”

They don’t like the idea of the term cisgender because it implies that there’s another option, and they don’t believe there is. So why define a disparity where none exists?

There’s no logical argument that can alter their perception

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Well... except that "cis" is actually a shortened form of the precise, latin-rooted, technical term "cisgender," which is the opposite of the precise, latin-rooted, technical term "transgender."

And it has nothing at all to do with heterosexuality, or with sexual preference in any way, shape or form.

So he's not just wrong, but wrong in pretty much every way he could possibly have been.

Which seems to be pretty much par for the course for the world's richest middle-aged teenage edgelord.

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A few years ago, my mother laughed at me for being impressed she knew what “cis” meant. She said she learned it from chemistry, something about molecules being flipped, where flipping it one way is cis and the other is trans. I was so prepared to have to talk her down from thinking it was a slur that it was a relief.


I was confused when I first heard it because I had been playing CSGO a lot at the time and in the eSports scene Central Asia is usually abbreviated to CIS.


Yep cis-trans isomerism


He also isn’t going to do anything about slurs on the platform, unless they can be used against him.

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Any word can be used in a derogatory fashion. I’d say the non-binary community knows this better than anyone.

Like the word “Gay” has been used in a quite derogatory fashion for many years now. It’s original meaning, the people it’s being used to refer to and how it’s being used are, objectively, three very different things.

Deeming singular words as slurs or hate-speech, in and of themselves, is by far the most idiosyncratic way to get around an actual problem. I’d say the ‘Intent’ behind it matters more. And the ‘Why’ of it all.

Regardless, I don’t think dear old Elon is in a position to call-out anyone for anything at this point in time.


Slurs aren’t created by being handed down on a silver platter by people in power. Dear lord, Elon is so fucking stupid.

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he’s speed running his divorced disaster graham linehan arc


Elon says this, Elon says that.

Shut up Elon.

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He had to come up with something asinine because some of us had forgotten about him and moved on to rolling our eyes at some other trashy bellend(s)


I for one am 100% in favor of forever adding “who halved the value of Twitter” after every mention of Elmos name lol


Is it even worth half what it was before? It’s probably better to say something less specific, like “tanked”, so it stays accurate.


That figure is based off of a recent internal valuation that was made public because it kind of had to be, because Twitter now pays employees partly in equity (I’d rather take monopoly money, but I digress lol).

So basically that’s the number Elon himself admits the company is worth today - some people say less, but honestly it’s impossible to pin an exact number on these things unless someone is actually offering to buy it (or if it’s public and you can just look at the market cap)

bermuda, (edited )

Really love the idea that “cis” (which means you’re the same gender you were at birth) has anything to do with heterosexuality. It’s truly groundbreaking. /s

There are many many many cis people that are not heterosexual.

And by the way, cis is the opposite latin prefix of trans. Trans means “other side,” cis means “same side.” That’s literally it. It’s not complicated.


You’ve got to remember that these are just simple twitter posts. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new social media age. You know… morons.


Candygram for Mongo


Mongo like candy!


Mongo only pawn in game of life

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Land Shark.

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Remembering the good ol’ George Carlin bit about thinking about how dumb the average person is… and then realizing that half the people are dumber than that.



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    Since intelligence – and I don’t mean IQ but intelligence as a trait just like height or even your reaction speed or whatever – is more than likely normally distributed just like the vast majority of other traits, the average is the median.


    If we’re going to be pedantic, you mean that it’s possible for the median to equal the arithmetic mean. The “average” is a number that represents a set of data, and could be the median, arithmetic mean, geometric mean, and several other values.


    Oh, for fucks sakes. Can we just shut him up already?


    I fucking wish. Ugh. I can’t believe I used to admire that guy.

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    It’s okay. A lot of us did, before he revealed to the world what a terrible human being he is.




    I remember thinking him a unicorn among capitalists when he was pushing for Tesla as a means to combat climate change

    But ah well, he was a piece of shit all along


    Same. Are we doomed to hate all our heroes eventually? Sometimes it feels that way nowadays…


    I just remember that it is impossible to be unfathomably wealthy and a good person. You cannot get that rich without being shitty


    Tis a hard thing to keep in mind, but keep it in mind we must.

    You can be wealthy and a good person, maybe even rich (up to a point) and a good person, but when you reach the level of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Musk, and other titans of this second Gilded Age, it is nearly impossible.

    I wouldn’t say impossible, but so improbable due to the inherent corruption of the sheer wealth of the position they’re in that it takes a titanic level of inner willpower to maintain one’s humility.

    Most people at that level of wealth—hell, most people—are not that strong.


    I don’t even think it’s about inner strength or humility. Competitors will force you to make unethical choices in order to succeed. Your own empathy will get in the way of accumulating that kind of wealth. I call it impossible because the actions needed to be taken in order to acquire such wealth are inherently unethical ones. It demands exploitation; It demands narcissism; It demands that you not have empathy. Bezos would not be where he is if he actually paid his workers and let them take piss breaks. Musk would not be wear he is if not for his family emerald mine fortune, and for his delusions of grandeur, taking credit for the inventions he payed people to have. None of these people would have this kind of wealth without political dealings with shady figures, and without lobbying against worker’s rights

    So is it impossible? Well not technically, but if someone does get to those levels of wealth without the exploitation and lobbying and ruthless business practices, they won’t stay there for long anyway, because the other billionaires won’t let them


    So is it impossible? Well not technically,

    That’s what I was saying. It is not, strictly speaking, absolutely impossible. But so improbably as to be nearly not at all possible.

    Although, that being said, you made a lot of good points in that comment, to the point where I have to change my mind a bit and say that I agree with you. Humility can take you far to preserve a sense of empathy, but the sheer corruption of the decisions you have to take to become that wealthy inherently make it infinitesimally improbable that you will come out the other side even half as good a person as you went in.

    In short, technically improbable but not impossible, yet practically impossible.

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