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zcd, in Now that the Apps are dead

Whats boosts precious?

simple, in The man is single handedly holding up the sub.
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Identity theft is not a joke!

anticipat3, in Now that the Apps are dead

We’ve had one Reddit, yes. But what about second Reddit?

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Reddit was already Second Digg, we're heading for Elevensies at this point.

potatogunkelly, in I wish it need not have happened in my time.

New “Lord of the Rings” movies scheduled to be cancelled after completion by David Zazlav for a tax break


Would give multiple stars to this comment if I could.


I desperately hope so. The amount of effort that went into the current movies cannot be matched by anybody in Hollywood except maybe Christopher Nolan.

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Or you know... Peter Jackson again.


Why, though? He already made two trilogies.

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You said the level of effort can't be matched. It certainly can by the same man.


I know I wouldn’t like his attempt at that in its entirety, if it happens, but yes.

jaspersgroove, in Planning for your hike

If your cast iron pan is also your primary weapon it counts as worn weight


They also protect you from bullets in the rear and their hitbox is super generous, so it’s an easy choice.


When the shady grey-robbed pyrotechnics carries an AK around, you gotta armor up to save your ass.

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The dung-covered peasant convention is that way


Strong Tiffany Aching energy.

who8mydamnoreos, in But first they would need to invent some tape

Sam did bear the weight of the ring, its hard to convey in the movie but the book makes it clear. Sam just had an iron will.

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He was really just sick and fucking tired of the Lembas bread that much.


Really the whole story of Sam could be boiled down to drive of a man who really wanted to get back to a life of a good women and great food.


Great food = potatoes

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Mushrooms, really.


Humble but great

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Needed more pipeweed to get through it.

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AND he hadn’t already been carrying the ring the whole fucking way like Frodo did!

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Sam is the main character in the book


So instead of sending Sam, the whole Shire should have taken the trio together and just passed the ring back and forth amongst like 10 people?


All you have to do is read the first book to realize why that wouldn’t work.


Sir this is a Wendy’s meme sub


Hard to tell when its not funny.


It’s both an iron will and a life goal that isn’t really susceptible to corruption. The ring takes the thing you want most and connects itself to that in your mind, twisting your goals to accomplish what it wants.

I’m not really certain what value being temporarily invisible has when all you want to do is garden. Hell, I don’t even think a giant army or conquering the whole world would help either. Just means a more overwhelming garden, which defeats the point.


I mean that’s the reason Hobbits in general can withstand the Ring longer than any other race of Middle Earth. They just want a quiet life without any fuss and that’s pretty much the opposite of what the Ring can promise them.

Ring: I can make you rich!

Hobbit: Eh, than my cousins will pester me all day.

Ring: I can make you strong!

Hobbit: What for? I have an ox for that.

Ring: I can make you king of all!

Hobbit: That’s even worse than rich!

Ring: Exasperated sigh


Ring: Fine! I can give you third breakfast!

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But I’m busy eating elevenses right now! Maybe we can have third breakfast tomorrow?

vankappa, in But first they would need to invent some tape

no it’s cause Sam was a fucking saint

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This is my headcanon and I cannot be convinced otherwise.


Yeah sam is the true king imo 👑


I mean, I haven’t read the books in a while now, but iirc they make this pretty damn clear

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He really was, though. Both Frodo and Bilbo carried the weight better than any other had before them, but they were still negatively impacted by it. But not Sam. Truly a goldenhearted being.

something15525, in Frodo waiting for the drop

What is this from? Just out of pure curiosity


Idk when this is from but I have been to a party once where Elijah Wood was DJing, it was a party during SXSW at the WeWork office sometime maybe 2015ish.

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Pretty sure it’s just a pretty good photoshop job. I think Gandalf is from the Isengard fight, and Frodo could very well be from a behind the scenes shot, maybe rewatching a scene on a monitor over someone’s shoulder.


After party maybe? Idk why they’re be in costume though.

Gotta be on set. Messing with the sound guys stuff.


Can’t tell if serious, but if so, sound guys on film sets definitely don’t have turntables.


Of course they do. How else would the movie magic drrrop!


gandalf boiler room set, sometime between 1500 and 1600 S.A. (Second age)

executive_chicken, in Nice memories. 📸

What a PRECIOUS family photo

PabloPicasshole, in LOTRMemes calls for more posts!


