/r/interestingasfuck forced open, lowers its standard of what qualifies as "interesting", gets flooded with adult content [NSFW within two clicks]

I think the title speaks for itself.

EDIT: UPDATE: So apparently the former r/jailbait mod that is The CEO purged the sub’s mods and forced the sub to re-reopen under the old rules.

Mission failed! We’ll get them next time!

EDIT2: aaaaaaand the sub's archived and no longer accepts new submissions. The garbage fire keeps going....

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It's a porn sub and it's more inclusive now, unless Reddit wants to keep discriminating against sex workers.


UPDATE: So apparently the former r/jailbait mod that is The CEO purged the sub's mods and forced the sub to re-reopen under the old rules.

Mission failed! We'll get them next time!


I like this more than what r/piracy and r/memes did, (especially r/piracy^) as the content now being produced in those subs is still "quality" content that won't deter users from Reddit.

What needs to be done, (assuming Reddit mods refuse to risk giving up their power) is to pollute the homepage and r/all with so much crap that people refuse to use the website.

^ r/piracy rant, taken from my Reddit comment: (made before switching to lemmy)

::: spoiler spoiler You have given up the protest.

You are helping Reddit twofold: Continuing to provide content, (even John Oliver content is still content) and removing unwanted content. (The discussion of digital piracy)

At this point you might as well remove the megathread as well. :::


I honestly just found about Lemmy and signed up because I noticed the quality of content on Reddit (especially /r/all) took a nose dive.

Even in the comments so much nonsense and hate today.

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Welcome! if you're new to the fediverse, I have a quick intro stickied in this sub. The main difference is looking for communities across different instances, not just on lemmy.world.


It's good to see another refugee! Hope this place fills that space for you that Reddit has left empty.

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What is piracy and memes doing? I haven't been back to reddit since last week (except to steal content and bring it here).


r/piracy is only allowing pictures of John Oliver, and r/memes is only allowing medieval themed posts.

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Haha! I gotta say, medieval themed posts is a little broad. I think there's too much room for variety there.


It's not GOOD content though. That's the point.


The possibilities here are endless

"Amagi's toes are interesting" "This penis has an interesting vain"

I can't wait to get off work, this sounds hilarious.

Kombat, (edited )
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The sub is now /r/InterestingANDFuck. I'm sure this is worse for Spez than the John Oliver sub changes, which I also approve of. Everyone knows advertisers love NSFW content being just out there for anybody to stumble upon.

Edit: Forgot an "ing" in the new sub name.

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More like /r/interestingassfuck

hankskyjames777, (edited )
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edit: "interest" instead of "interesting"

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What I realised to maybe as equally damaging is if all the original NSFW subs started allowing only SFW content. This would drive the fairly isolated but big userbase of those subs away.

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Libreddit link so you dont have to visit the shitsite:
make sure to click "show nsfw" in settings


Unfortunately that link gives me a 502 bad gateway error from nginx. Is it just me or is the site having difficulty?


Honestly, Reddit would probably like a few less NSFW subs. They've always had sort of a love-hate relationship with them. They don't want to deal with adult content at all, but they also don't want to go full Tumblr and drive half their user base away.

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@Kombat Yes, it's nice to see the funny rules some subs are coming up with, including all the John Oliver stuff, but I'd like to see more of them just get rid of their rules and allow porn or whatever people want to post. I think that would be much more economically damaging to the company, especially after the mainstream media starts describing Reddit as a porn site.


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I love that all of the massive subs are just going full r/worldpolitics at this point. No wonder lemmy/kbin are still growing exponentially after the blackout technically ended, the front page must be completely ruined by all of the huge subs doing this shit.


I still remember when people realized that world politics had no specific rules. People just seemed to assume that posts had to be limited to the sub's name until the mod refused to remove an off-topic post and said "it doesn't break any rules". That's when the flood gates opened.

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Yeah, no rules is definitely the way to hurt Reddit as a company, but I can see why some mods aren't as willing to go full no rules quite just yet. They're likely still holding onto hopes that they'll be able to return to business as usual and it's easier to recover from a flood of memes than it is from being a porn sub.

That being said, I imagine we'll see this even more come next month.


I read too that going no rules is basically abandoning moderating and giving Reddit more ‘legitimate’ reason to replace the mods.

