New best Linux creator?


That start menu is awesome! But damn what theme and login manager is that?

Yeah crazy videos apart from that


Umm, that channel has anti-vaxxer videos.


not sure why I need to care when this is a video on gnome…

TheGrandNagus, (edited )

You don’t need to care, and nobody is telling you that you have to. If you don’t care, watch it.

And if you do care, now you know and can make the decision of whether you want to contribute to this person’s channel or not.


Still cool


Some Linux Youtubers like Luke Smith, unfortunately have some weird political views that they push onto their viewers alongside the Linux stuff. For example, if you can look past all the controversial stuff from Luke Smith, you can find a “Vimtutor Let’s Play” video from him where he goes through vimtutor and actually teaches a lot of cool things that aren’t a part of vimtutor (personally, I learned quite a lot from that video).


It does sadly enable algorithms to promote such ideologies and push people down the alt right pipeline

jack, (edited )

Yes, temporarily. But down the road people should realize that some of Luke’s takes are outright autistic and should not be taken seriously. E.g. that you should try to go out without smartphone in your everyday life.


Yeah I wouldn’t take Luke’s worldview. I didn’t see the rest of grans channel.


Can we not use austistic as a pejorative. Thanks

jack, (edited )

Luke behaves like an autistic person. Nothing wrong with that. Is it a good idea to adapt his behaviour? No, it is not.

Give me an adjective that is just as fitting.


Going without a smartphone is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can help combat social media addiction, and let’s admit it: we’re all using our phones too much. The issue is many people can’t do it because they need a phone.


He’s talking about going out without phone. Meeting friends, doing your job… Literally everyone needs a phone at least to some degree


It really doesn’t matter to most people.

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