Document Management System for Linux?

I'm looking to organise my paper mail with the help of a scanner and some document management system for Linux.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

The paperless-ngx project is sort of what I'm looking for, but I don't really want or need to run it in a selfhosted manner. I have a selfhosted server on which I could easily add it, but since I don't really need or want this to be available online in any way (even on my local home network) I don't really want that overhead.

I would prefer an application in the manner of what Calibre is for ebooks. That is, it operates on a locally stored library and that's it. No web server.


I use Paperless-ng and it’s great. Headlining feature is that it stores your documents in PDF in a plain folder which makes backing up easy. Another software that puts your documents in a database is no good unless it has its own backup method.

Plus being on a network server means I can set up my printer to scan to there as a target, my phone to scan to there, computer, I can drop emails in the consume folder, etc. Easy peasy to get stuff in there.


Any pointers on how to setup the printer? Sounds very useful.


Set up Paperless-ng on your server, generally with Docker, and map the Consume folder to wherever you want. Expose that on the network as a Samba or FTP share depending on your printer.

Printers with a bit more than basic features allow you to “scan to target” and it’s basically designed to set up a Public share folder on windows and scan and your document just shows up on the computer. Same deal but map it to the consume folder on the server. Paperless automatically picks up and intakes anything dropped in the consume folder.

So you end up just hitting Scan on the printer, the printer will dump the output into consume share via either samba or ftp, and Paperless automatically picks it up and puts it in the Inbox for ya.


I put a recycle bin by my front door to organize paper mail. But it sounds like you want a good answer.


Paperwork? The philosophy is scan and forget.

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Looks perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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