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They have 1 rule technically and are still going to moderate for reddit policies/rules. I'm assuming people are just saying "no rules" as shorthand.

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I like it, but it ever so slightly narrows the scope of the content lol

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Now there's one I would subscribe to.

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I wonder if all this malicious compliance is also gonna screw with all that AI research people were interested in doing, if all the topics have essentially shifted....


This is the best way to harm reddit. More than a decade of carefully organized human sorted and ranked data by topic on. Destroy that data, it's ranking, it's sorting - you destroy the value going forward


Destroy that data, it’s ranking, it’s sorting - you destroy the value going forward

I would assume reddit has made at least one backup before they started all this.


Backups sure, but notice I said "going forward"

On the internet, something from two days ago can be stale data

They can have as many pristine backups as they want, but the people buying that data want the fresh data, and now, at least on pics/videos/interestingasfuck/etc they don't have that, they have John Oliver and porn (and sometimes both!)

That is less valuable than the authentic data from before this fiasco

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Interesting assfuck.

That is all.


Damn it, beat me to it by only a week 😂


I mean, I find that more interesting. lol

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this subreddit is archived and no longer accepting submissions.

I guess it wasn’t that easy to find those replacement mods.

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'interesting as fuck' sounds a lot different to someone from India


Why India specifically?

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Because I have heard them use the word like that, in a semi-broken English way (not criticizing, I mean, I speak zero other languages at all besides really bad Spanish). As in "I am wanting a for girl for fuck' or something like that.


Reddit is only valuable because of the content users provide. If you don’t post valuable content, the site is worthless. Reddit can force subs back open, but they can’t force users to submit the content that makes the site valuable to begin with.


Not just that but moderation curating that content prevents the site from enshittifying and degenerating into sludge.

People complain about mods but without mods you get essentially a forum where every poster is ChatGPT.


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.


maybe more subs should fight with this. it is kinda funny. i would love to see reddit flop from this.


This is what Reddit forgot. They don't implicitly provide any value, it's the community that provides the value. Reddit is just the place where people happen to post.


So...do we know if Reddit iself is behind flooding subs with comments about how mods are being jerks and hurting the communities pointlessly? It's weird, the same kinds of comments in every sub I'm in. Also lots of comments about how Lemmy is too complicated. 😆


There have been screenshots of pro-admin/anti-mod comments that were clearly written by chatGPT (e.g. including the "as a neural network" or whatever boilerplate). They could be fakes or false flags, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were real.

The "Lemmy is too complicated" part I can believe is organic from normie Redittors, though.


I used to go to the /r/nfl free talk threads and the day after it opened HUNDREDS of new accounts were posting talking about how the mods were pussies and blah blah.

It felt fucking surreal like 2016 Russian bot astroturfing all over again.

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i feel like speez is the ultimate reddit troll... a weird embodiment of the negative aspects of the spirit of the site.


I've suspected Reddit's ownership of running bots on their own platform for awhile. This feels like confirmation, to me.


Given how much they have lied about already and the crap Huffman has pulled in the past, I would not doubt it in the least. I am sure they are doing all sorts of mind-games crap like this to try and keep users from fleeing. They have to be freaking out right about now.

All I can do as a user is take my content and time elsewhere. Which is why I'm here. Hoping that like has happened on mastodon, we will slowly move past the "Reddit news" phase and just transition into people contributing to communities and building apps for Lemmy/Kbin.


I support their decision. If admins are going to be dicks, then so be it. I hope they'll enjoy it.


if admins are going to be dicks, then let every subreddit of reddit be filled with dicks


In some cases, in a very literal sense.


Honestly, mods should tell the users to flood all the subs with dick picks and not remove them. That will definitely make the IPO go well


as much as NSFW content is not great for public companies. I'll be honest. Twitter used to be a publicly traded company before Elongated Muskrat bought it. And Twitter is not only allows porn, but are the only platform left that allows sex workers to exist (Reddit tolerates porn, but I'd say Twitter does a better job of it. Low bar though)


Keep turning reddit into a shitshow and you'll keep hemorrhaging users.


I fear for the fate of other subreddits who may also be forced open.


Mine is closed. But considering it has under 500 subscribers...

... Well, let's just say if Spez forced mine to open, then the site would literally be on fire.


Lol, I keep reddit just to enjoy the massive porn tsunami that will flood every subreddit.

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