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Why did this player fold with 8sou? (

In last round’s 15th turn, 1st place decides to hard fold upon picking a 6man by dealing a 8sou, which breaks his tenpai. Folding at this point is understandable. What I don’t understand is why he did this with a 8sou upon receiving a 6man. After all, both the 8sou and the 6man were safe against me, and neither was safe...

MJS ranking, east and south games

So usually I played on FFXIV, so now I’m starting on MJS since my subscription ran out. I really like south games more, but I’ve been running East-only games in bronze room just so the game can end quicker since playing a drawn-out match with people who will just rush open yakuhai/tanyao hands is not exactly fun....

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