this is the kind of quality shitpost I came here for


ACTUALLY it's GNU/Linux (pronounced gu-noo-SLASH-li-nux). I know it's just a "meme", but get your facts straight buddy, this ain't fucking le reddit.

Don't make me have to rm -rf your ass.


Gonna need to see that proper sudo bruh


I've recently taken to calling it "GNU Plus Linux"

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I use Alpine, a distro that doesn't include the GNU Coreutils, or any other GNU code. It's Linux, but it's not GNU+Linux


Do you use that distro just so you can say you use that distro?


Nah, it's quite compact, useful for docker and the like


I use Arch btw

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Don't make me have to rm -rf your ass.

Using this


Alpine Linux:


Ngl, except for some issues with proxy and networking, WSL is actually a nice way of using both Windows and Linux without having dual boot or using Cygwin.


Ugh yeah the networking on wsl2 has been annoying me lately.


Getting WSL2 to work with my company's VPN was such a pain that I just went back to WSL1 and resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be able to run Docker in WSL locally.


Why not just run a full Hypervisor?


Why not just run full Linux?


Linux hypervisor?

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This right here. Using Podman natively on Linux is beautiful.


Don't want to be that works on my machine person but I use docker-ce installed in my WSL2 VM and can push and pull over my companies' openvpn running on windows.

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What about it has been annoying or caused problems? I ask so I won't be surprised if it happens to me.


So WSL1 was actually using the Windows Kernel so Networking was more straightforward because you had direct access to network syscalls.

WSL2 is a VM in HyperV with some special sauce I guess. Downside is that means you have the same Network setup like you would a VPN.

So when I'm developing a site and use say trunk serve. I can access it locally on my Windows browser even though it's running on my debian WSL2. However one thing I liked to do on my local network was pull up my smartphone and open ports to look at the mobile view on an actual mobile browser.

Well now open ports in Windows Advfirewall for a service that's running a Linux VM?

Now do this everytime your WSL2 VM changes it's local IP (not your LAN IP), and everytime you switch to a service with a different port.

Super PITA and I also broke just the regular local proxy between Windows-WSL2 trying to get it working. So now I just sigh and use the developer tools in Chrome to pretend I'm on a smartphone.


Don't want to be that works on my machine person but I use docker-ce installed in my WSL2 VM and can push and pull over my companies' openvpn running on windows.


Word of advice, I recently found out that the inotify implementation is broken on WSL! I wrote an application that works fine on linux, detecting when a file is updated, or deleted or created if I monitor the folder it's in. However, on WSL, once the file is deleted, I get no further events for that file in the monitored folder. So while WSL works quite nice, how they could break something as fundamental as that without a big red flashing warning label is beyond me.


For basic things it's great, and with the perfect setup it's amazing.

But it can be a real pain for things like USB, networking and in general connecting to anything outside its own enviroment.


I've been using Linux for over 25 years but I hate using it as desktop. Wsl provides a nice environment for development and app running in a Linux environment without sacrificing the manifold reasons for running windows. Since wsl2 Linux gui programs even run natively without having to install an x server


manifold reasons for running windows

Please name some other than "proprietary software that only runs on Windows".

I've switched to Linux as my main driver couple of years ago and don't miss a damn thing (admittedly don't use highly specialized software and ran the FOSS alternatives on Windows even before switching). Still have Windows on my work PC and dread it every day.


"Please name a reason to use Windows other than your main reasons for using Windows." That is how it comes across.

There are many excellent reasons to use both operating systems. The space is like a Venn diagram. There is some overlap in the reasons people have for using either, and a whole bunch of others that don't overlap. At this stage we should be moving well past identity politics and putting the emphasis on designing and building applications that run on multiple operating systems. This way people can use their chosen ecosystem and reap the benefits of their existing stack in terms of productivity. We needn't judge.


"Please name a reason to use Windows other than your main reasons for using Windows." That is how it comes across.

And that was exactly what I intended. The only thing Windows has going for it is better adoption. Devs would target other platforms if users chose them - it's starting in gaming thanks to Valve and their Steamdeck.

I really don't see another reason, let alone a manifold of them, to stay on Windows. Especially since Microsoft has been making it worse and worse with their snooping, annoying update policy, constantly increasing pricing, ever-shorter lifecycles and push to cloud.


There are zero excellent reasons to use windows. Being forced for lack of alternatives is a legitimate reason, but far from excellent.

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I run Windows in a QEMU VM for a few things, but I'd much rather run Windows inside Linux than Linux inside Winblows.


Exactly how I feel. I haven't enjoyed the way windows felt since windows 7. I actually look forward to using my shit laptop now that it's running Zorin. And it's purely the operating system making it feel good, my potato laptop was built very cheap


yeah, Win7 was the last usable Windows. Anything beyond is just bloatware. And I am so happy that my Linuxes make even the shittiest old Laptops a pleasure to use. :) XFCE as a lightweight desktop is just so.... plain. It gets the job done and I know where everything is. All the time. Of course, other's tastes may vary, and it's beautiful we have so many window managers to choose from :)


Eh, Windows-only software certainly seems like a valid reason to me. People are also allowed to have personal preferences.

Don't get me wrong. Linux is the only desktop OS I use. I've daily driven it on my personal machine for about 5 years and at work for about 6 months. I vastly prefer it over the alternatives, but I do put up with a fair amount of annoying bullshit (mainly graphics, sleep, and Bluetooth issues) that would probably be less of an issue on Windows (or macOS). I still use Linux because I can tolerate those problems in exchange for the benefits, but I can see why other people wouldn't want to.


I think Linux often does get an unfair benchmark on these things. It is ultimately up to the publisher to make their software available in Linux. We don't say that Windows is bad because it cannot run Final Cut Pro? I would say that the Chromebook being a commercial success is proof that the trifecta of I can't use Linux because of MS Office, gaming, or video editing is not a big deal for causal users. No one is buying a Chromebook for any of those reasons.


Hasn't chromebook grown so quickly largely because they have a bunch of programs incentivising schools to buy them for students? Genuine question, because I don't think I've even heard of someone buying a chromebook themselves for personal use.


undefined> Hasn’t chromebook grown so quickly largely because they have a bunch of programs incentivising schools to buy them for students?

That is very true, but due to many things being web apps I have seen them be used as cheap browser only computers for grandma and a few places for employees to use a portal. Still they don't have much of gaming or MS Office, so i think my point stands.

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In addition to games, which is one of the primary reasons I use my PC, I don't like LibreOffice and I don't like the big Linux desktop environments that exist and I can't be bothered to sort through the smaller ones to find one I vibe with, when I'm perfectly happy with Windows as a desktop OS.

WSL offers the best of both worlds.


Games is a moot point in today's world thanks to Proton being able to run pretty much everygame


This is simply not true. I had so many issues with all sorts of different games (Xcom 2 and elden ring, just the latest two examples) that I just switched back to windows after using Linux for years.
Proton is great, and works great for smaller and less demanding games, but if you're looking at AAA titles it's not there yet.


This is simply misinformed. Elden ring does work great with some tweaking check Protondb. Most games do work on Proton. It plays most AAA titles. Just sometimes requires some tinkering


I tried protondb for days, all the fixes, different proton versions, GE, normal, old - nothing worked. I know it did at some point, I finished it before, but my second play through is on windows right now.

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Proton can't run a lot of the games I want to play and like to play.


Convenient that the original one had a penguin

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A spawn that some devs actually like.

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