Taiwan is not part of China

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China is part of Taiwan.

Or more precisely, PRC is rebelled provinces of China.


West Taiwan


Hello from Taiwan, while your heart’s in the right place this meme actually plays into China’s hands as it fits their one-china narrative. Taiwan considers itself an independent nation and hopes the wider international community will begin treating it as such.

Bondrewd, (edited )

Last time I heard you still officially maintain your claims to mainland China, Mongolia and part of Russia and India.

Also, I wouldnt say his heart is in the right place. PRC is the direct result of the faliure of the KMT junta and its widespread terror.

Either “China” only ever hurt mainland. Taiwan is a democracy that circumstantially became viable and manageable (even then, it took decades) on an island with the population of 20 million people.

I agree with your sentiment that Taiwan is probably better off by itself. Nobody actually knows how to manage mainland properly.

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I don’t get it. What’s wrong with my heart?


acknowledging the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China

The US “acknowledges China’s position” on Taiwan, but carefully avoids an explicit official stance on Taiwanese sovereignty.

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Coincidently, Taiwan position is the same.


I wonder if the US also “acknowledges UKs position” on the Falklands or straight up supports them because they’re in bed together


Arent the Falklands largely populated b people of British descent? Also I just skimmed the wiki article and while Argentina did attempt to settle the islands in the early 1800s, that was over 200 years ago and the island has been held decently well by the British since.

Plus I doubt the Falklanders want to be part of the shitshow that is Argentina, the UK may be a mess but they usually let their random islands do their own thing.


There was a referendum on the subject and apparently only one person on the entire Island voted to be Argentinian, and he had an Argentinian wife so possibly a biased opinion.

It was obviously a secret vote but given the fact that he was the only one that ever said anything pro Argentinian, it was pretty easy to work out.

Both countries might have right wing nationalist governments but at least the UK’s government is incompetent and is therefore unlikely to be a major threat to your liberty.

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They don’t acknowledge Taiwan “sovereignty” because they support the claim that the legitimate government of all of China is the one in Taiwan.


No, they do not.

Their de facto stance is that the Taiwanese government is sovereign over the island, but they formally accept that the PRC is the government of China.

It’s a careful line between ensuring the continued de facto independence of their key ally, without inducing the inevitable temper tantrum from China of formally treating them as independent.


Nice try, Xi!


Not even Taiwan says that though. ;)


Tankies hate this one weird trick


The Tankies are baned Russia, apparently they are subversive. It seems that no one likes them very much.


Taiwan can use VPN (not restricted) and not against the law. Just saying.


against who’s law


Against Taiwanese law. Taiwan is an independent nation and its liberty is non-negotiable.


China coast guard coming to put a big net around your house as we speak.


I can see they’re already building small sand atolls off the coast

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Ok, calm down a bit. Even the Taiwanese do not claim to be independent. Their official stance is that they are just a rival government of China - aka Republic of China. For all the sabre-rattling, Taiwan is very much willing to negotiate with Bejing.

I do hope that, as much of Taiwanese public seemingly wants, Taiwan becomes an independent island nation, but we are still far off from that, at least in de jure sense.


Who the fuck cares about official claims? I guess the war in Ukraine is about denazifying since that’s the official statement :)

Realistically though, official claims are diplomatic UN roleplay and actions are what matters; the US states that Taiwan is not independent but arms the absolute cock out of what they claim is ch*na.

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I didn’t say China’s official claims, but Taiwans. We shouldn’t push them into positions they are not ready to take, since its their necks on the line…

If they ever declare indeoendence, we should stand with them.


I didn’t specify which claim it was, I pointed out how hollow and contextual those claims are.

Is Taiwan claiming to be independent in the chambers of the UN? No.

Does it act, and is it acted upon as if it was independent? Yes.

Am I a cop? No.

Am I the cop who arrested your mom in her bed chamber last night after she confessed to have been real naughty? Yes.

It’s fascinating to see someone come across nuance for the first time.

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Am I the cop who arrested your mom in her bed chamber last night after she confessed to have been real naughty? Yes.

This. This is a great reminder that, when one is tempted to argue on the internet, they shouldn’t. Almost always, the person on the other side is either a kid or an idiot.


against whose* law


you copy pasted this from reddit

it had no sources

it is wrong

you are a very bad person

no one on Lemmy is disputing this map

you are all also bad


Guilty as charged.


What do businesses do with remote offices/workers?




Believe or not, straight to jail


you can’t use VPN were endpoint is used read censored materials. If it’s within the country, than OK


Can’t speak for most of these places but I’m pretty doubtful in general.

I have no idea what it means for VPNs to be restricted in Turkey for example… I use them almost every day. Personal, self hosted, commercial, corporate… Both using them while I’m in Turkey to get information from the outside and when I’m outside trying to get information from the inside.

I’ve never had any issue using them. Like literally ever.


In 2016, the Erdogan regime began blocking VPN services and Tor. Now Turkey is using deep packet inspection techniques, similar to China, to detect and block VPN and Tor traffic.

