Interesting development.

A recent example is that reproducible builds allow for the creation of proof, simply by rebuilding and comparing the result, that a GCC build whose source was extracted with a compromised xz was not compromised; this process was achieved without needing to reverse engineer how the compromise occurred. Similarly, reproducible builds were reported as being usefully during investigations of the xz compromise.

ozymandias117, (edited )

As much as I love openSUSE, and reproducible builds are a core requirement for trusted computing…

reproducible builds were reported as being useful

Really buries the lede of the xz attack results

either both are trojaned, or none

Edit: It is very useful for the first half - to ensure new packages extracted by a compromised xz weren’t modified during the extraction.

It’s just that reproducing the build of the tampered xz would still produce a bit-for-bit identical compromised version due to the way it modified the build system

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