Izzgo, in The Fall of Reddit

Very well done!

It seems a lot of people in this thread have been reduced to 5 second attention spans.


source: read the first two or three panels, gave up

half, in When first party app is very bad and third party app is dead
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** dons wizard hat*

You think you’re joking, but peer-to-peer, capability-based distribution is the future of web design. Federation protocols (like ActivityPub, on which run Lemmy, Kbin, Mastodon, et. al.) are a big step up from single points of centralization like Reddit and Twitter, but most implementations are still fundamentally client/server architectures which give server owners power over users. Some of the people who invented ActivityPub have already moved into a new phase of distributed systems architecture. “Second-party” is not a terrible way to think about it.

WASM (WebAssembly) is one of the key technical breakthroughs that will facilitate much richer distribution; it allows many languages to run natively (fast) in common browsers. No longer will we all be necessarily bound to the abomination that is Javascript. With WASM, backend guys like me can run our fancy languages/databases right on your browser, building stronger meshes of user computers acting like lighter versions of federated servers. Together with Free Software ─ the legal right to share and change code ─ this technology represents the democratization of the Internet.

So why hasn’t this glorious revolution happened already? Well, WASM support is still not ubiquitous and there are still serious architectural challenges whose solutions are very much in progress. Security is a big one. With centralized infrastructure, the most efficient way to handle security is a concept called ACLs (Access Control Lists), which are like firewalls ─ lists of rules for who can do what. With ACLs, each node has all the tools and a copy of the rules. This does not work when you want powerful nodes to run independently under the control of complete strangers.

The way forward is Capability-Based Security, which includes three big ideas:

  1. Each node has only the tools that it needs.
  2. When a node needs a new tool, it has to ask its neighbors to borrow it.
  3. Just because a node is borrowing a tool doesn’t mean it can share it with others.

Cryptographically-enhanced capability-based security makes the computational power of individual nodes irrelevant to their role in the larger system. WASM contains an implementation of this idea ─ it’s called WASI (WASM System Interface) ─ but there are different approaches with different tradeoffs. The one I’m studying right now is called Spritely Goblins, developed by some of the people who invented ActivityPub. You can read more at spritely.institute.


I’m curious about political implications of these technologies. Current centralized internet is very compatible with both neoliberal governments and right-libertarian tech guys and corps who run it. A more decentralized internet would likely be both harder to control and to profit from.

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Well pardon me if I politically digress in the LOTR memes group, but it might get worse before it gets better. Encryption, for example, is an inherent existential threat to authoritarianism, and there is global bipartisan support for law which would (or already did) criminalize it under broad or subjective circumstances. The exponential growth of industry puts massive economic strain on political systems, and those explicitly designed to be procedurally overthrown (via representative democracy, for example) may adapt by creating unconstitutional political tokens such as, just off the top of my head, internal revenue systems designed to destabilize opponents’ campaign finance systems, aggressive zoning practices intended to control demography, and deficit spending courtesy of international geopolitical entanglement backed by informally declared unconventional warfare.

It’s irrational to refrain from criticizing the left wing, which, in the US, supports all of the above practices when the White House is blue. So does the right when it’s red. We have to get past this shit. Industry exacerbates otherwise manageable resource asymmetry. We need to put our cultural differences on hold while we purge the bias and clientelism from our internal revenue systems. Only then will this pressure to enforce subjective values subside to a level where it can be managed by individuals and their technology.

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Did you know that not everyone lives in your country


Wow great comment really enjoyed the rundown thanks man! Gonna read this again when I’m not super tired and look into it a bit more because it sounds really interesting.

I can’t think of a good joke so I’ll just go with right you are milord - second party it is

^but what about elevenses, early lunch, afternoon tea……^


Huh apparently that’s not how you superscript here eh whoopsie

xome, in Me checking fediverse growth charts

This is not LOTR

evirac, in Me checking fediverse growth charts

Where is the graph?

insomniac_lemon, in When Baconreader shuts down today and I lose the only app I've accessed Reddit from
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"The world used to be a bigger place."
"World's still the same. There's just... less in it."

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Ain't that the truth.

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