The use of a VPN connection in Turkey can also mark you out as a person of interest for law enforcement. Despite this, VPN usage in Turkey is quite widespread.

The website Turkey Blocks monitors internet censorship in Turkey.

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The same list as countries that you should never step your foot on


Russia’s cool but they’ll throw you in prison if you annoy them in any way whatsoever And they’ll find some ridiculous reason to frame you to make sure you end up in prison.


Every country is cool and has beauty, but when the government is crazy assholes you need to stay away.


So Russia demonstrably isn’t cool


Right? Choose one


You don’t know shit about Turkey apparently.



turkey is just terrible. arresting tourists over the most simple thing, stupid eedo wife kissing tiny ppl thinking they are children, geocide against armenians and kurds…

go tell me…what NOT to hate about turkey. small dick energy country like “oooh we wann be called turkyie or bharat but not turkey coz we so weak our finance minister has sex with presidents relatives…”


They got them cats though


Just to make it clear, the VPN restriction in Turkey is not enforced, nor hindered. Of course it was put in place as a form of restriction against people’s protest organization via Twitter back in 2013 during the Gezi Park protests, but it is not enforced (at least widely, if at all). Even the leading opposition party has an official support for a VPN under their name.

Nevertheless, as far as the map’s intent goes, it is an indicator of a dictatorship.


Pictures of playing cards on websites get entire subnets blocked for gambling in Turkey, so I’m surprised to learn they don’t enforce rules against VPNs.

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Uzbekistan restricts too…

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India too


How does well does Tor work in those countries?


Inconsistently and only through relays


Oh man Hexbear would be so pissed if they could read.


Weird, it’s almost like they all have something in common…


Thank god this list isn’t any larger, it’s amazing more governments haven’t tried to ban this tool that ensures people’s freedoms


Thing is, a VPN isn’t just some magic tool that lets you view location-restricted content and hides your IP address. It’s a relatively basic networking concept.

Essentially, it allows you to connect two or more local networks, i.e. LANs, as if they were one big LAN.
In particular, that means no firewalls in the way, no weird NAT behaviour, no need to deal with public IP addresses and so on.
And it secures the whole communication with encryption + implements a form of authentication, so that you can leave the individual services within the VPN relatively unsecured (assuming you don’t separately expose them outside the LAN/VPN).

Or more concretely, my dayjob uses a VPN for the whole home office thing. And I’ve used VPNs plenty times just as a networking tool in my software developer job. Prohibiting the entire concept of VPNs makes many software solutions impossible or annoying to build, and will cause folks to expose insecure services to the internet.


Please stop. VPN + TLS is essential. VPN does not mean you’re automatically L2 bridged with a local segment. Changing source headers because your exit gateway is somewhere else does not hide IPs in any way. Many consumer level protocols have original source IPs in the payload.


I was talking about the networking concept of a VPN. If you use a VPN to connect into a foreign country, where you then make a web request from that remote LAN to some questionable webpages, you absolutely do want TLS for that connection. But that’s separate from the VPN concept.

I don’t know much about the consumer-grade services, but I have heard that lots of them are actually just proxies, not proper VPNs, which I guess, is what you’re talking about. With a proper VPN, you initiate the web request, using an IP address in the range of the remote LAN that you’re connected to. Therefore, fiddling with the headers is not necessary, in that case.

Ultimately, my point is that proper VPNs can do everything the consumer-grade stuff does, so for an effective ban, you would need to prohibit them, too, which is where lots of organizations/companies will be strongly opposed.


You’re not understanding what I said. Or you’re intentionally pretending to be at a junior level to misinterpret. I recommend picking up any edition of Computer Networks from Tanenbaum.


Why so hostile?


Are you interested in the answer or Internet points?


The UK government tried to restrict VPN usage (not that they ever explained what restrict meant in that scenario) but as with most stupid things that the UK government says, everyone just ignored them and then it didn’t happen.

I suspect somebody with two brain cells to rub together explain to them the process and since it sounded complicated they gave up with it.


I believe Australia tried to ban encryption. Not just VPNs, but all encryption. Like, bruh good luck with that. Source: trust me bro (im an Australian and therefore too lazy to figure out if this is hyperbole or not)


It’s not a tool. It’s a method.

Jaysyn, (edited )
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Hey look, it's the bad guys!

EDIT: Not sure why OP downvoted me unless he's a bootlicking authoritarian piece of shit.


The US doesn’t ban VPNs - and it’s a worse “bad guy” than all of those countries put together.


Textbook example of moral confusion.


Just to be clear… what am I supposed to be “confused” about?


This, maybe?

Or this, perhaps?

I have far, far more than this to be “confused” about… do you want me to share more of this “confusion” with you?


All of the above. Any questions?


Oh goody! A self-professed expert!

I’d really like to feel more comfortable about this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, aaaaaand this.

Mind whitesplaining all of this away for me?


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