Show your distro pride with a “Powered by” Linux sticker. 70 distros to choose from.

StickerPack has been updated with Rhino Linux, TrueNAS Open Storage, and the new logo for MX Linux!

Show your pride with a “Powered by” Linux sticker for your computer! Created in . 70 distros represented, from Alma Linux to Zorin. Just unhide the layer you want and export or print.

Don’t see your favorite distro? It’s probably because I can’t find a print quality logo to use. Links to print-quality logos appreciated.


Is it possible to add LMDE? The logo should be the same for Linux Mint, but the name underneath should be different.

I could also just look into editing the Linux Mint sticker myself one of these days.


Unfortunately, I’ve had a hard time locating the typeface that they use in their word mark, so I’ve been unable to create the “Debian Edition” text. The word mark that I’m using is a vector file and not a font.

It’s possible that the word mark uses custom glyphs, because I don’t see any mention of the typeface on the official logo GitHub page.

If you have any luck locating the typeface, let me know and I’ll be happy to add LMDE.


Now updated to 75 distros.

RickyRigatoni, avatar

HotDog Linux


Find me a logo big enough to print! 🌭


Can You Add Tuxedo os And Peppermint Linux as Well


I’ll look for Tuxedo, but Peppermint OS appears to have dropped their old logo in favor of a word mark on their website. I don’t see the old logo anywhere.


Added Tuxedo OS!


Peppermint has been added!


Crystal Linux please !


Done! Welcome, distro .


Thank you!

Thorned_Rose avatar

OP, FYI, there's no green code button on mobile 🙂


Are you going to print stickers from your phone?

Thorned_Rose avatar

Yes? For example, my local print shop only prints files from email. Makes it a little hard to download and attach to an email on my phones email app if the button is missing on mobile.

Or sometimes I don't have access to my PC and I'll downlod stuff to my phone to transfer to my PC later.


Good point!

If you want a specific svg, you can download it from its own page.
For example, from here you can tap the the dots top-right and download the file.


Good point!

If you want a specific svg, you can download it from its own page.
For example, from here you can tap the the dots top-right and download the file.

Maybe this helps?


I looked for a lazy way to get myself a Tux sticker and found this pack of stickers for $1…/unixstickers-pro-pack



How do they make money on this? Free shipping, too? lol

frippa, avatar

Where I live (ymmv) shipping is 50cent if you ship a looooot of stuff, vat is like 18 cents, that means they need to turn a profit on 32 cents, dividing 32 by 10 we obtain 3.2 cents a sticker, wow. (just bought them btw)


It’s even free international shipping and VAT (25% in my country) is included in the price.



WTF. lmao


Can confirm this is real and a really good deal. Got the pack and have put a couple on my main uni laptop. 10/10 I love how it makes me a walking stereotype!

frippa, avatar

Do you use arch btw?


Omgggg how did yu kno x3

frippa, avatar

I use Debian btw

This incident will be reported btw

But you can be in my suduoer’s file if you want… (Debian rizz) :-P


Just ordered it, thanks for posting the link lol

dopeshark, avatar

Arch people, assemble! (I use Mint btw)


No thanks. I hate visible branding.

sirico, avatar

Velcro ones for distro hoppers

adonis avatar

Where's the GNU part?



Yeah why not also add the firmware blobs to the label as well. Without them, your device wouldn’t work at all. A shiny “UEFI/iwlwifi/broadcom” and “secret microcode updates” should work.

It’s not just “powered by Linux” but powered by “linux-firmware/Linux”

Did I do the funny yet?

mihnt avatar

This runs arch btw


On the stickers for Parabola and Hyperbola (which are endorsed by the FSF)


Don’t listen to the naysayers. This is fun and people like seeing similar-minded dorks out and about. Having said that, I wouldn’t put some business logo on my computer. But a community distro, why not? Been there done that.


Why not export them rather than requiring people to install Inkscape just to view the files?


Inkscape isn’t necessary. Any app that can open SVG files should work.


I’ll rephrase. Why require an editor? The most common viewers of SVG do not support layers


I suppose that I’m just too lazy after spending tens of hours locating 71 different high resolution logo files, a bunch of different word marks, researching and installing various typefaces, creating layers, groups, precisely aligning and resizing stuff 71 different times, converting all the text into outlines, hiding all the layers, creating a repository, uploading to GitHub, and then offering it to anyone for free.


That’s what I was questioning. Why do do the work but then not make it accessible?

It’s a similar thought to this topic:


It IS accessible. SVG is a standard format that can be opened by any number of different programs across multiple operating systems.

Just because you chose not to install one of those programs is not my problem.

I don’t get mad when I need to open a pdf but I don’t have a pdf reader. I install a fucking pdf reader.

Get off of your horse, dude.

lud, (edited )

Remind me and I could probably fix separate files for every icon. Shouldn’t be too bad with slices in Affinity Designer.

Edit: I opened a pull request.




What image viewer are you using? Both Gwenview and Loupe display Inkscape Layers flawlessly for me


my brother in christ, SVG is a universal vector format


I’ll rephrase. Why require an editor? The most common viewers of SVG do not support layers.


Just open it in your webbrowser, even most image viewers (I think including eog and xviewer) can open them as images.

igorlogius, (edited )

distro pride

no thanks. penguin is best.


Tux is included


#I don’t have pride. They’re computers man.

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