That’s great to hear. It’s a nice little program suite for at home, and I hope one day it can compete against Google/Microsoft’s offerings


I would say that LibreOffice could potentially be more important than just a competitor to Google/MS.

With Google's offering being cloud based and MS pushing the same way, in 10 years LO could be the main office suite that's fully available offline.


That absolutely astounds me but your right. Especially crazy considering at any point something could happen to your internet then you’re fucked.

menemen, avatar

It can easily compete with Google. It is much better imo. Only thing Google does better is the document sharing. MS Office is a different thing.




ininewcrow, avatar

For 90% of the public that is not attached to a major business, corporation or institution … Libreoffice is more than enough.

And even for small offices and small groups or companies, LibreOffice is more than enough.

The only difference comes when you have to set up a mass system with hundreds or thousands or systems and people to interconnect an office system do the big companies opt for Microsoft office.


Sadly all of our huge customers use MS Office and we have to dogfeed ourselves with the whole MS 365 suite. That’s 70€ per month per user down the holes of Microsoft execs.


They just need what Collabora and Onlyoffice do, but actually integrated into Libreoffice not some weird online suite.

flyos, avatar

There’s a desktop edition of OnlyOffice FYI.


Do they have a Flatpak?

pH3ra, (edited ) avatar

Yes, on Flathub.
They also provide a Snap and an Appimage


I will see if I switch then!

pH3ra, avatar

In my experience it works really well in conjunction with Nextcloud, I cannot recommend more


If it would scale to enterprise level that’s a game changer. It would lead to Linux just clobbering the pc market space.

I’m forced into Office suite at my work and I have to fight it.


The main issue I run into is that even when I use a standard format like ODF, sending a document to someone using a different office suite often leads to various formatting breaking. It’s to the point that if I know the person I’m sending the document to, isn’t going to be editing it, I send it as a PDF.

I felt deceived when Microsoft added ODF file support, only for formatting to still break when exporting/importing from another suite. What was the point if I’d get the same results as loading a DOCX in Libre Office?


I felt deceived when Microsoft added ODF file support, only for formatting to still break when exporting/importing from another suite.

Given that it’s M$, I suspect this isn’t a bug, but a feature.


Probably, though I encounter the same issue with other office suites too.

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