Please do not defederate from Hexbear!

Hexbear users: Please avoid commenting on this thread! This sub is for users / announcements. Y’all’s participation in yesterday’s thread, while understandable, made it really really hard for me to see what other users on my instance thought. Thanks!

The other thread got locked before I could jump in and voice my opinion as a user lol.

Please don’t defederate from Hexbear! I’m a US-based leftist who’s sometimes uncomfortable with realllllyyyyy extreme leftists. But after looking through Hexbear’s content with an extraordinarily fine-toothed comb I failed to find anything that other user was talking about. It seems like a pretty standard leftist instance and has some great communities I’m enjoying following here. /c/, /c/, and /c/ are just a few of the really great communities I’ve found over there.

Obviously some of the communities could be uncomfortable for liberals lmao, but they can always block offending users or communities and hide them if they really want to. Scrolling through Hexbear I fail to see any communities that are anywhere near the level of ‘extremism’ of Lemmygrad, but even Lemmygrad I don’t have much of a problem with lol.

However I do think it’d be useful to have a private sub just for discussion with users here. I think what happened yesterday was somehow the thread here ended up trending on Hexbear, and Hexbear users responded as if it was just another post on their platform. It’d be useful if there was a way to restrict discussion on this sub to just users of so that I can see what y’all think!

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My favorite part is that in order to have even the slightest chance of making the case that hexbear posters can be trusted to not be noxious assholes, you first have to beg them to not post on this thread.

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Hexbear users are a bunch of assholes. They're not like, ontologically evil or anything, but they're so consistently awful to have to deal with that basically every instance is better off defederating.


In case it doesn't show up for you, I'm posting from, not

It's worth looking at some of the other top communities like /c/ Many are far larger and far spicier than the other communities you mentioned.

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counterpoint: please do.

one doesn’t have to go far to find posts of them comment-bombing in groups, trolling en-masse and generally being rude and abusive to other users. there’s a reason many other users are calling for defederation.

it’s not a matter of their politics or beliefs. there’s just a high percentage of very rude people from that instance who enjoy trolling posts and which seems to have little or no moderation.


one doesn’t have to go far to find posts of them comment-bombing in groups, trolling en-masse and generally being rude and abusive to other users. there’s a reason many other users are calling for defederation.

The way I heard them explain it is they don’t have downvotes, so they’re used to replying instead. There’s also a higher number of them as they’re one of the largest Lemmy instances:

You asked about us. We came out in force to answer you. Why is that surprising or evidence of anything? We don’t have a downvote feature, so we’re used to responding when we disagree. And of course we’re going to defend ourselves.

In that post yesterday I didn’t see anybody trolling or really being rude, in fact the top comments were very nice in explaining what was going on and why they thought the way they did.

Do you have some examples of this behavior?

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Also note for folks reading: this user is not from, they are from

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They’re alright people, just enthusiastic.

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so are wild raccoons, but I don’t let them in my house.

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This isn’t your house, other people coexist here.

whiskeypickle, avatar

that doesn’t mean wild raccoons (or those that behave like them) should

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You sound pretty authoritarian, which is concerning.

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making ad hominem attacks when your ability to argue fails you. classy.

and how does objecting to abusive trolls who refuse to follow community codes of conduct = “authoritarian”?

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Because clearly if you disagree with someone, you must be authoritarian!

To be clear, I'm on the side of just letting individual users block communities/instances, but holy fuck what a leap it is to say anyone that disagrees with that is an authoritarian


Man, you’re missing out on one hell of a time!


This is really rude tbh, I haven’t had any interactions with Hexbear users that would warrant this comparison.

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it’s rude of you to insist that your interactions are the only valid ones.


Yeah, frankly I don't see how the raccoons deserve that dig, either.

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